ARS Mayr Chapter NY Celebrates Mother’s Day, Honors Sonia Bezdikian

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Armenian Relief Society (ARS) Mayr Chapter’s Mother’s Day Event took place on Sunday, May 5, 2019 at Douglaston Manor.

The Mistress of Ceremony, Juliette Milian invited the Chairlady of ARS Mayr Chapter Lalig Vartanian who welcomed everybody and emphasized the importance of ARS, this unique women’s organization in existence for over a century, taking care of the sick, poor and needy in all aspects of their lives. Vartanian’s remarks was followed by the ARS Eastern Region Vice-Chairlady, Sandra Vartanian who talked about the past, present and future accomplishments of the ARS. On this Mother’s Day celebration, Vartanian appropriately mentioned the “Mother and Child” Clinic in Akhourian, Armenia. Founded in 1993, Vartanian said, “We are proud to announce that the Mother and Child clinic has thus far birthed over 15,000 babies.”

The program included a vocal performance by Hooshere, who sang three of her mother’s favorite songs—“Caravan,” “Tun Im Hayreni” and “Hay Herosnei Yerke.” Sonia Bezdikian’s four grandchildren participated in the chorus. Veh Bezdikian presented a poem by Jacque Hagopian: “Mayragan Ornutiune.”

This year, Mayr Chapter honored Sonia Bezdikian as “Mother of the Year.” Bezdikian has been an active member since 1976. She has served as Chairperson in Mayr Chapter for four terms and two terms on the ARS Eastern Region Executive Board. Mina Hovsepian and Lalig Vartanian shared their tributes in Armenian and English. They expressed their heartfelt gratitude to Bezdikian and expanded upon her influential role in the organization. She has been an exemplary member of the organization with unwavering support and dedication. Success has always been her mission. “These accolades,” said Bezdikian, “I share with you. They belong to all of us. Nothing can be accomplished with one pair of hands, but a lot can be accomplished by teamwork.”

The event concluded with a Chinese lottery, spearheaded by Lolita Babikian, Juliette Milian and Anais Tcholakian.

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