Monsoon in my Blood

Photo from the Philippines, Tim Calla

It [my blood] flows like a lagoon

Promise me you’ll drown in it

I’ll meet you underneath it

Till red meets red crimson red

Vomit Blood, Vomit Blood

Cry for me, let me see your ruby tears

Let the lagoon and monsoon spill from my eyes

Monsoon in my blood.


Lori Sinanian

Lori A. Sinanian has been the project coordinator at the Armenian National Committee of America - Western Region (ANCA-WR) since March 2015. As project coordinator, she has helped organize two 'Rally for Justice' demonstrations. Sinanian is a product of two immigrant parents of ethnic Armenian descent from Cyprus and Venezuela. She is currently studying English Literature at UC Irvine.

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Timothy Calla

Timothy Calla

Timothy Calla is an aspiring author, poet, and writer. He is currently studying English at UCLA, where he is a member of the creative writing magazine on campus called Westwind. Upon graduation, Timothy plans on publishing a book of poetry.
Timothy Calla

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