Hamazkayin Chicago Presents Fables, Music and Poetry

Musical director Haroutune Kendimian, pianist Loucine Tokmakjian and choir performing

GLENVIEW, Ill.—The Armenian community and the Chicago Hamazkayin Educational and Cultural Organization recently honored the music of Gomidas Vartabed and the writings of Hovhannes Toumanyan and Gevorg Emin.

More than 100 people attended event “Fables, Music and Poetry” on Sunday, October 20 at the Shahnasarian Hall at the Armenian Community Center.

Ethnomusicologist Gomidas Vartabed and noted writer Hovhannes Toumanyan were born 150 years ago; poet, essayist and writer Gevorg Emin was born 100 years ago.

Taniel Varoujan students performing (Photo: Maral Aprahamian)

Students and volunteers from Taniel Varoujan Armenian School and the community at large participated in the celebration of these important figures in Armenian history. There were dramatic readings and short histories presented. Areni Artinian read Akh, ays Masise by Gevorg Emin. Tson Gomidasin was read by Sona Papazian. Harry and David Torian read Toumanyan’s Hin Orhnouteun. Arev Muradian read Toumanyan’s Tmpgaperti Aroume. The Taniel Varoujan School Choir sang Gomidas’ Khngi Dzar and Ambi Dagits—Hampartsum Yayla (Toumanyan and A. Dikranyan). Anoush’s Aria (ToumanyanA. Dikranyan) was beautifully sung by Areney Tomakjian.

Hamazkayin member and host Jacqueline Papazian

Hamazkayin member Jacqueline Papazian spoke about the life of Gevorg Emin. Rozig Sazian elaborated on the life of Gomidas Vartabed and Lusine Torian spoke about the life of Hovhannes Toumanyan. The Hamazkayin Sardarabad Dance Ensemble also performed. The musical portions of the program were led by musical director Haroutune Kendimian, his daughter and pianist Loucine Kendimian-Tokmakjian and pianist Lusine Torian. Kendimian-Tokmakjian performed Gomidas’ Yed ou Arach and Karoun a tsune a arel with Vana Dakarian on vocals.

Holy Father Ghevont Pentezian was also present. He thanked Hamazkayin and offered a prayer and closing remarks. 

Hamazkayin Eastern U.S.
The Eastern USA region of Hamazkayin Armenian Educational and Cultural Society, consisting of nine chapters, constitutes one of the branches of the worldwide Hamazkayin family, founded in 1928.

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