Armenian Schools in California Vandalized with Turkish Flags

Ferrahian school building pictured with Turkish flag hanging on stairwell (Image circulated on social media)

ENCINO, Calif.—The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is investigating what they are calling an alleged ‘hate incident’ at two Armenian private schools after officials say their campuses were vandalized with Turkish flags overnight.

School officials from AGBU Manoogian-Demirdjian School and Holy Martyrs Ferrahian High School in the San Fernando Valley notified families of the incident Tuesday morning.

The front entrance to Ferrahian school property, which includes Holy Martyrs Armenian Apostolic Church (Image circulated on social media)

In pictures that have been widely circulated in the Armenian community on social media, Turkish flags are seen scattered about on campus, hanging on the entrance gates to the school and on stairways that lead to classrooms and offices. At Ferrahian in Encino, the Turkish flags were hanging feet away from the steps leading to the church on-site.

Meantime at AGBU in Canoga Park, officials say classes are still in session, but campus is on lockdown until further notice. Parents are being asked to park off-campus and walk to the main security gate during pick-up and drop-off. They can also expect to see police on-campus during drop-off Wednesday morning. One father told the Armenian Weekly that some parents want to pick up their children early from school.

In a statement to school families, Principal Sossi Shanlian explained classes are still in session at Ferrahian but that the school is taking extra precaution to ensure the safety of its student body. The Armenian Weekly has reached out to Ferrahian, but since the investigation is ongoing, school officials have declined to comment.

UPDATED: ANCA-WR, Elected Officials Condemn Hateful Acts at Armenian Schools

The Armenian community is outraged, both by these targeted acts against their schools and churches and law enforcement’s use of the word ‘incident’ instead of ‘crime.’ AGBU school officials say police are labeling it as an incident because a crime was not committed. “They did not trespass or leave any note or any indication of a threat,” read the statement.

“Bigotry and hatred is alive and thriving when Grey Wolves, pro-Erdogan, anti-democracy goons get their way,” writes Tsoghig Hekimian on Facebook. The City Clerk of Glendale Ardashes Kassakhian writes, “These campuses are places where children from kindergarten to high school attend classes, play with friends, eat their lunches, pray in the chapel, and learn how to be productive and law abiding citizens. They also learn about their history, which includes the dark chapter known to all as the Armenian Genocide…”

The red and white Turkish flags have since come down, and in their place, students have draped their school—their second home—with the tri-colors of the Armenian flag.

Street view from White Oak Avenue of Ferrahian High School (Photo sent to Armenian Weekly)
Ferrahian High School draped in Armenian flags (Photo sent to Armenian Weekly)
Leeza Arakelian

Leeza Arakelian

Assistant Editor
Leeza Arakelian is the former assistant editor of the Armenian Weekly. She is a graduate of UCLA and Emerson College. Leeza has written and produced for local and network television news including Boston 25 and Al Jazeera America.


    • actions by turkish extremists are to be condemned and fully investigated by authorities and perpetrators tried. convicted and sentenced for their actions against a peaceful and lawful armenian community.

  1. Whoever did it is not acceptable, the motivation and the intention is to create problems, they should be punished according to the law.

    • Thank you Carol. I wish I knew why they have so much hate in their souls. I have two children whom attend a private Armenian school as well and my heart is breaking for them. This is one place where they should be safe. This a clear symbolic act of hate. May God keep our Christian loves safe and his heavenly love upon us all.

  2. Missed opportunity… should have taken a video and set those flags on fire as the follow up response so that could have spread around as “part 2” before replacing with Armenian flags. Could there have been a better reply?

    • So what? Yes it is a good reply, they could keep the originals as evidence if the police want it and still burn substitute Turkish flags at the same location to send back the right message.

  3. The aggressive intent to intimidate is horrible. The fact that it is done at the school is criminal. I am outraged.

  4. This provocative act is strongly condemned by the Turkish-American community.

    That said, this act has all the tell-tale signs of a typical Armenian deception. One must ask the question “Who benefits from this act?” The answer is, clearly, the Armenian community. Now, the Armenian organizers will use this news to drum up support for the April 24 demonstrations. I would not be surprised at all, therefore, if the LAPD parades the perpetrator, who happens to have a name ending in “ian”, in front of the media reporters very soon.

    Why now?

