Israeli Knesset Rejects Bill Recognizing the Armenian Genocide

JERUSALEM (A.W.)—The Israeli Knesset (Parliament) rejected a bill on Wednesday, which would have recognized the Armenian Genocide. Sponsored by Yesh Atid party chairman Yair Lapid, the bill was rejected in a preliminary vote.

An Israeli flag on the Lebanese border (Photo: Gaetano Virgallito)

“There is no reason that the Knesset, which represents a nation that went through the Holocaust, shouldn’t recognize the Armenian Genocide and have a remembrance day for it,” Lapid was quoted by the Jerusalem Post as saying.

“The Israeli leadership diminishes itself by so transparently treating genocide remembrance as a commodity to be bartered with [Turkish President Recep Tayyip] Erdogan,” said Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) Executive Director Aram Hamparian, regarding the vote.

Armenian Foreign Affairs Minister Edward Nalbandian  met with Kneset Speaker Yuli Edelstein last November, during Nalbandian’s official visit to Israel. At the meeting, the two exchanged views on a number of urgent regional issues, including the importance of the Israeli Parliament’s recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

During the talks, Edelstein had noted that his point of view about the importance of recognition is “well-known” and that he has expressed it many times publically. In July 2015, during a committee meeting, Edelstein had said the Knesset “must do the moral thing” and recognize the Armenian Genocide.

“I visited one of the Armenian memorial sites and it is very hard to ignore what I saw there,” Edelstein had recounted at the time, according to the Jerusalem Post. “I expect that I and the Knesset behave appropriately so that we can make decisions according to the moral standards of a democratic state.”


  1. Extremely disappointing. No acceptable or rational explanation other than merely dirty politics with Turkey and unfounded fear that if the Genocide is recognized, the significnace of the Holocauist will diminish.
    Also, Israel is concerned about the German “cash cow”.
    What a shame and disgrace.
    Vart Adjemian

    • Your comment reeks of Zionism. Just because the Knesset Committee of Education, Culture, and Sports happened to make an announcement (back in 2015) that it recognized the Armenian Genocide and urged the government to do so, doesn’t mean anything. In the end, the Israeli Knesset (Parliament) rejected any kind of recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

    • It would be embarrassing for the Khazarian Mafia to recognize something they themselves caused. :)

    • Israeli politics don’t recognise the Armenian Genocide because they do killing. Their friends are the Turkish who is the mastermind of genocides. Israel was one of the active supporters to Azerbaijanian whith Turkey and Pakistan who killed thousands of Armenian innocent people in Nagorno-Karabakh.

  2. for them the holocaust is the only thing that counts. there is no shame in israel. look what they are doing to the Palestinians.

  3. Unfortunately action speaks louder than words, and Israeli government missed yet another opportunity to the the right thing. Shameful to say the least.

  4. Shame on Israel’s voting down the recognition of the Armenian Genocide of 1915-1923 perpetrated by the Turkish Government whereby up to 2 million Armenians were slaughtered, either starved to death along with millions whom were forced to become Moslem Turks or fled to other lands. Talaat Pasha whom took over the Sultan Hood was Jewish and wanted Armenian’s eliminated so that Jews could take over the business trades which he succeeded in doing. Also, Kemal Ataturk whom was Jewish took over the newly elected Turkish Government after the 1st WW and he eliminated another 50,000 Armenians & not counting the Genocide of Greeks, Assyrian’s, & Kurds. Ataturk along with Lenin & Stalin carved up & took away Armenia’s Historic Lands which today the Armenian Government does not bring forth before the United Nations & World Powers. This must change.

    • Kamal Ataturk Jewish? WTF? Unfortunately there is much antisemitism and conspiracy theories going around this forum…

    • Furthermore, Kemal Ataturk (a Sephardic Jew) had attended the Jewish elementary school known as Semsi Effendi School, run by Simon Zvi.

