ARS Cambridge Shushi Welcomes New Recruits

New Chapter Executives pictured left to right: Nancy Ganjian (Recording Secretary), Seda Aghamiantz (Treasurer), Linda Kechejian (Corresponding Secretary), Ani Zargarian (Chair), Angela Hovanesyan (Advisor), Vany Tashjian (Advisor) and Meline Berberian (Vice Chair)

The dedicated women who make up the Armenian Relief Society (ARS) Cambridge Shushi Chapter have kicked off a new year with returning figures welcoming more than a dozen young recruits and a refreshed group of Chapter Executives.

The chapter recently gathered at Ungerouhi Heather Krafian’s home for its first meeting of the year, opening with the singing of the ARS anthem. The women then shared their emotional and inspiring commitment to the chapter and what it means to be an ungerouhi.  

During the meeting, four members shared their reflections and highlights from the ARS Eastern Region’s 98th Convention in Boca Raton, Florida. There was also a presentation about the incredible work of the ARS and all the programs it supports in Armenia, Artsakh and here at home.

One of the many reasons why the ARS is thriving today is because of its growing membership base. The chapter reports that eight recruits applied to become new members after this September kickoff session in what is being described as “record breaking.” Chair Ani Zargarian says, “The chapter is looking forward to a bright future with a growing, young membership…[who will be] steadfast in our efforts to remain ‘with the people, for the people.’”

If you are interested in joining the ARS and the Cambridge Shushi chapter, please email

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