    Well, the Turkish-American community just mourned the assassination of three of its sons, Turkish diplomats, by Armenian terrorists Yanikian (1973) and Sassonian (1982.) The candle light vigil on Sunday was shared by millions on Sunday. The Armenian perpetrator(s) must have devised this flag hanging to change the agenda. It is curious that security cameras show a masked man at 4 am hanging the flag)s) and then they are lowered by the school staff a couple of hours later, before the public can see it. How convenient! Change the agenda and drum up support for April 24th, all in one fell swoop.

    Media reporting was very disrespectful to Turkey, if not downright racist towards Turks. How can the flag of the Republic of Turkey, a flag honored and revered by 81 million Turks and 300 million Turkics, be considered a tool of vandalism? Who are these journalists? Where do they get their education? Flag is the symbol of a sovereign nation and must be respected at all times. Turks respect the flags of all nations because they represent the people of that nation, as well as their sovereignty.

    Last but not least, the Armenian community gave its full support to the terrorists who killed innocent Turkish diplomats just because of they were Turks. 1973 killings by Yanikian and 1982 killing by Sassonian brought no apologies or statements of sorrow from the Armenian community leaders. On the contrary, the Armenian terrorists were declared heroes and even monies were raised for their legal defense funds. So, who are racists here? Armenians got away with murder and the media looked the other way. So much for journalistic objectivity.

    If peace and closure are really wanted, then the pain, suffering and losses of both sides should be on the table. Armenians took up arms against their own government and joint the invading enemy armies at a time of war of survival for the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman government took the necessary wartime military measures to defend their home in the face of brutal foreign invasions and domestic treachery. That measure was Tereset (Temporary Resettlement.) Britain, France, and event the US used the same wartime measure, tereset, many decades later. Armenian narrative ignores Armenian armed insurgency ( , terrorism, treason, territorial demands, and the resulting Turkish losses at the hands of Armenian revolutionaries. That is why the highest court in Europe, ECHR, twice ruled (2013 & 2015) that Armenian claim of genocide was and opinion and rejecting it was an exercise in freedom of speech.


    • Peace? All you did was spew hate and gave a convoluted Islamic perspective of your pitiful viewpoint. Replying to you is a total waste of time, but I must instruct you to join your turkish brothers in hell. The word “peace” is surely an anomaly for you folks. Your entire nation has an engine that runs on pure hate against the Armenians and yet you can’t fathom the thought that a turk was behind this act. Furthermore, you think we would taint our schools with your flags so that we could get some media attention? It’s amazing how each individuals point of reference can be so warped when their hearts are filled with so much hate. You would be far more productive to go to a turkish site and jerk each other off over your spiteful hearts.

    • Your response shows that it is second nature for you to blame the actions of your people on the Armenians. This is what the Turkish government has done since the genocide. Your government has sadly misled you. The decimated Armenian population scattered across the globe with no strong central government in the years following the genocide did not somehow successfully perpetrate the greatest con in history by creating a false genocide that Turkey didn’t commit. What would the Armenians gain from that? On the other hand, the Turkish government would have much to gain by 100 years of denial.

    • Well said @ErgunKirlikovali. I’m Armenian and strongly believe in the Genocide. BUT that said this was by far the lamest advertisement set by the media and my fellow Armenians. That’s what I said at the press conference. Their (the Armenians )assumption is conclusive. How could we quickly blame it on Turkey since LAPD is still investigating this matter ? Yes my lovely fellow Armenians you’re barking at the wrong tree! You took my words out of context. Ha ha ha check the Armenian grocery stores a high percentage of their products are made in Turkey. Why don’t you go and bark at them ? In short, whoever you are, I agree with you 1000 percent.

    • spoken as a brainwashed subject of a defeated empire and a modern human rights violator.

    • Ergun Kirlikovali is a 67 year old Muslim Mongrel Turkish Sewer Rat who lives in Orange County with his American wife Juliana Marian Kirlikovali. He is the president of the Assembly of Turkish American Associations (ATAA), a corrupt racist organization whose ONLY purpose is to discredit the Holocaust. His racism is not only limited to Armenians but also against Latinos where he used racially insulting language to demean a Mexican-American journalist Gustavo Arellano.

      Born in Turkey and living comfortably in the US, Ergun Kirlikovali spends his time managing two bogus websites (one of the two is ETHOCIDE) which do nothing but deny the Armenian genocide and prolifically comments on blogs across the US spewing his genocide denial propaganda.

      Ergun Kirlikovali a Muslim Turk wrote on November 24, 2008 in the Passdena Star News website that Armenian claims of Genocide reminded him of a joke concerning how to kill a fly.