  5. No surprise. Jews are in a tough spot. On one hand the “Young Turks” were a Donemeh Zionist military group funded by European Jew bankers that eventually over through the sultan and concocted the VERY ARMENIAN GENOCIDE ITSELF. (Sir Gerard Lowther British Ambassador) The main purpose was theft of wealth and property, wanting to put themselves in control of the silk road trade routes and to have a clear unhindered path for oil to Europe that was newly found in the Caspian in 1905, which some say is what sealed the Armenians eventual fate.. This VERY FACT has been the main obstacle of any recognition of the Armenian Genocide since..Jews straddle between keeping this complicate fact silent at all cost and the need to be Holocaust victims. Israel will NEVER acknowledge the Armenian Genocide. NEVER. Jews have too much to personally lose. Abe Foxman’s, head of the ADL, main argument for the AG recognition was, “harm to Jews in Turkey”?..That alone is clear evidence.. Know your enemy my dear Armenians. Know the truth.

  6. Why would a government currently engaged in the systemic extermination of a people recognize the past actions of another government engaged in the systemic extermination of a people? *shrug*

  7. What did you expect from people who sold the Lord for thirty peices of silver,I am sure that Erdoghan could be more generous.These are the same people that would stab us in the back. In the U.S congress during Armenian Genocide hearings, meantime telling you that they had the same history.Did you expect any other result? Grow up guys

  8. Israel is again showing its phony side. It is trading 1.5 million dead for scraps from Turkey. It continues to supply arms to an aggressive Azerbaijan.
    Would Israel sit quietly if the Jewish Genocide was diminished or denied? We know the answer to that.
    Armenia should loudly denounce this Israeli denial in the United Nations and in national capitals around the world, including in Israel. This is a shameful disgrace.

  9. “I visited one of the Armenian memorial sites and it is very hard to ignore what I saw there,” Edelstein had recounted.

    Are you actually using a memorial site as your proof of a genocide ? Let’s just forego the mountain pile of evidence and proof and mention a “ memorial visit “ as an instance of awakening. Ridiculous !!
    Not too mention the fact that Israel sells tons of armament to azerbaijan without shame.
    Bravo Israel. Well done. Once again.

  10. extremely disappointing
    No nation more than Israel should appreciate the horrors the Armenians suffered
    This isn’t about politics
    This is about the truth
    Any Jew should be offended by anyone that denies their genocide; it is the same for Armenians
    Israel cedes the moral high ground by its failure to stand for the truth

  11. All the bats r out 2nite.y is it so hard 2 say yep it happened, there r pics,horrible 1s. Is it cuz no gas chambers? It’s really a joke.😢

  12. Perhaps when you consider the treatment of Palestinians in the occupied territories, the moral bankruptcy of the Knesset on the issue of Armenian Genocide recognition should not come as a surprise.

  13. Moral standard or not Israelli Knesset declined .Why it’s about time Israel are u scared of Turkish government or u initiated the denial of the Armenian Genocide look at lapshin what happen to him. Where is Consciuos Jewish state .it’s about time Israel wake & Fulllfil ur duties to god & Israel .For justice of Armenian genocide .

  14. The Israeli government is absolutely DISGUSTING As a person of Armenian decent i have always supported the Jewish people
    I now have to admit that Israel is behaving like the NAZIS in their treatment of Armenians and their exclusive attitude towards the word GENOCIDE as if they are the only ones who have suffered this

  15. “‘The Israeli leadership diminishes itself by so transparently treating genocide remembrance as a commodity to be bartered with [Turkish President Recep Tayyip] Erdogan,'” “said Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) Executive Director Aram Hamparian, regarding the vote.”

    Yes, that is indeed true; but then again, the illegitimate, terrorist state of Israel has been in bed with the illegitimate, terrorist state of Turkey ever since its illegal creation in 1948.

    Furthermore, Israel who is also sharing that same bed with Turkey’s little brother (Azerbaijan), has recently become a supporter of Azerbaijan’s ludicrous “Khojaly genocide” claim. And by supporting this horribly silly claim, Israel is therefore attempting to minimize the significance of the Armenian Genocide (the first modern genocide in world history, as well as the first major genocide of the 20th century).

