The Hidden Map documentary being considered for three Primetime Emmys

On the heels of nine widely-acclaimed nationwide broadcasts of filmmaker Ani Hovannisian’s The Hidden Map, the documentary has qualified for three Primetime Emmy Awards—Outstanding Writing For A Nonfiction Program, Outstanding Narrator and Exceptional Merit In Documentary Filmmaking.

The Hidden Map journeys into the concealed past of Turkey, as an Armenian-American granddaughter of exiled genocide survivors dares to uncover the buried truth in their lost ancestral homeland.  A chance encounter with a Scottish explorer leads to a joint odyssey revealing sacred relics, silenced voices, fearless resilience and the hidden map.

A network television premiere with six broadcasts during the April 24, 2021 weekend inspired overwhelming audience reaction and requests, prompting NBCLX to schedule May 28 weekend encore presentations. Shortly thereafter, Hovannisian’s film was confirmed as one of the programs being considered for the coveted Emmys.

The Primetime Emmy Awards recognize excellence in American primetime television programming. Programs and individual achievements are first deemed eligible and then generally voted on by members of the Television Academy. A select few are juried awards. Among them is Exceptional Merit in Documentary Filmmaking, whose purpose is, according to the Television Academy, “to both honor and encourage exceptional achievement in one or more of the traditional components of the filmmakers’ art: 1. Profound social impact  2. Significant innovation of form 3. Remarkable mastery of filmmaking technique… (with) the capacity to inform, transport, impact, enlighten, and create a moving and indelible work that elevates the art of documentary filmmaking.”  

“I’m humbly honored that through this film, the Armenian story is being recognized as a valuable part of the greater human experience,” said Hovannisian. “I’m particularly gratified that it is among the handpicked films selected to advance in the Exceptional Merit category, which means that esteemed judges watched it, read it and agreed that there is something exceptional about this documentary that makes it worthy of belonging here. Even if it goes no further, I’m content, and look forward to sharing the film with more audiences in the United States and abroad. I’m thankful to many, our parents and grandparents first and foremost, to the people I met there and those who helped me on the ground—Steven Sim, Sharon Chekijian and Peter Musurlian, and to others.”

Ani Hovannisian in Bazmashen

The Hidden Map has received several Best Documentary and Audience Choice awards at international film festivals and was selected as a finalist for the esteemed Humanitarian Award by the Accolade Global Film Competition. Most important to Hovannisian is the possibility that this film, which documents and brings to life indisputable truths and immutable resilience, will resonate for generations to come.

The winners of the Emmy Awards will be announced in September.

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