      Kirkikovali, like any Holocaust denier also diminishes the number of Armenian dead, saying that only 7,600 were murdered out of the over 1 million deported from their homes under guard.

      None of this would matter if Kirlikovali, a wealthy California businessman, spoke only for himself. But he is a national officer of Turkish American groups and a columnist in their publications like Turkish Forum.

      His Genocidal racism is all over the web to read. Few Turks denounce his excesses. His poisonous words were also aimed at a Turkish Professor who wrote about why the Turkish government denies the Holocaust of 1,500,000 Christian Armenians. Read his obsessive hatred for Turkish scholar Taner Akcam,…. Kirlikovali also castigated non Armenian scholar Donald Quataert as a “Turk-hater” merely because he wrote that Christian Armenians suffered during the Genocide.

      This and more is the smiling face of denial as practiced by the Turkish establishment.

      The Turkish Coalition of America (TCA) founded by a Muslim Turk Yalcin Ayasli who advocates islamic fundamentalism, has been on a rampage filing lawsuits against American scholars, public & private officials, American universities and organizations who support the recognition of the Armenian Genocide. Recently a Federal Appeals Court threw out and put an end to TCA’s legal tirade against the University of Minnesota for teaching the Armenian Genocide.

      With a budget of $4.2 million in 2011, TCA’s goal is to file frivolous and malicious lawsuits and to campaign with bullying tactics on denying the Armenian Genocide.

      Today the Islamic government of Turkey is on a mission to clean up and sanitize the Ottoman archives regarding incriminating documents on the Genocide of the Armenians.

      Check out the Wikileaks document 04ISTANBUL1074 which tells of a “cleansing” of the Turkish archives of incriminating documents on July 12th, 2004.

      Muslim Turks like Ergun Kirlikovali have nothing better to do than deny the Armenian Genocide with lies and false information, & re-writing history.

      Barbarian oppressors like the Muslim Turks are the land grabbers. They are the savage invaders from the foothills of Mongolia.

      If it wasn’t for the great British officer T.E. Lawrence kicking the filthy Muslim Turks out of Arabia, the whole Arabian Peninsula would have been to this day under Muslim Turkish occupation.

      Ergun Kirlikovali, tell us what contribution has Muslim Turkey given around the world beside Barbarism, Savagery, Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing, and Murder??? What???

      If you can’t get along with others in AMERICA, take your fundamentalist Islamic Turkish point of views back to your ancestral lands in Mongolia along with your family and goats & sheep.

    • Taline, if you are Armenian (and not just another AKP
      stooge or demented troll) I hope the Simonians are busy arranging an “intervention” for you as they’ve
      got one sick puppy in the family.
      By the way, where were you that day at 4am?

      To longtime commenters on this forum:
      Where is the devastating logic and articulation
      of “Avery”?
      I miss him.
      He would a field day with some of these

  5. This is horrific and whoever did this must be so base as to be labeled not a human being; not an animal either for they would do nothing of this kind to their own species. Now, I will say without hesitation that I sense the footprint(s) of somebody who must simply hate Turks. This must not be allowed. It starts with education at an early stage. California laws must be careful as to what is being taught in schools. Every once in a while I read in California papers passage of resolutions in local municipal councils that permit teaching of ethnic mistrust and hatred. This must stop if we do not want to be a witness to these kinds of events. Turkish flags being torn and strewn about now can be Turkish kids in schools being murdered and strewn about sooner than later. Therefore Californians must act sooner than later.

    • Sounds like you are describing the Turkish education system used against Armenians, Greeks and other minorities in Turkey. I wish everyone, in Turkey, was as sensitive as you are here in the United States.

  6. Oh, it seems we have genocide deniers here in the “comments” area as if we don’t already have enough. Genocide denial is NOT an opinion, it’s one of the stages of a genocide. Genocide denial has nothing to do with freedom of speech, it must be treated as a crime. It is a crime. So, dear TheArmenianWeekly, do we really have to see genocide denial & denialist blah blah in the form of a “comment” here?

  7. Excuse me Abdul,
    In case you haven’t heard, Turkey is ranked 2nd among countries with the highest risk of committing mass killings,and you are crying the blues over three insignificant dipsh…diplomats?

  8. “Armenian Schools in California Vandalized with Turkish Flags” is wrong and bad caption. It should read ” Turkish Flags have been vandalized by an Armenian school”.
    Any vandalizing of any flag is a provocative, coward, sub-human and racist action.