    And again, as a result of Israel’s sale of at least five billion dollars worth of highly sophisticated military weapons to Azerbaijan, this therefore makes Israel an accessory to Azerbaijan’s continuous campaign of terrorism directed against Armenia and Artsakh (in which so many precious, young Armenian soldiers are being killed by Israeli military weapons).

  16. It is disgraceful, shameful, shameless and hypocritical that the Israeli Knesset would not recognize the AG. It is also absurd, since the AG is an irrefutable fact, extremely well documented by world class scholars of many nationalities (including Israelis), especially in outstanding publications of the last three decades. By no means do Israelis have a monopoly on having suffered genocide. If the world had paid more attention to the AG, perhaps the Jewish Holocaust would not have taken place. Hitler emboldened himself to carry out the Holocaust specifically by noting the fact that the AG was largely forgotten by the world at large, already in his time. Of all the countries in the world, Israel should have been the first to officially recognize and respect the AG. Ամօթ անոնց (Amot anonts!). Kudos to Yair Lapid and Yuli Edelstein! They are exemplars of morality.

  17. Betul

    Knesset is wise to reject this motion. So called Armenian genocide has no legal credibility and is purely a political tool used by Armenian activist and their supporters. This should be an example to all the blind parliaments like the German Parliament which seems to ignore the rule of law and historical evidence, and seems to get carried away by some politically motivated members of parliament

  18. C’est inadmissible qu’un État qui a connu un holocauste
    Ne puisse pas reconnaître le genocide des Arménient et ceci Pour garder une amitié hypocrite avec la Turquie et par la même occasion de se considérer comme le seul peuple qui a souffert de massacres. Heureusement que les Juifs de la diaspora ne pensent pas la même chose…Honte à ce pays…..honte à la Knesset.

  19. As an Armenian American I am appalled that Israel declined to recognize the Genocide of my people by the Turks. They should have been the first to do so having been through the Holocaust. But of course they turned thier back on us. Thanks for all your support, I hope everyone of you go to hell…Michael A. Haghverdian..

  20. One should not be disappointed with the Knesset vote. Historic science studied tons of the facts, documents, archives, testimonies of all sides involved, ,regarding the tragedy of Armenians in Osman Turkey. There are two large camps of historians – scientists with opposite definitions of the tragedy: was it Genocide or was it Cruel Massacre. For example there is a US Congressional Report signed by a few tens of Congressman that supports the definition “Massacre” not Genocide; there are publications by Armenian scientists supporting definition “Massacre”. A famous Russian scientist -Turcologist prof. M.S.Meier published his works on the subject of Massacre of Armenians during WWI. The problem is purposely politicized unfortunately.
    and serves very often just to create conflicts. The problem of Definition is not just linguistic one. There are obvious Legal problems related to the accepted definition There is no doubts World recognizes the unbearable tragedy of Armenians but there is no consensus regarding proper definition in terms of International Law

    • Mark, you have to read and observe the meaning of Genocide who created by Raphael Lemkin after extensive research was done by himself, who created word of genocide based ongoing massacres of Armenians in Ottoman Turkey way before Hollocaust!

      Israeli position, for not recognizing Armenian Genocide is a dirty politics played by the Israeli government to please Turks, for upcoming military deals with them! This is an insult to survivors of Armenian Genocide and Hollocaust!

  21. By refusing to recognize the Armenian Genocide the Israeli parliament makes a big disservice to the Jewish holocaust committed by Hitler. It is absolutely a shameful position just to please the Turkish State. It is unconscionable in a simple term.

  22. Funny and hypocritical for the Jews to deny Armenian holocaust claims but demand the world keep recognizes only their claims,..what a bunch of BS by the Jews,…selfishness has always been one of their many many collectivefaults,…

  23. As a jew, i am disappointed in this. But dont forget, the us and many other countries have done the same thing.

    • Don’t forget that the US and most other countries were not subjected to mass annihilation. But the Jews were. THAT binds Israel to recognize the Armenian Genocide, the precursor of the Holocaust.

