ARF Bureau addresses regional developments with Iran

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation Bureau has been closely following developments in the region. The publicized positions and steps taken by the Islamic Republic of Iran in recent weeks regarding the developments in the northwestern part of the country—which borders Armenia, the occupied territories of Artsakh and Azerbaijan—are quite remarkable. 

The Republic of Turkey, which has been destabilizing its neighbors and provoking military clashes from the Eastern Mediterranean to the South Caucasus and the Middle East, is now attempting to gain a strategic foothold in the Caspian Sea basin and Iran’s northern region through Azerbaijan. Certain circles hostile to Iran have even openly hinted at provoking inter-ethnic clashes in Iran as part of their long-term agenda.

During and as a result of the brazen aggression and war crimes committed against Artsakh, the Azerbaijan-Turkey axis has plunged the South Caucasus into a new maelstrom of geopolitical haggling, which significantly threatens regional security. This latest Azerbaijan-Turkey escapade is, first and foremost, directed against the indigenous peoples of the region, and the states that traditionally wield political influence in this region. According to various reliable publications, Azerbaijan continues to deploy “extremist-Islamist” mercenaries in the occupied territories of Artsakh while providing military assistance to other forces.

This latest threat to regional security does not only target Armenia. Therefore, we welcome the military-political will of Iran’s leadership in preventing illegal and dangerous transformations in the region.

We warn the government still in power in Armenia not to betray the country again through another surrender and establish relations with neighbors on the basis of “trade.” 

The latest attempt of the head of the Armenian government to defame the Armenian Revolutionary Federation is an insult not only to the ARF, which has always worked to strengthen Armenia-Iran relations, but also to Iran, which is being accused of devising its policy based on one article.

The ARF continues to work in the homeland and diaspora, deploying its total capabilities, including through its global Hai Tahd network and political relations, to defend the rights of the Armenian people and prevent the Turkish-Azerbaijani axis from implementing its criminal intentions. 

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Guest Contributor

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