    • Are you out of your mind??? Turks beat innocent American citizens in Washington when they were demonstrating. This was in Washington DC the capital of my country you have the gall to question Turk atrocities.
      Shame on you and your kind. Furthermore don’t read the Armenian news and leave your offensive and vile comments

  9. “Armenian Schools in California Vandalized with Turkish Flag” is wrong. It should read” Turkish flags have been vandalized by an Armenian School”.
    Any vandalizing of any nation’s flag is coward, primitive, provocative, shameful, sub-human act.

  10. Genocide was commited against Armenians, the whole civilized world knowd that, period!!
    Any attempt to denied that fact is created by deshonest people, but nothing at this point surprise me since we have in latin america dictators like Maduro in Venezuela denying that Venezuela has a humanitary crisis when 5 million people fleed the country because they were starving, these kind of people always are going to turn a blind eye to the facts, no matter if the prove is right in front of them, they are cynical, with
    explanations full of misrepresentations and accommodate the facts to their hatred.
    We need to fight these evil people and i give all my support to Armenians, the first Christian nation in the world!!!!!!

  11. bassoy,
    ….and Turkey is the biggest coward for killing over 3 million innocent, and UNARMED civilians. Yes, had killing UNARMED civilians, been an Olympic event, you Turks would take the Gold, Silver,and Bronze medals hands down.

  12. Seriously?

    van·dal·ism noun action involving deliberate destruction of or damage to public or private property.

    I know there is history between Turkey and Armenia, I have no record of anything past my grandfather because of it. How is a flag which is easily removed instead of spray paint and broken windows even supported as an act of vandalism? Antagonism, yes, incite, yes, but vandalism no.

    I would have rather seen an Armenian flag placed side-by-side the Turkish flags instead. Tit-for-tat will accomplish nothing.

    • ahme are you sure that your not feeding into a propagandist lie? wherever armenians are there is always a love and unity for the motherland despite what political differences may exist between political parties.

    • Ahmet,
      Most Turkic herds have the same mentality as yours…just like brainwashed denialist Turks! You just be proud of the blood-soaked flag!

  13. Between this, the attack on the synagogue in October, and the racist and homophobic attack on Jussie Smolett, there can be no doubt that the Orange One has emboldened all the fascists.

  14. acts which may be dismissed as only pranks or not meeting legal definitions are the starters for more extreme acts of violence unless they are addressed. a subliminal message was sent that the the bearers of the flag have no respect for the armenians or their community. they attacked the security and safety of the students and much worse created fear and anxiety going forward. as an armenian i am disappointed that you took such a light hearted stand.

    they violate ones personal safety and create fear in the hearts of the innocent and should never be excused. if the hate crimes and as an armenian i am disappointed in your comment.

  15. The word genocide was invented by Raphael Lemkin to specifically describe what the Turks did to the Armenians.

  16. Ergun,” Armenians got away with murder”. Let me tell you sir as to who got away with murder. Turkey, annihilated three million Armenians, Assyrians, Cypriots, and Greeks and the Turks got away with murder. Hrant Dink was shot and killed in Istanbul by Turk assassin and the killer got away with murder. Azeri officer, Ramil Safarov. hacked the head of SLEEPING Armenian officer with 26 axe blows to his body,neck, and head decapitating him and the murderer got away. Erdogan body guatds beat up US citizens in DC and the assailants got away with crime. Turkey created ISIS and they destroyed an Armenian church in Der Zor, Syria then over a couple of years they massacred thousands of innocent people and once again Turkey got away with murder. Quit yer shedding crocodile tears, you know who you are.

  17. To ErgunKirlikovali and Ahmet:
    I am sorry you think and feel this way.

    You have a homeland. Do you live there? I do not. If I had a homeland, I would be living there and not half way around the world in a foreign country. I would be a productive member of my homeland and my community. As it is, I am a productive member of a foreign country, since I cannot live in what was my homeland.

    Ask me why, or perhaps you know… If my parents didn’t have to flee for their lives in the 1915-1923 time period, I should have been born in my homeland. Sadly (for me, not for you), my father was orphaned at the age of 12 and ended up on a ship headed to some foreign country where he worked and lived a broken man for the rest of his life. My mother also left “Turkey” as her family was being threatened for extermination, after witnessing a relative dragged to the street and shot to death. Her family were productive members of their community and were forced to leave their homes and belongings behind. They carried only their precious Singer sewing machine with them, with which they would continue to make a living in a foreign country.