  24. Very disappointing, especially given the historically amicable ties between the Jewish and Armenian peoples. Let’s hope that the Knesset will revisit this bill when Turkey is less in a position to incite deadly mischief on Israel’s volatile northern borders.

  25. “One should not be disappointed with the Knesset vote.”

    How typical for a Zionist schmuck to say something as silly as that, and then proceed to suggest that the Armenian Genocide might have been nothing more than a “Massacre.” That particular insulting comment towards Armenians definitely has the evil-looking Israeli Zionist flag stamped on top of it.

  26. If Turkey was brought to justice for committing the genocide there is a great likelihood that the Holocaust would have never happened.
    Let’s not forget what Hitler said: “Who now remembers the Armenian genocide?”
    The irony is incredible!

  27. How many other countries in the world have a day set aside in remembrance of the Armenian Genocide? The fact that everyone wants to jump to “money hungry dirty Jews” because Israeli politicians decided not to have a separate day of remembrance shows how eager each of you are to roll in your anti-Semitic filth. THAT is shameful.

    Is Israel alone in the world responsible for establishing a day for every genocide ever committed? The fact they even considered it speaks of their awareness of the issue.

    Learn to think before you learn to hate please.

    • Shameful is your comment. Posters here single out Israel in the context of the genocide recognition as a nation different from all others in one major respect. You were too subjected to mass annihilation. And this should have made Israel one of the first, if not the first, nation to recognize the similar suffering of another nation. I should add here that the Armenian suffering was much more gruesome in that Jews did not lose their ancestral lands as a result of the Holocaust. But Armenians did. What, may I ask, is reminiscent of “anti-Semitic filth” in the demand for a proper acknowledgment of the sufferings of others? You effectively turned the term “anti-Semitic” only as applicable to the Jews, yet not only the Jews are Semitic people, did you know that? Learn to think before you tell the Armenians to think. You never succeeded and will never succeed in outsmarting us. You know that, right?

  28. In 2016 the Israeli Education Committee as part of the Knessnet already recognized the FACT of the Armenian Genocide. Does every European nation have a Day of Remembrance set aside for the Armenian Genocide?

  29. “How many other countries in the world have a day set aside in remembrance of the Armenian Genocide?”

    After Armenia, there are 28 other countries which publicly recognize the Armenian Genocide, unlike the Armenian Genocide-denying Zionist state of Israel. This is indeed horribly shameful considering the fact that the Jewish Holocaust took place within the same century as the Armenian Genocide. Furthermore, the Republic of Armenia has always publicly recognized the Jewish Holocaust.

    It’s indeed absurd that every time the illegitimate, terrorist state of Israel is rightfully criticized for its shameful actions, its admirers immediately jump out of their seats and begin to scream “anti-Semitism.”

    Here’s an educational article on the reality of present day “anti-Semitism.”

    “So what exactly is a semite? Diligent, impartial research will reveal that the word ‘semite’ has no relation with any particular religious group or ethnicity, but with a group of semitic languages: Amharic (spoken by Ethiopians and Eritreans in lands formerly known as Abyssinia); Arabic (spoken by Arabs and others in Muslim countries because it is the language of the Qur’an); Aramaic (spoken mostly by the Chaldeans of Iraq, some Catholics and Maronite Christians at least liturgically if not socially); Hebrew (spoken by Israelis, some Jews, and others outside of Israel); and Syriac (spoken by some in various parts of Syria and the Middle East). Linguistic experts also point out that Abraham, the father of the Arabs and Jews, did not speak Hebrew, but Aramaic which was then the language of the land.”

    “In 1848, the word ‘anti-semitic’ was invented by the Jews to prevent the use of the word ‘Jew.’ The right word for them is ‘Jew.'”

    “‘One has to realize that Israel’s efforts have nothing to do with hate speech, anti-Semitism or holocaust denial, but are rather about stifling critical speech that affects Israel and its lobbyists. For example, we know that Israel and its lobbyists are not offended by holocaust denial because Israel and its lobbyists are the leading proponents of Armenian holocaust denial in the world today. Israel should also not be particularly offended by anti-Semitism, because Israel is actually one of the most racist and anti-Semitic nations on the planet.'”

