Armenian Weekly Featured at Newseum Exhibit

WASHINGTON (A.W)—The Armenian Weekly’s front page will be featured at the Newseum’s “One Nation with News for All” exhibit until Jan. 4. Created in partnership with the Smithsonian’s “Our American Journey” project, the exhibit provides examples of immigrants and minorities using the press and other media to speak their minds and share their opinions.

The Armenian Weekly's front page featured at the Newseum's “One Nation with News for All” exhibit.
The Armenian Weekly’s front page featured at the Newseum’s “One Nation with News for All” exhibit.

The Newseum is a museum housing different media throughout the ages and supports the five freedoms provided by the First Amendment. It is located between the White House and the U.S. Capitol building.

The “One Nation with News for All” exhibit, located on the 6th floor of the Newseum, includes 60 artifacts throughout American history of different ethnic media and other miscellaneous objects. It features such displays as the earliest known Spanish-language newspaper, “El Misisipi,” from New Orleans in 1808, along with the first black newspaper, “Freedom’s Journal,” founded in 1827. Another example is the first Native American newspaper, “the Cherokee Phoenix”; the first article was published in 1828 and carried news in both English and Cherokee.

The Armenian Weekly came to light in 1934 to address the need of English-speaking Armenians. The Armenian version of the newspaper, the Hairenik Weekly, has been published since 1899, and has had renowned national figures as editors, such as Arshak Vramian (1900-1907), Siamanto (1909-1911), Simon Vratsian (1911-1914), and Rouben Darbinian (1922-1968).

Newspaper front pages at the exhibit
Newspaper front pages at the exhibit

Keri Kaligian

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