    To date, nobody (Turkey?) has apologized to my father, or to my mother for the trauma they went through, or made any attempt to reunite my father with his family, if they had survived, or returned the value of my mother’s homes and possessions to her and her family. My mother and father worked every day of their lives to start from scratch in a foreign country, and to become productive members of that foreign country.

    All I can say is, you guys have a “homeland” to go back to. So why be mean to Armenians in a country that is really not your true homeland? Just go back to where you came from and live in peace. I live in a foreign country myself, because, thanks to your ancestors, I have no choice.

    Presumably, you have a choice.

    • One to wonder, why these unfortunate and brainwashed people run away from a civilized place called Turkey, once they settled in a foreign country, all of a sudden become a “Turk” and professional denialist of Armenian Genocide!

  18. May I ask all the people who are commenting here to think of all the Turks who marched in Istanbul streets with tears in their eyes protesting and saying”we are all Armenians”? When you’re insulting, cursing out, generalizing and committing hate speech, you are addressing these Turks too.

    Same to Turks who are dismissing the pain and suffering that Armenian Ottomans suffered in the hands of criminal, psychopath killers in the government and by the common people who lived with Armenians for centuries. If we cannot accept the horror of the past which includes Ottoman crimes as well as those Armenian gangs who fought on the Russian side against Ottomans, we can never come together and cry together for each others losses. If we cannot do it, it means that we reached to mental state that we enjoy our pain and do not want to separate from it. խաղաղություն – baris

    • Mehmet words cannot change the facts of the Armenian Genocide. Gang-related crimes do not constitute destruction of a race!

    • Amen to that! What I have come to realize from all these varied opinions and comments is that both Armenians and Turkish individuals is that that particular episode in history has unfortunately allowed it to define them. Yes atrocities were perpetrated on both sides for various political and religious reasons. All need to OWN it respectively and move on otherwise all will continue to relive that episode in history as defining and will never move forward. The flag at the school incident proves the point, hate crime, SERIOUSLY. The bait was taken, hook,line and sinker, overreaction! Armenians. Whoever did it are having the biggest laugh. Things like that start wars. It shows how vulnerable one group is over another?

    • Mehmet,

      You show the instincts of a peacemaker. I have 2 questions for you:

      1. How do mainstream Turkish Diaspora groups like ATAA allow people like Kirlikovali to lead them? He has written the worst kinds of Nazi things about Armenians: that they worship crime, want to murder any Turk they see, and that the Genocide reminds him of a joke about a dead insect.

      2. Where are the Turkish Diaspora groups and publications which do not hate Armenians?

      By the way, Kirlikovali has even published contradictory and fact-free harangues claiming that Armenians killed the Muslims in his father’s village … in the Balkans!

  19. Now, the genocide denial we see in the comments here is one of the reasons why “genocide-denial” should be punished severely. Should we answer them one by one? Should we deal with their absurd arguments, one by one? Should we tell them about the history of Armenia & Armenians as if it isn’t accessible by just a few clicks? Do we still have to deal with this psychological violence of DENIAL (and hope to be lucky enough so that it doesn’t transform into physical violence) on a daily basis, as if we don’t have enough trauma coming from the past, from the experiences of our own ancestors? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! GENOCIDE DENIAL IS NOT AN OPINION. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH FREEDOM OF SPEECH. There must be a law to protect genocide-survivors (and of course, not only the genocide-survivors but all humanity) from this wave of hate-speech. Anyone who spreads genocide-denial should be punished by law… For example: “Citizen X” denies the genocide and attacks survivors by falsifying historical facts. Punish them with “community service”. if they do it again, put them in prison for a month. If they do it again, exclude them from citizenship. (Wishful thinking; especially considering the past & present of The United States of America and the nature of colonialism.)

  20. Mehmet,

    You show the instincts of a peacemaker. I have 2 questions for you:

    1. How do mainstream Turkish Diaspora groups like ATAA allow people like Kirlikovali to lead them? He has written the worst kinds of Nazi things about Armenians: that they worship crime, want to murder any Turk they see, and that the Genocide reminds him of a joke about a dead insect.

    2. Where are the Turkish Diaspora groups and publications which do not hate Armenians?

    By the way, Kirlikovali has even published contradictory and fact-free harangues claiming that Armenians killed the Muslims in his father’s village … in the Balkans!

    • JDA, Kirlikovali replaced Serbs with Armenians. There were no Armenians in Balkans, Where Serbs, Macedonians, Greeks, Bulgarians, Romanians, Polish, Switzerland’s thrown invading Turks out of European continent! French croissant bread is well spread in Europe and North America, but blind Kirlikovali eat his “halal croissant” every day after kneeling 5 times to allah!

