Ankara Police Attack Participants of Hrant Dink Rally

ANKARA, Turkey (A.W.)—Ankara police attacked participants of a memorial rally dedicated to the 10th anniversary of Hrant Dink’s assassination on Jan. 19, Istanbul-based Agos reported.

A scene from the Ankara rally (Photo: Agos)

A commemorative rally was organized in the capital’s Yuksel Square, where lawmakers from the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) and the Republican People’s Party (CHP) were scheduled to take part. According to the Agos report, the commemorative event was banned and the group was only allowed to hold a minute-long moment of silence.

The group, which went ahead with the commemoration, was attacked by Ankara police and the event was stopped. All rallies were banned in the city for a month on Jan. 10.

Below is a video of the police attacking participants.


  1. Our Founding Fathers opposed British tyranny and designed a system to weaken and sidetrack future tyrants. Turkey, like most countries, lacks this desire, history or ability, and has a strong tradition of one man rule, military coups and tyranny. The state now espouses a religion that does not end at the edge of politics. And, it has a deep state that encourages a genocidal hatred of minorities and opponents. Political murder is always an option in Turkey.

    We understandably focus on how badly the Turkish state and her people treat Armenians and other Christians and Kurds. But Turkey also mistreats its own Turkish people, who have no aspirations to their own freedom as our Founders did.

    Why are we surprised at any bad things from the wretched Turkey?

    • Do you expect anything less from a made up country based on others theft and murder? Turkey is a scham. We collectively need to correct the Turkish narrative to all western media and correctly label them as occupiers and squatters of others via mass murder. . Even though the zionists run media protect their Donemeh brethern till this day by portraying Turkey as an “invaluble ally” that needs to be shattered and corrected at every turn.

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