Couples’ Night Out: An Invitation from the Sabounjians

Rev. Father Krikor Sabounjian & Yn. LuAnn Sabounjian

By Rev. Father Krikor Sabounjian & Yn. LuAnn Sabounjian

Marriage is a blessing when you have someone who lifts you up, as you go through different cycles of life. As the Bible says in Ecclesiastes 4:10, “If one person falls, the other can reach out and help. But someone who falls alone is in real trouble.”  

Couple’s night out aims to give support to our young Armenian couples; the annual gathering gives married couples the assurance that life has its cycles that impact their relationships and that no one is exempt from it. The difference for those who have a thriving relationship is that they know this reality, and they are determined to keep their relationship strong and alive just the same, because they are better prepared under any circumstances.  

This year’s topic is “Marriage, Stress or Blessing!” We will be uplifted by the presentation of Rev. Fr. Dr. Vahan Kouyoumdjian (who is also a psychiatrist) along with his wife Yn. Maggie. They are looking forward to being with us and talking about:

  • The stress factors of marriage and why marriage itself could be a major source of psychological stress
  • Challenges and how to cope with these stressors
  • The major role of a healthy Christian approach and faith in overcoming the challenges of marital problems

We invite you to join us for “Marriage, Stress or Blessing!” on Friday, March 13, 2020 at 6:00 pm at the church hall of St. Stephen’s Armenian Apostolic Church in Watertown, Massachusetts. Tickets are $100 per couple, including a buffet dinner. For more information, contact Rev. Avedis Boynerian: 617-229-9252 (

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