    • @jda and GB
      Armenians were living everywhere in the old turkish state, in turkish rumelia (bulgaria,greece, romania etc.). They have fought side by side with the bulgarian nationalists against the Turks. They did it voluntarily, massacring and expelling the rumelia muslims and turks. These atrocities were in 1912/1913, before the WW1. In fact armenians were fighting on every possible front with the greeks, with the balkan nationalists, russians, french, arabs against the Ottomans starting from 1820-1922. But the truth is, that there were armenians in the turkish army too.
      Very late armenians began to fight for themselves, at the end it was a struggle for survival, I am recognizing this fact!

    • Jay,
      CAN Oghloo, get all this information from his buddy Kirlikovali black book diary,
      “How to hate Armenians and get easy money from peasant Turks”

  21. As a Turk i can say it was a genocide. Mr. Kırlıkovalı may ask what does it mean ‘Gavur kesimi’ and ‘Kılıç artığı’ to his parents or old relatives…Everybody knows what happened in Anatolia in Turkey. But if you say ‘Turks are killers’…You have the ‘same sick mind’ like Mr. Kırlıkovalı.

  22. I am a Turkish and proud of my origin. But am not a racist. I have with no one ethnic a problem. We Turkish and Armenians could have different opinion about Worls War I. This not means we should hate each other.We lived 500-600 years together. We learned from each other.

    I ate 2 at a Armenian Restaurant “Aladin” in Ethiopia.i bought my wedding Rings from a Armenian Juwelery in Germany. I like to hear Armenian songs like

    Ari Ari, Haye ( Raffi Mardoyan ) Lorke, Asmar Aghchik….

    If the Turkish planed to kill the Armenians, why they should deported them. They could kill them in they hometown village/city/house.

    Pls research today who lived today in Armenian properties in Van, Mus, Malatya, Elazig, Maras, Tunceli. Not Turkish.

  23. Anatolia,
    First and foremost, let me remind you that the word, Anatolia, is derived from Greek word, meaning, ” the East” or ” Sunrise”. In addition, Istanbul, used to be Constantinople, an ancient Greek civilization, where Armenians and Greeks lived side by side before the arrival of Uyghurs, aka modern day Turks. Educating, your fellow countrymen is impossible. Especially, when you have Erdogan’s body guards beating up US citizens on US soil, that says a lot about the nature of Uyghurs. I’m gonna leave it at that. No sense of getting into argument. I have met very wonderful Turks, also, have met Turks who were NOT, but they always told me that their GRANDMOTHERS were Armenian. One dude told me that while his right leg was shaking. Never forget that…LOL.

    • The “Turks” you have met were surely kurdish, who have these “armenian” grandmothers! It was the kurds and arabs who have taken these girls on their route to Syria. The area was inhabited by these people and it was WW1, it was like the Wild West.

  24. Turkish Population live today in Central and West Turkey. Kurdish Population live dominantly in East Turkey like Dersim, Nush, Bitlis, Maras, Elazig,Bitlis, Sasun, Van….




    Looks what we have similar and what bring us together. Racism is not good. However from whom is coming.

    Western Armenians peoples have many similar culture and cuisine with the Turkish and Arabs.

  25. Here some video links about hidden Armenians in Turkey.

    Here you see what the Kurdish do to the Assyrians.…99835.137356.0.138412.….0…

    1. Kurdish peoples took the villages of Assyrians and Armenians in Turkey. Pls research.
    2. Kurdish live in East Turkey not Turkish
    3. Ask Assyrians and Yezidi which pressure give the Kurdish to them.
    4. I dont support Erdogan, never. But i have to tell u that Erdogan gave the Kurdish more Rights and gave Armenians/Greek/Assyrians many properties back.
    5. The life quality of the Armenians in today Turkey are much better as before 20 years.
    6. Who took Armenian girls as second wife ???
    7. I m very sad for dead of any human been, whether Armenians Kurdish Arab or Turkish… whether Christian or Muslim.
    8. If God wil one latest next year i ll visit Borj Hammoud and visit a orphan house and make my support.
    9. I wish all Armenians without Racism Background all the best and a Peace between our Nations.

    Thanks, bye

  26. BERKE, your whitewashing attempts are absurd, but “normal” given the fact that this is your job (do something else, this is not an “honest” way to make a living).

    And just letting you know, you are a racist but you don’t know it yet.

    YOU SAY:
    1) “1. Kurdish peoples took the villages of Assyrians and Armenians in Turkey.”

