Worcester Armenian Film Festival Welcomes Filmmakers, Enthusiasts

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WORCESTER, Mass.—The sixth annual Worcester Armenian Film Festival, held on May 16 (Sprinkler Factory) and May 19 (Armenian Church of the Martyrs) brought together an eclectic selection of film and discussions with filmmakers.

Organized by the Hamazkayin Worcester Chapter, the film festival screened films by Kevork Aslanyan (“How to Get Fat in a Healthy Way”), Anais DerSimonian (“STICKY”), Emily Hagopian (“Kahaniya”), Nina Kotyantz (“Snow” and “Morris”), Arnaud Khayadjanian (“Bad Girl,” “Deaf Hearts” and “We Are Our Mountains”) and Garo Berberian (“Taniel”).

Filmmakers Khayadjanian and Berberian from Europe to participate in the discussions following the screenings. They also traveled to New Jersey, alongside the film festival’s artistic director Talin Avakian, to take part in a screening (“We Are Our Mountains” and “Taniel”).

Khayadjanian and Berberian also participated in a panel discussion organized by the Hamazkayin New Jersey Chapter and the Hovnanian School on May 17. Columbia University professor Khatchig Mouradian was also part of the panel discussion.

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  1. I think it’s great that Worcester,Mass has such a strong Armenian thriving community,
    I’m happy to know it and very proud of these Armenian filmmakers.👍🇦🇲🇨🇦

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