Worcester community comes together for Artsakh

Worcester community prays for Artsakh (Photo: George Aghjayan)

WORCESTER, Mass.—In this difficult time, nearly 100 members of the Worcester community, representing the city’s three churches, came together on Tuesday, October 3 for an evening of prayer and updates for Artsakh at the Holy Trinity Armenian Apostolic Church.

Clergy conduct prayer service for Artsakh and Armenia at Holy Trinity Armenian Apostolic Church in Worcester (Photo: George Aghjayan)

Rev. Fr. Tadeos Barseghyan of the Armenian Church of our Savior and Very Rev. Fr. Ardag Arabian of Holy Trinity Armenian Apostolic Church led the church service. Following prayer, Carol Jaffarian, representing the Armenian Relief Society (ARS) of Eastern USA Board, provided an update on the activities of the ARS in support of the humanitarian crisis. The ARS immediately allocated $50,000 to provide essential aid. Jaffarian also said that the ARS Mother and Child Health and Birthing Center of Akhourian is providing free medical care for those from Artsakh. On Sept. 30, the ARS delivered clothes, shoes and other needed items as well as meals to the displaced families in Goris. Also in Goris, the Youth Center has been set up as a distribution center. Jaffarian urged everyone to continue to donate when possible.

ANC of Central MA chairperson Taline Kachadourian (Photo: Kenneth Martin)

Taline Kachadourian, Armenian National Committee of Central MA chairperson, delivered an update on the current legislation being introduced in Congress, including requests to repeal section 907 of the Freedom Support Act and to provide humanitarian assistance to Armenians in Armenia and Artsakh impacted by the ethnic cleansing and atrocities committed by the government of Azerbaijan. She urged all to become ANCA Rapid Responders.

ARF Eastern Region Central Committee member George Aghjayan (Photo: Kenneth Martin)

George Aghjayan, representing the Armenian Revolutionary Federation Eastern Region Central Committee, gave an analysis of the current situation in Artsakh and Armenia. He said that while over 35,000 of the more than 100,000 refugees from Artsakh have been settled, there are still more than 65,000 who are in need of housing. While currently Armenia is faced with geopolitical interests aligned against our nation and people, Aghjayan detailed four interdependent areas of focus for the sustainability of Armenia: complete militarization of the country, Armenian diplomacy, Diasporan advocacy and coordinated financial and economic investment. Aghjayan passionately reminded community members that our enemies want us demoralized, defeated and paralyzed by despair and depression, but each of us must find our role to play in these vital areas. Armenia’s survival depends on it.

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Guest Contributor

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