    And Turkish people didn’t?
    Oh really? You’re serious, aren’t you!
    I would like to know which planet are you living on. The Armenian Genocide was a crime carried out with the aid of MASSES (caps for a reason). Today, it seems almost “everyone”(irony) is sorry for what happened to Armenians & everyone calls for “dialogue” but no one talks about WHO (caps for the same reason) killed these people and seized their properties & lands. WHO WERE THESE CRIMINALS? Do not they have any ties with those who call for dialogue(irony again)? – Is it even possible when you think about the magnitude of The Armenian Genocide? Does it sound normal?

    Anyone who lives in the genocide-denialist country has a benefit in denial, in this way or another. It seems none of those who are “sorry” for what happened to Armenians (including you BERKE) had had criminals in their ancestry, none of their ancestors had confiscated Armenian properties (irony again).

    Do you know anyone who calls for dialogue and says “hey, you know what? my grandfather had confiscated Armenian property/lands & we want to give it back to its rightful owners”?

    Well, it seems no one killed Armenians (irony).

    Dialogue matters when the other party is HONEST.

    Oh, and don’t forget to ask your ATATURK about the fate of “Cankaya Kosku” which is an Armenian property that had been confiscated from their rightful owners, Armenians. Did your Ataturk (a genocidal figure whose atrocities towards Armenians and Greeks had been taken as an example by Adolf Hitler) ever try to give “Cankaya Kosku” back to their rightful owners, Armenians? (irony)

    2) “Kurdish live in East Turkey not Turkish”

    SO WHAT?
    As always, as part of their 100 years of genocide denial, deniers like Berke claim that the Kurdish People were the only party responsible for “whatever had happened” to the autochthonous people of Anatolia and Armenian Highlands.

    3) “Ask Assyrians and Yezidi which pressure give the Kurdish to them.”

    Same old, same old. Never-ending denial. Why don’t you ask them yourself?

    4) “I don’t support Erdogan, never. But i have to tell u that Erdogan gave the Kurdish more Rights and gave Armenians/Greek/Assyrians many properties back.”

    You don’t know what you’re talking about considering the undeniable fact that the population of the AUTOCHTHONOUS people of Anatolia and Armenian Highlands (Greeks, Armenians, Assyrians) does not even have any statistical significance today (THE QUESTION OF THE CENTURY: CAN YOU GUESS WHY?)

    5) “The life quality of the Armenians in today Turkey are much better as before 20 years.”

    I wish I could be as much ignorant as you. It must be a happy life. One word: “DENIAL”

    6) “Who took Armenian girls as second wife”

    Mostly Turkish and Kurdish.

    7) “I m very sad for dead of any human been, whether Armenians Kurdish Arab or Turkish… whether Christian or Muslim.”

    Again, a classic attempt to deny the genocide (as known as “hey come on, everybody died”!)

    Oh, but just letting you know, it has nothing to do with your emotions. I don’t care if you’re HAPPY or SAD. This is a matter of JUSTICE. When a person kills another, rapes another, and robs another, we don’t care about having a dialogue with the criminal OR we don’t give a damn about how sad they are. We seek justice, not dialogue. Not that any kind of justice could compensate for the losses of Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians, BUT there must be consequences.

    8) “If God wil one latest next year i ll visit Borj Hammoud and visit a orphan house and make my support.”

    But before doing that, don’t forget to let them know you’re a genocide-denialist.

    9) “I wish all Armenians without Racism Background all the best and a Peace between our Nations.”

    Never-ending usage of the so-called “racism” card. From a denialist perspective, anyone who seeks justice is a racist or a terrorist or both. And it seems you’re so eager to use words like “PEACE”. PEACE is IMPOSSIBLE with the current denialist structure.

    Let’s see why:

    Let’s assume you have a family of 100 people. Then, a murderer butchers 90 of them, confiscates all of their properties, land, and money; rapes women and children. And then, the descendants of the same murderer, while keeping all the properties and still benefiting from them by all means, say “hey dear Armenians don’t be so racist, let’s hug each other and have peace”… DO YOU THINK IT MAKES SENSE?

    I almost forgot.
    Upton Sinclair has got a message for you, BERKE:

    “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”
    ― Upton Sinclair

    • I m not from East Turkey. I am from Emirdag-Afyon.

      What u are telling its happend in Kurdish area. My families never Killed 1 Armenian.

      I just talk about the facts.
      Sason, Mush, Harput, Dersim, Marash, Van, Diyarbakir(Tigranakert) had a large Armenian population. Who live today there ?

