Artsakh Peace Festival: The voice of besieged Artsakh

The Artsakh Peace Festival (APF) virtual initiative was launched on August 1, 2023. Musicians from around the world perform in the festival in support of the people of Artsakh and raise their voices against Azerbaijan’s total blockade of Artsakh.

The APF, organized by Lilit Bleyan of Muzanav Cultural NGO and Armine Petrosyan of the Armenian Santa Claus foundation, began with a special Manifesto initiated by Armenian classical musicians. The APF has expanded to include all musicians who would like to add their voices and performances to the movement started by their colleagues. The APF logo was generously created by Aveluk artist and singer-songwriter Zaruhi Kroyan.

The Manifesto reads, in part:

We, musicians from around the world, stand united to raise our voices in support of the people of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh), who are facing an unprecedented humanitarian crisis.

The people of Artsakh faced a devastating war three years ago. Thousands were killed, and tens of thousands fled their homes, leaving the villages and towns of their ancestors.

The remaining part of Artsakh is now under a total siege by Azerbaijan. 

120,000 people, among them 30,000 children, are held hostage by the Azerbaijani militaries. No food, no medications, no fuel, no transportation: nothing is allowed to reach Artsakh.

These people want to live their lives peacefully and with dignity on their ancestral land. Now they are blocked, getting attacked and kidnapped by the Azerbaijani military.

We, who have dedicated our lives to the beautiful and sublime art of music, want to share

our best and most profound emotions with them.

We want to play and sing for the people of Artsakh to bring hope back.

We have filled your souls with beautiful melodies and harmonies for many years. Now we are asking you to open your ears and your hearts to the cry of the besieged people of Artsakh.

Stand with us in this critical moment, and let us amplify the voices of the people of Artsakh together.

My voice is the voice of Artsakh.

The first video message of the festival was sent by maestro Tigran Mansuryan.

More than five dozen Armenian and non-Armenian artists have joined the initiative, creating special musical projects dedicated to Artsakh and Armenia. They include singers, performers and composers from Armenia, Europe, the United States, Australia, Lebanon and more. New premieres are expected soon, made especially for the Artsakh Peace Festival.

The public is invited to follow the Artsakh Peace Festival on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram

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