AYF “Arev” Chapter Raises Hundreds of Dollars for ARS Emergency Relief

The Armenian Youth Federation (AYF) “Arev” Chapter, like many of its sister organizations, has been forced to adapt to alternative ways to stay connected over the past few months and has continued to honor its schedule as much as possible despite these unusual circumstances.

In March, the AYF South Florida “Arev” Chapter held its first virtual members meeting via Zoom. This was quite an experience compared to what we’re used to with meeting in person, but it was so refreshing to see everyone’s faces. One objective during this meeting was to create a fundraiser in order to assist those in Armenia in need during this difficult time. In March, the Armenian Relief Society (ARS) started the ARS Global Emergency Response Fund initiative to do just that, and we thought it would be a great opportunity to work with our community members and join forces. Our chapter’s goal was to create a fun way to get AYF members from near and far to donate for the month of April. We came up with a Fundraiser Bingo card.

We designed the Bingo card with squares ranging from $5 to $25. Within a few hours of posting on our social media channels, donations already started pouring in, even from members in the western region. By the time April came to a close, we had filled our Bingo card and even exceeded our goal, raising a total of $550. Our fundraiser was so successful that not only did we completely fill our Bingo card, we raised additional funds.

The AYF “Arev” Chapter thanks its donors and supporters. Together, we helped the ARS advance its emergency relief aid for Armenia and support the most vulnerable during this time of hardship.

Tamar Kassarjian

Tamar Kassarjian

Tamar Kassarjian is a native Floridian and currently working toward her masters in healthcare administration. She serves on the executive of the ARS "Sosseh" Chapter, where she’s been a member for nine years. She also serves as the secretary for the AYF South Florida “Arev” Chapter, where she has been a member for five years. Tamar is active in her local Armenian community as an Armenian dance teacher at Arevig Dance Ensemble and an Armenian language kindergarten teacher at the local Sunday school.

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