‘Haratch’ Editor Arpik Missakian Dies at 89

By Jean Eckian

PARIS—Arpik Missakian, editor of the historical Haratch newspaper, died on June 19. She was 89 years old.

Arpik Missakian
Arpik Missakian

In 1957, she had succeeded her late father, Shavarsh Missakian, as editor-in-chief of Haratch.  Shavarsh had founded the Armenian-language daily newspaper in France, in 1925.

Dedicated to the newspaper’s mission, Arpik Missakian had once said, “I will remain faithful to my father’s vocation. I will continue publishing the newspaper in Armenian for as long as I am alive. I will not change it into a French-language Armenian newspaper.”

In 2009, because of the continuous drop in readership, she decided to cease the paper’s publication. The last issue of the paper was published on May 31, 2009.

Her death marks an end to the era of the pioneers of the Armenian press in France.

Missakian's father, Shavarsh had founded the Armenian language daily newspaper in 1925.
Arpik Missakian’s father, Shavarsh Missakian had founded the Armenian-language daily newspaper in 1925.
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