ARF Central Committee Issues Message to Obama

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Eastern United States Central Committee issued the following message to President Barack Obama on the eve of the annual White House statement on April 24.

"If you cannot use the word 'Genocide' to appropriately mark the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide, then, Mr. President, it is better that you do not issue a statement at all."
‘If you cannot use the word genocide to appropriately mark the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide, then, Mr. President, it is better that you do not issue a statement at all.’

Tuesday’s meeting between President Barack Obama’s Chief of Staff Denis McDonough, Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes, and representatives of the Armenian-American community once again demonstrated the Obama Administration’s lack of commitment to human rights and the truth, and the president’s inability to stand by his word. The president’s genocide statement on April 24 will once again avoid using the word “genocide.”

After six years of waiting for President Obama to keep his promise, our community’s patience has reached its limits. “The facts are undeniable. An official policy that calls on diplomats to distort the historical facts is an untenable policy,” he once said about the Armenian Genocide. Those words should also apply to America’s chief diplomat himself.

The president could have spoken the truth and stood with the rest of the world, alongside the Pope, the European Parliament, and even Turkey’s World War I allies of Germany and Austria. Instead, President Obama has once again demonstrated an absence of courage and moral fiber, the leader of the most powerful nation in the world crumbling under empty threats from a genocidal Turkey.

Mr. President, the Armenian-American community, and indeed, people of good conscience from all over the world, expect more. If you cannot use the word “genocide” to appropriately mark the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide, then, Mr. President, it is better that you do not issue a statement at all.  The Armenian-American community neither needs nor wants another April 24 statement that does not properly characterize the Armenian Genocide.

Armenian Revolutionary Federation,
Eastern U.S. Central Committee


  1. Thank you for this letter. Obama continues to deny our truth, and we do not need to hear it, or have him share that with the world.

  2. It is time to start approaching politicians from demanding position, it is our right.
    Also we should not even mention this guy’s proclamation, we should ignore him.

  3. What politicians say when soliciting votes and what they say when elected to office are two different things. No U.S. President has used the word Genocide after becoming President. After being elected the geo-political reality sinks in. Better to keep Turkey and ally, and keep our Air Force base there, than to tell the truth and anger the Turks. We know the truth, most of the free world knows the truth, and I’m sure President Obama knows the truth also. But, God forbid, the U.S. should say anything to anger the Turks.

    • You are 100% correct. I just cannot understand why the American Armenians ever believe a word that is said by any politician. We know, that they will never ever say the “G” word when in government, just in case it upsets the country they want to appease and to make use off. However, the TRUTH always stands no matter what.

  4. Some of us were never deceived by then-candidate Obama. But all the Armenian-American organizations, political groups, newspapers, and plenty of “community leaders” were taken in, endorsed his presidential bid, and exhorted their fellow Armenians to cast their votes in his favor.

    When do we get an apology from Armenian liberals for their gullibility, and for misleading our community?

    The truth is, the cause of Genocide recognition has taken a giant step backwards, precisely because the most liberal president in history–who issues apologies and/or condemnations for every other cause–refuses to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide. Nice of the ARF to wake up to reality, but had they should have done so 7 years ago.

    • The alternative was John McCain who flat out from the beginning, said that he would not recognize any genocide as Turkey is an important ally. Besides Obama, Samantha Powers, his advisor said he would acknowledge the genocide. Pretty compelling.

    • Like I said, Joe, you were deceived. Glad you admit it. Now, about that apology…

  5. Thank you for issuing this statement. I urge all of us to write to the President to express our opinion on his unfortunate decision

  6. It was my thoughts exactly, and I was thinking when are we going to tell him that we don’t need him to say anything at all if he is not going to acknowledge the reality that it was genocide. I am sure many many Armenians were thinking exactly that.

  7. I am angry as an Armenian, as an American, as a human being. Please make sure the White House and all the denialists in our government receive this message loud and clear!

  8. Preaching freedom and human rights only
    when its convenient & self-serving is no
    longer acceptable.
    Nothing short of full disclosure of the facts is and demand for justice will be accepted.
    Otherwise silence from the White House would
    be more suited.