      I know the history. Who said my grandmother is an Armenian, they hide themself and introduce them as Kurdish.

      I sent before links. Watch and see how many Kurdish are origin Armenian. Whether u believe or not, any civil dead is sad. In German sources 3 million Ottoman Population civils die in 1.World War.

      Dont like/hug Turkish, but dont think all Turkish peoples hate Armenians. You can sing in Turkey Armenian songs, you can do as Armenians many activities. You can be rich with Trading and even Factories.

      U see if i go to Borj Hammoud, u expect they ll kill me…. however i wrote comments not to be in long discussions….

    • BERKE, you keep mentioning the eastern cities (Armenian Highlands) but The Armenian Genocide was not limited to them.

      One of the most absurd and common arguments of genocide-denialists is the shameless argument that “it didn’t happen in western regions”!

      i.e. This book is about what Harry Stuermer witnessed during his visit to Istanbul & Pera (now “Beyoglu”).



      Now, you have two options:

      A) Read and LEARN.
      B) Keep DENYING.

      Choose wisely.

  27. There are no differences between Kurds and Turks both are guilty of Armenian Genocide. One was the master the other as the slave.

    Slaves apologize to Armenians and accept their guilt a long time ago, but a brainwashed person like yourself does not understand the real meaning of Genocide and their perpetrators!

    The entire Christian population wiped out of Western Armenia, where your criminal ancestors promised a free KURDESTAN there. This is why Rajab Oghloo can’t stand “mountain Turks” behavior in Turkey

  28. Selam BERKE,
    You wish to have peace between our peoples, I am with you, so do I, but how do you go about accomplishing that when Turkey was built on Armenian and Greek lands? Don’t you think we need to solve that issue first? Peace out.

    • I see you have missed the last thousands years, there is nothing like “greek” or “armenian” lands anymore. As poeple who have lived with the permission of the turkish sultan and at the mercy of the Turks in their empire for minimum 700 years, it is daring what you are writing. You can be happy if there is still an “Armenia” or “Greece” in future, Turks has never accepted Selanik as Greece, Azeris will get Erivan!

  29. Hi Jay,

    Today in which country live the origin owner of the Lands ? Belongs USA to the white Europeans ? Belongs Turkestan to the Chinese ? Belonga Australia to the white British ? Belongs Turkic Countries to Russia ?
    Will Israel stop to Occupied Palestine and go back to the Countries * Germany, Poland, France, UK….) from where they fleed
    Krim was a Tatar country.

    Can we change all Borders ? If yes, then lets do all together. But you know no one Country want to give Land to other Country.
    Yerevan was till 1915-1920 a Muslim city. After World War I it becomes after arrive of the Armenians from Ottoman Empire to an Armenian City.

    How many Mosques changed to a Church and how many Churches changed to Mosque. This is the results after a WAR. The 2 Nations can come together and to have peace if both side respect each other, no burn flags, not sing hate songs.

    In Mush Sason Van Ani and Agri Dagi ( Mount Ararat( Armenians should get Land to build Churches, culture Centers and Properties, so any time Armenians can come from Worldwide to stay and visit. So we can refresh an Armenian life in some Regions.

    Armenians want a Great Armenian, Turkish want the Territory of the Ottiman Empire back, Israel/Jews have also a Great Israel Program.

    Its the best to get Peace between our Nations. Armenia will get 100 % advantage of a Peace and the Diaspora Armenians can invest to Armenia so Armenians no need to go to Russia Europe. If they is peace, every year they can organize Festivals in Ani Akhdamar Mount Agri ( Ararat ).

  30. Yesterday my Comment i think removed. What i wrote wrong.

    Before Turkish Empire, Anatolia was part of the different Empire.

    Today you know no one country will leave Territory to an other Country.

    Russia with Japan
    USA and South America with the Origin owners.

    We can build a stronger cultural exchange, renovate old Armenian Buildings in Van, Ani, Mush, Sason, Dersim and MARASH. EVERY YEAR THEY CAN ORGANIZE CULTURAL FESTIVALS.



    • Mongol Turks occupied a well advanced Christian and Persian civilizations. there is no comparison between these civilizations with Turkic herds from Central Asia, Even your alphabets first adopted from Persians then “Europeanized” by an an Armenian inventor for your illiterate uncivilized herds. where sword of Allah had more influences than power of pen. Even today the freedom of speech controlled by Rajab Oghloo’s well trained Midnight Express jail keepers!

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