An open letter to the man who claims to be the savior of the Armenian nation

PM Nikol Pashinyan pictured at his victory rally, June 21, 2021

How does it feel to know that the blood of thousands of young and elderly Armenians are on your hands? How does it feel to know that not only have you single handedly erased the last 40 years of Armenian history, but that you are on your way to erase the last 103 years of Armenian history? I feel that I, and the nation, have a right to know: is the money worth it to you? Will you be able to live with yourself for the rest of your miserable life knowing that you have destroyed a nation, a culture, a homeland, and rolled over to our enemies? 

I ask not for your apologies, because there is nothing you can say that will redeem you for your crimes. I only ask that you not submit to this false idea of a “New World.” A world with no borders and no cultural identity is one that will be the destruction of mankind, one that will send us back to an era where civilization and consciousness did not exist. However, if you do wish to submit to this flawed ideology, do not drag my beloved Armenia down with you. I am asking you for once in your life, to be human. You have become the very thing you promised to rid the nation of: corruption. You claimed that you would be a servant for the people; instead, you have become a dictator. You only want brainwashed people to support you. Anyone who opposes you, you have them thrown in prison. Does this sound like democracy to you? Does this sound like freedom? 

I pray that one day the Armenian nation will recover from your disastrous misguidance, despotism and manipulation. I promise you that we will rise and be stronger than you could ever imagine. We will bring forth a free, united, and independent Armenia, and our people will then celebrate. When that day comes, you will be brought to witness your ultimate failure. You will be left with nothing but shame and humiliation, and you will beg for forgiveness that will never come. Just note that you will never be upheld in Armenian history as a hero or savior. You will never be looked at with reverence and glory. You, Nikol Pashinyan, will forever be known as a coward and a traitor. 

Long live the Armenian nation, race and culture.

Rosdom Mkrtschjan

Rosdom Mkrtschjan

Rosdom Mkrtschjan is an active member of the AYF-YOARF on a local and regional level. He currently serves on the Providence "Varantian" Chapter Executive.


  1. I am telling you if Israel came to Armenia with an offer to co-produce drones it will be either knocked back or dragged out into the abyss. He just does not care. Mr 10% Iskander missiles… He has no idea. He will purchase a few more Sukhoi’s and be done with it. Long as he stays in power, Yerevan will do. This is just my opinion though. I do agree though we need to open up borders to one another and establish trade links. Also get rid of Russia. Turkish 737 warning radar was flying along the Armenian border the enterity of the war giving intel, conducting drone operations (real time flight tracking website). Turkey gave satellite intel too. Where was Russia? Pashinyan is right in regards to ‘switching over’ to the west. He is just doing a terrible job of it.

  2. Relocate to Armenia, live, work and pay taxes there and serve in the Armenian Army and only after that dare to teach someone who – against all odds – is AGAIN elected as the leader. If you remain abroad and just address your declarations to your compatriots in that beautiful and sad country, then all your wisdom is nothing but bla-bla-bla… Good luck.

    • Do you live here in Armenia? Stop spitting on the diaspora? Is the very reason we have the problems we do. Without the diaspora, the nation would have been dead long ago; their voice is just as important as anyone living in Armenia.

      Դուն պիտի ամաչես քանի որ հիմար ես։

  3. As soon as Nikol showed his face back in 2018, I knew we were going to suffer a disaster in Artsakh. I am not a psychic. I just have a good understanding of the region’s geopolitics. After all, the same had happened in Azerbaijan in 1992, with Elchibey. The same had happened in Georgia in 2008, with Sakashvili. The same had happened in Ukraine in 2014, with their Maidan. In all those cases, a pro-Western and a pro-Turkish government came into power, just like in Yerevan, and Russia punished them severely. So, anyone that at any point wanted to rid Armenia of its so-called “oligarchs” and/or westernize Armenian society, had a hand in what happened last autumn.

    In a nutshell: Nikol is what you all deserve. Armenians have always been Armenia’s worst enemy.

    The Artsakh war ended with our total defeat NOT last November 09, 2020, but on June 21, 2021. On that day, we Armenians collectively said to the world that we are a defeated nation, Artsakh no longer belong to us, and we deserve all our losses in lives and land. On that day, we became the sole owners of our historic and embarrassing defeat. Henceforth, no more blaming Russians, no more blaming Westerners, no more blaming even Turks/Azeris for our people’s collective incompetence, political illiteracy, self-hate, shortsightedness, emotional handicaps and suicidal behavior. We clearly had a chance to put into power someone who is Putin’s friend – in order to at least derive some benefit from the pathetic situation we are in – we instead chose to put into power someone who is essentially Putin’s hostage. We could have put into power men like Robert Kocharyan, Karen Karapetyan, Ara Abrahamyan and Vazgen Manukyan into power to guide Armenia out of its current darkness, we chose to keep in power a Western financed, pro-Turkish government who who does not see Artsakh as Armenian land.

    Congratulations to all. God bless “democracy” and “people power”. Henceforth, Moscow will decide Armenia’s future will little if any input from Yerevan. Good for them…

  4. This is incredibly out of touch. While I agree that Nikol is no saviour, the ARF throwing their support behind Kocharyan is beyond hypocritical. Ask anybody who actually lived/lives in Hayastan through Kocharyan’s reign, then talk about destroying a nation.

    Please use critical thinking instead of following party lines.

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