  9. Obama is trash and the worst president in US history; don’t expect or trust anything that comes from this man. He’s just in the White House for the perks.

  10. No doubt Mrs.H.Clinton shall again, like several previous would be Presidents in waiting try to utilise the Armenian vote for her advantage with false hopes and promises……..about time the Armenians stood their ground and gave NO votes to any candidate, as each and every candidate is LYING for their own goals and aspiration, its obvious where the american governments stands…with turkey!!!!.

    • She already denied the genocide when she said that it is up to historians to decide and not up to her to give her opinion. The woman is a monster.

  11. The entire civilized world will mark the Armenian Genocide on April 24 as well as some Arab nations . If Obama as the leader of the free world
    Will not stand for justice to humanity what kind of message will that give to the rest of the world ? It will show the world that it’s for genocide is that what we stand for as a American I demand not ask demand that you do the right thing God bless The United States .
    With respect
    A U.S. Citizen

  12. I trust the President Obama is simply the appointed Manager of the Corporations and does and acts as instructed. On the other hand Why we need any United States President to announce the GENOCIDE terminology ( if he/they knows/- the term) on the first place. We know the majority of the states of United States have accepted it. We need the states and not a single temporary person.

  13. Obama clearly shows that he is a very weak politician and does not think further that his ally’s like Saudis or s Korea will think about him as a person who is scared to use one word so how is going to protect us from any attack how would he look in the eyes of Angela Merkel Hollander and puttin in their next summit, they won’t even listen to him because they know he is not a man who keeps ha word he is a liar

  14. What a great move, I’m proud you ARF. We don’t need you Obama, now go hide like a little girl or MAN up and face the truth which we all know you are not capable of. Some leader you are.

  15. He did nothing as a senator and has done nothing as a president.He has no backbone.Turkey will not shut down the air force base.They will not give up all that money.

  16. “I am angry as an Armenian, as an American, as a human being. Please make sure the White House and all the denialists in our government receive this message loud and clear!”

    Perfectly said…… Obama should be told LOUDLY and CLEARLY to KEEP his April 24 “Statement”.

    His “statement” is an INSULT to every right thinking and moral person. He should be told to NOT insult the memory of the victims of the GENOCIDE and to keep his thoughts to himself.

    There needs to be a statement by EVERY Armenian American leader and b everyone of their Allies, that Obama’s failure to speak the word Genocide in relation to the Armenian and other Christians who were murdered in the period 1892-1923 in an INSULT of stunning proportions .

    Take a few full page advertisement in major newspapers in the US and Abroad and embarrass the hell out of this clown. After that, no one will again dare to spit on the victim’s memory.

  17. Samantha Power too has gone back on her word.

    Not so much as one public word from her since she joined Obama’s administration. She’s a good soldier, obeying orders.

  18. In my oppinion, the only thing living in the US is good for is the accumulation of wealth. Other than that, I have no use for this place. When I make the transition to retirement I will be long gone.

  19. Instead of reading a fake speech which does NOT truly caractorize historic truth his time will be better spent if he revisits the letter he signed 10 years ago, when he was wiser, morally genuine and more fit to be a leader than a follower to Turkish empty threats. Turkey will not survive a month without American (our tax payers) financial support.

  20. Yes, Mr. President, please do not deliver your address if you don’t have the integrity that is required on this very particular date, unless you want to offend the Armenian nation and bow before Turkey.

  21. I would like to “remind” the President of the USA ,no matter , He or She,that the Land or area of the American Military Base in Minor Asia ,which was and is Western Armenia, now lists as Turkey, is the property of an Armenian Family… I just wanted to fix the Fact. We don’t need any statement Mr. President.
    I’m 100% with ARF.

  22. As the saying goes “the game’s not over till the fat lady sings”
    While there is time there is hope. I hope Mr. Obama will take courage and an example from the Pope and the European Parliament, God bless them.

