Podcast: An Interview with Irina Ghaplanyan

Welcome to The Armenian Weekly Podcast!

As our longtime readers know, our more than a century-old newspapers—The Armenian Weekly and Hairenik Weekly—have come to be valuable resources for those looking for analysis on situations taking place in Armenia and the Diaspora. But we have always presented our content in the written form—until now.

In this pilot episode, the Weekly’s assistant editor, Karine Vann, interviews political analyst Irina Ghaplanyan, author of the recent book, Post-Soviet Armenia: The New National Elite and the New National Narrative. The interview covers a number of topics, including the evolution of Armenia’s political elite from independence until now; insight into what kinds of factors made the recent Velvet Revolution possible; the role of media in the protests; and suggestions on how to bridge the divides between journalism in the Diaspora and Armenia. If you’d like to read a transcribed version of the interview, click here.


Narration: Rupen Janbazian
Production: Karine Vann
Artwork: Nvard Yerkanian
Music: Our original score is based on the Armenian folk song, “Alagyaz.” It was arranged by Karine Vann and produced by Claire Goh of Paper Citizen. To see more of Claire’s work, visit papercitizen.com.

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