Homenetmen’s 12th World Congress Condemns Turkey’s Invasion of Syria

In light of the ongoing Turkish military incursion into Northern Syria, Homenetmen’s 12th World Congress strongly condemns this inhumane act, which is being carried out in direct defiance of international law.

The participants of Homenetmen’s supreme assembly declare solidarity with the Syrian people, the Armenian population present in Syria’s Jazira region and especially with our brothers and sisters of the Homenetmen Qamishli chapter who, in faithful service to their oath as members of Homenetmen, are currently standing in defense of the community and allocating all available resources to the service and safety of our people.

This belligerent and abhorrent act is not the first the world has seen of these Turkish-Ottoman government policies, which have for centuries threatened and destroyed the values and cultures of vulnerable minorities.

Therefore, Homenetmen’s worldwide family calls upon the international community to act immediately in forcing Turkey to cease its invasion and restore peace to the region, in order to ensure the security of the innocent people of Northern Syria.


Homenetmen’s 12th World Congress
October 17, 2019
Dzaghgatsor, Armenia

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Guest Contributor

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