  23. I am so disgusted by the hypocritical rhetoric of Barack Obama, and once again he shows his true colors. How appropriate for his to side with Turkey and many of his other Muslim brethren. He disgusts me, and it is time for us to stop supporting politicians merely because of their empty promises. He has no moral fiber, and Hillary Clinton is just the same!

  24. its been years I quit voting because majority of this politicians will not stand behind the promises they make after election it’s sad to see that super power is getting orders from Turkey

  25. Very true, to the point, and well said. We do not want nor need any more statements from President Obama that are full of empty, skirting rhetoric.

  26. The USA is a weapons merchant And a war-happy country. Contact the owners of the factories and weapons dealers. Your Obama (and Prince Charles) for that matter have no say in such politics, moral or immoral, unless they own such factories.

  27. REALLY????
    What did everyone expect? For the president to keep his word?
    Come on people….. GET REAL!!!!!

  28. You trusted the Young Turks and they wiped us out. You trusted the Europeans and they let us down. You trusted USA and they mocked us. The only people from whom we have had some support have been the Russians. When are we going to wake up to ourselves that our only salvation is in our UNITY, properly organised and focused. Lets get real, we don’t matter to the rest of the world, we matter to ourselves. Even if Obama utters the word GENOCIDE, what is the expectation? USA will never change its policies to suit us. All the other countries that have recognised our genocide, still merely roll along with Turkey and once a year they make a few noises to sooth our pains and then continue with Turkey business as usual. Which country has ever placed a single sanction on this issue??

  29. I am proud of the Eastern United States ARF Central committees statement, just as we demand President Obama speak the truth, we should also have the courage to speak the truth, and the truth is that Obama is a gutless, spineless, opportunist, one who thinks the end of a shameless and unprincipled policy justifies the means.

  30. Thank you ARF…Well said.
    I will only quote this PROLOGUE:
    Do not fear your enemies-the worst they can do is kill you.
    Do not fear your friends-the worst they can do is betray you.
    But Do fear those who are indifferent-It is because of their Indifference that murder and betrayal exist on earth…
    Oriental wisdom

  31. This is a very gutsy statement. It sends a strong signal.

    We need more of this in our diasporian politics especially. I often think that as a nation, we are too politically correct. That might have worked for a while but it is relevant to show discontent sometimes. I commend the ARF for the letter.

    I have 2 thoughts in mind at this point: “odare mezi fayda tchouni” and “miayn zenkov ga hayots prgoutioun”. Agantch ounetsoghe togh lse…

  32. I always thought he was a spineless weasel. The last seven years have done nothing but prove my point.

  33. Well said we do not need another hypocritical statement, keep it to yourself “dear” president, and swallow your crocodile tears.

  34. We were all disappointed from the first year of Obama’s term when he broke his promise. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I did not give up hope that perhaps he was saving it for the centennial, a special year to make a special gesture for our community. Wrong again. Too bad, Obama proved to be a coward once again. At this point, I can’t think of a single good thing this president had done for the country, but I can name a whole bunch of wrong things.

    Before he got elected, what was the motto… CHANGE?

    Yeah, apparently we neglected the fine print: “Change, but not necessarily for the better”. With Bush we realize now, when you are eager to get rid of awful and it is replaced with something worse than awful, the first awful seems to be the better choice.

  35. Sadly I cannot get through to that lying coward of a President, of a mighty nation, who dutifully kowtows to Turkey, monarchs, et al, but I do beg Armenian national leaders in the USA to tell him to keep his (and his spokesmen’s) mouth SHUT on 24th April and thereafter, because he would merely insult the memory of the 1.5m people butchered or perished by the predecessors of the current Turkish government and their Kurdish fellow co-religioinsts.

  36. Armenians should prepare a facts book and distribute it Free worldwide, and put the US on the spot as a partner of the genocide by refusing the truth, let the image of the US too be dumped in the mud same as Turkey. The US shows a face which in the reality it does not represent the true America.

