ARS ‘Mayr’ Chapter Honors Mother of the Year Janet Markarian

NEW YORK—The Armenian Relief Society (ARS) “Mayr” chapter celebrated Mother’s Day at the elegant Almayass Restaurant in New York on May 6, during which the Mother of the Year award was given to ungerouhi Janet Markarian.

The Mother of the Year award was given to ungerouhi Janet Markarian (Photo: ARS “Mayr” chapter)

Ungerouhi Markarian is an amazing individual who has dedicated her entire life to this noble organization with warmth and genuine sincerity. She came to the luncheon not knowing she was the honoree. It was a total surprise,” the “Mayr” chapter said in a statement.

Ungerouhi Lalig Vartanian, Vice Chair of chapter, gave the welcoming address and attendees said the Hayr Mer (Lord’s Prayer) together.

When introducing Markarian, Ungerouhi Sonia Bezdikian said: “She is not only a member of ARS ‘Mayr’ chapter, but she has also served on the ARS Central Executive Board. She has been a humble and devoted member of the chapter for over 45 years.”

Markarian was honored with a crystal  plaque that read “You Make A World of Difference

Ungh. Janet Markarian – Mother of the Year – ARS Mayr Chapter, NY – May 6th, 2018.”

Singer-songwriter Hooshere then dedicated a couple of songs to the honoree.

A scene from the celebration (Photo: ARS “Mayr” chapter)

She had chosen to sing “Hampereh Hokis Hampereh” (Be Patient, My Dear, Be Patient) followed with a kef song “Herosneri Genatsuh/Haiastani Dzov Ginin.”

Ungerouhi Talin Daghlian, Chairperson of the ARS Eastern Regional Board of Directors gave the ARS message and thanked the “Mayr” chapter for allocating the proceeds from this event to benefit Sosse Kindergarten, Medz Tagher in Artsakh.

The ARS “Mayr” chapter allocates its proceeds from all their events to one of the ARS Eastern Region Programs. This year, the chapter donated $3,000 to the Wounded Soldiers of Artsakh Fund from its Thanksgiving Dinner event. On April 28, the proceed from the chapter’s Walkathon were also allocated to the Military Disability Rehabilitation Center for the wounded and disabled soldiers.


Armenian Relief Society Eastern U.S.

Armenian Relief Society Eastern U.S.

The ARS Eastern USA has 32 chapters located throughout the New England, Mid-Atlantic, Midwestern, and Southeastern regions of the United States. Please contact the ARS Eastern U.S. Regional Office ( if you would like more information about a chapter near you.

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