ASPIRANTUM offering online Armenian language courses for children

Applications are now open for the Learn Armenian Through Literature Online Course For Kids organized by the ASPIRANTUM language school in Yerevan. Students will experience an intensive Armenian language course that will teach them by utilizing the masterpieces of Armenian poets of the 20th century, including poems written particularly for children.

The syllabus of the ‘Learn Armenian Through Literature’ course gives participants the chance to dive into the fascinating world of nature, motherland, family and patriotism as presented in the poems of Hovhannes Tumanyan, Hamo Sahyan, Avetik Isahakyan, Paruyr Sevak, etc. 

Participants will learn hundreds of new Armenian words that will facilitate further study following the completion of this course. Their listening skills will advance to a new level, and they will be able to listen and understand literary Eastern Armenian with ease. During the discussions and roleplaying, the participants will also rapidly improve in speaking Armenian. Every day, students will also read poems by Armenian authors and improve their reading skills.

ASPIRANTUM has been offering winter and summer programs since 2014, as well as Farsi and Russian language courses. Previously, ASPIRANTUM only organized Armenian, Persian and Russian language courses for adults. Testimonials are available online

More online Armenian language courses for children will be offered by ASPIRANTUM in the coming months. 

The Armenian language course for kids goes beyond just learning Armenian. It will become a wonderful platform for kids to get acquainted not only with the nuances of how the Armenian language works but also to learn Armenian poetry and become familiar with those influential poets that have had a major impact on the Armenian nation worldwide with their works. 

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