  37. As expected from a spineless Obama, and contrary to worldwide acknowledgement of the Armenian Genocide, this weakling President has failed to label it as such on this 100th anniversary of its occurrence. The purported reason is not to anger Turkey, a so- called ally; this, despite the fact that the Turks have refused to let our fighter planes use a base in Turkey against ISIS, while continuing to buy oil from ISIS, and opening it’s border for unrestricted flow of arms, supplies and jihadists! What a shame…..

  38. Who gives a #%?$ what obama thinks? How about every Armenian business owner put anti obama & clinton & Turkey posters at the front of their businesses. And perhaps push the button further by adding pro Russia as well as those countries who support Armenia. That will get tongues wagging.

  39. A minor correction: Pres Reagan did state that a genocide took place in 1981. Prior to then, in 1951, it was also stated by our Gov. Let Turkey follow through on any threats if the next president has the courage to speak freely. As this is the age of world-wide communication, any negative action by Turkey would be quickly condemned.

  40. The US made a U-turn on the Armenian genocide in 1923. For the last 80 years that policy has not changed. We have to wake up to reality and put our emphasis on a slogan like “who wants an ally like Turkey” and unmask Turkey’s violations of human rights, violations of International law, collaboration and support of a terrorist organization like ISIS and so on. I think this type of campaign will go a long way to discredit Turkey and ultimately the G-word will triumph.

  41. Why are we asking to the presidents over and over again? I think we do not have any common sense to understand the basic truth. As long as Turkey is important to them, they are not going to say that “G” word. National benefits are beyond anything else. Sad but true. Next year don’t even ask!

  42. How about we all get copies of his official statement and MAIL IT BACK TO HIM, saying “we reject it and you can keep it” !

  43. Forget Obama he is just an individual, the world is grater then him, the more you expect from him the bigger his noise becomes. He will be a civilian soon.

  44. Very well said. Thank you for a very direct approach however he issued a statement disregarding our feelings. PRESIDENT OBAMA WE DON’T NEEDS YOU WANT YOU NOR WILL WE LISTEN TO YOUR SELF SERVICE STAYEMENT. We know the truth and have lived with it for 200 years. Your words are empty and meanimgless. Pack your bags and plan your your retirement. Maybe they can use your double talk on another part of the eorld.

  45. Personally I find it much more significant to have Germany’s recognition of the Armenian Genocide and its Mea culpa by admitting its part of complicity than Obama’s recognition of the Medz Yeghern as Genocide.

  46. The world has heard us and recognised the Armenian Genocide. Germany even accepted its complicity. We don’t need anymore recognition from US, now we want REPARATIONS.

  47. We thank the A.R.F. for sending to President Obama for refusing the word Genocide on that 1st Genocide of the Armenian Nation in 1915=1923. It is a shame we did not get a Petition out to not only to Obama but to the State Dept. with millions of signatures not only from Armenians in this U.S. but including non-Armenians which would have a great impact on the U.S. Government & Obama to come forward on this long delayed Armenian Genocide. I passed this on to the ANCA but no response. Stephan T. Dulgarian

  48. Bravo ARF. I hope this attitude and behavior is not a one time thing. My wish for you ARF is to continue treating everyone, every politician, every organization and every government around the world this way or even harsher, who dare to insult us or hurt us in any way. And as for president Obama or any other president of this country or other countries, he or they do not make foreign policy decisions. Presidents only follow policies that are formulated by higher ups, if they stray away from these policies they pay a very heavy price, which no one is willing to do. One more thing, that Sarkis has commented that Russia is the only country that came to our rescue, is full of hot air. I don’t deny the fact that present day Russia is Armenia’s military alley. May I remind Sarkis and likes of him to research our history well, before writing. It was Russia who filled Armenia’s jails with Armenians after invading Armenia, and February 18th rebellion( pedervaryan abstampoutuyn) was the result that led the public to free all the Armenians from prison. Lets not kid ourselves, like Turkey and everyone else including Russia, they all want Armenia without Armenians. Sarkis was right about one thing. Our salvation lies in our unity, and I will add to that by saying our salvation lies only in our self reliance and self determination as a nation united.

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