    “It is very hypocritical of Jewish organizations to demand acknowledgement and respect for their human rights to be ‘Jewish’ while denying those same rights to the Palestinian people with more than 60 years of persecution whose Nazi-style barbarity deserves to be classified as a ‘Palestinian Holocaust.'”

    “‘The crime against the Palestinian people is being committed by a Jewish state with Jewish soldiers using weapons displaying Jewish religious symbols, and with the full support and complicity of the overwhelming mass of organized Jews worldwide. But to name Jews as responsible for this crime seems impossible to do.'”

  30. While Israel rejects recognition of the Armenian Genocide, the Armenian government erected a monument in downtown Yerevan in memory of the victims of the Holocaust. Nice…

  31. “Righteous Among the Nations”, an honorific used by the State of Israel to describe non-Jews who risked their lives during the Holocaust to save Jews from extermination.

    Number of awards by country:

    Estonia, Portugal, and Turkey all together: 3
    Armenia: 24

    Shame on you, Israel…

  32. As always, the Armenian Weekly does an extremely good job of reporting. And as always, our sad Turk and Zionist (anti-Armenian) guests will always become extremely disgruntled when reading these kinds of factual reports.

  33. How could israeli knesset reject how could they .Israel was suppose to be the right conscious of martyred people .How could you israel .How could Israel .You will never forget Irael .

  34. Why does Israel not recognise the Armenian Genocide?

    In short the reason why Israel doesn’t recognise the Armenian genocide is because it wants to protect itself from Iran. See Turkey and Azerbaijan( Shia majority but more nationalist than rather than islamic republic like) oppose Iran. Azerbaijan
    actually sides more with Turkey because its secular and Azeris feel more Turkic then Persian. This is a red herring and opportunity for Israel. Why is it an opportunity? well generally Turkey was very Israel friendly since 1948 under Kemalist politicians. In return Israel refused to recognise the Armenian genocide 1915 and Hamedian massacres. Turkey recognised Israel back then so it had backing against Arab opposition.

    The situation has changed quite a lot in Turkey. You see there is no more Kemalist politicians in power. But rather a islamist despot called erdogan. Now while erdogan doesn’t recognise the armenian genocide he is pro palestinian and supports the two state solution. You have to understand that Turkey is a major power in the region if it opposes Israel then racist/ anti semitic Iran comes in and can freely do whatever it wants to Israel and Jews in general. So this is where Azerbaijan and the Nagorno Karbakh conflict come in. Israel supports the Azeris and they negotiate with Turkey to keep quite and give moderate criticism of Israel.

    So if Israel recognises it, Azerbaijan will struggle to be a peace moderator withTurkey.

    The truth is Israel also doesn’t recognise other genocides like Srebrenica in Bosnia, Greek and Assyrian genocides or even Ataturks persecution of the Kurds. Israels reasoning behind these massacres being tragedies rather than genocides is because there was fighting on all sides. Whilst that they may be true a genocide is a genocide! Whilst the Jews were passive of the nazis and were mainly peaceful and rarely attacked, in general there is no quid pro quo with genocide. You cant always have a persecution where there is a perfect victim. Its very rare. Even then Armenian rebel groups in Ottoman Anatolia were the least persecuted. In fact it was mainly Armenian civilians that death marched from Anatolia to the deserts of Deir A Zor and Messopotamia in Syria and Iraq, respectively. Same goes with Srebrenica in Bosnia, they were all men and boys over the age of 8 years old.

    My concluding point is that it is the Armenian genocide is what gave Hitler motivation to persecute Jews because he saw that the Ottomans and republic of Turkey got away with it. The truth is Hitler failed to realise that during WW1 more attention was focused on Germany and Germany was at the epicentre of attention during WW2, which meant Hitler would never get away with it. After WW1 France was more focused on Germany and reparations then on Turkey. Russia was now communist so it was not invited to Treaty of Versailles. This also led to the persecution of Arabs that consider themselves Palestinians and other genocides.

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