Egemen Bagish: Turkey’s Minister of Genocide Denial

Even though all Turkish government officials routinely deny the Armenian Genocide, one minister has turned denial into a full-time job. Ironically, as the minister for European Union affairs, Egemen Bagish has harmed Turkey’s prospects for EU membership more than any of its critics.

Egemen Bagis

Although Bagish has been making zany statements ever since his ministerial appointment two years ago, his recent blunder in Zurich made headlines around the world. The Turkish minister arrogantly dared Swiss authorities to arrest him after boasting that “the events of 1915 were not genocide.” Switzerland has a law that penalizes genocide denial, similar to the law now pending in France. A Swiss prosecutor is investigating Bagish’s words and his diplomatic status to see if charges can be filed against him for genocide denial.

Of course, it does not take much courage to hide behind the cover of diplomatic immunity and make Don Quixotic statements, challenging the laws of other countries. If Minister Bagish were truly a macho man, he would waive his immunity, go to Switzerland, and publicly deny the Armenian Genocide. However, it appears that the feisty minister has chickened out. After boasting that he would gladly return to Switzerland to deny the Armenian Genocide again, he facetiously declared that he would not go to Switzerland, since he has no money in Swiss banks. The real reason for the minister’s abrupt change of heart is his fear of getting arrested should the Swiss prosecutor rule that his diplomatic immunity does not protect him from the crime of genocide denial.

How much longer can Prime Minister Erdogan tolerate Bagish’s clownish antics that make Turkey look like a rogue state in the eyes of the world? Admiring his fluency in English, the prime minister had offered this 41-year-old former New York college student a top ministerial post, not realizing what a liability his loose tongue would prove to be.

Just as President George W. Bush’s nonsensical statements became known as “Bushisms,” the world now has a rich collection of “Bagishisms!” Here is a sampling of his preposterous remarks:

–”What happened in 1915 can’t be classified as genocide as far as I’m concerned, but I was not around in 1915!”

–”I’m a politician. My job is to determine the future, not the past!”

–”In recent years, everyone has seen that more Europeans are moving to Turkey than vice versa.”

–During a recent conference in Qatar, Bagish became the laughing stock of the audience when he proudly announced that “Europe” is a Turkish word. The Greek ambassador to Qatar angrily responded: “Europa was one of the lovers of Zeus in Greek mythology. Everyone knows that!”

–Bagish does not seem to realize that he is contradicting himself by asking other countries to open their archives to see if there was an Armenian Genocide, while concluding that there was no genocide. The least he could do is have the decency to keep his mouth shut until the Ottoman archives are fully open. Meanwhile, the archives of other countries have been open for decades.

–Rattling off the witty Americanisms he picked up in the streets of New York, such as “a day late and a dollar short,” Bagish told Euronews: “This is execution without trial. Calling the 1915 events a genocide based solely on information we have right now comes from a lobby that nurtures malicious hatred.”

–”Germany was a strong ally of the Armenians in 1915, so the Germans should open their archives and give documents to historians for examination,” Bagish told EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fule, according to Hurriyet newspaper. Bagish made two factual errors in one sentence: Germany was the ally of the Ottoman Empire, not theArmenians; and the German archives have been open for years.

–”There’s no force that could bring about the arrest of any Turkish minister,” Bagish bragged to journalists. Why is he then afraid to waive his diplomatic immunity and then deny the Armenian Genocide in Switzerland?

–Bagish keeps on repeating the falsehood that the Armenian government “did not have the courage to respond to Prime Minister Erdogan’s letter requesting the formation of a commission of historians to study the Armenian Genocide.” In fact, then-President Kocharian did answer, suggesting that all outstanding issues between the two countries be resolved in the larger context of government to government relations. It was the Turkish prime minister that did not respond to Armenia’s president.

While Minister Bagish has diplomatic immunity, the rest of Turkey’s population does not enjoy such a privilege. It may be a good idea to accord immunity to all 72 million Turks in order to shield them from prosecution when they utter the words “Armenian Genocide” in Turkey!


Harut Sassounian

California Courier Editor
Harut Sassounian is the publisher of The California Courier, a weekly newspaper based in Glendale, Calif. He is the president of the Armenia Artsakh Fund, a non-profit organization that has donated to Armenia and Artsakh $917 million of humanitarian aid, mostly medicines, since 1989 (including its predecessor, the United Armenian Fund). He has been decorated by the presidents of Armenia and Artsakh and the heads of the Armenian Apostolic and Catholic churches. He is also the recipient of the Ellis Island Medal of Honor.


  1. Another great article by Mr. Sassounian.
    Lots of new stuff I did not know about Mr. Bagish’s antiques.

    Regarding: “…. accord immunity to all 72 million Turks”: I think we should collectively stop referring to “72 million Turks, or 75 million Turks”, etc

    The correct term should be “75 million Turkish Citizens”. (or residents of Turkey)
    There are an estimated 20-30 million Kurds in Turkey today.
    Some probably consider themselves ‘Turks’.
    But millions of other Kurds have been struggling for years just to have the right to be called ‘Kurds’ (and not ‘Mountain Turks’).
    Kurd MPs have recently started openly talking about ‘Independence’, one rung above previous ‘Self Rule, Autonomy’.

    We should not assist the Turkish State in their Turcification campaign by repeating the myth of “7X million Turks”.
    Ethnic Turks should be about 50 million in Turkey.

    • “Ethnic Turks should be about 50 million in Turkey”

      Avery ,

      According to which census ?
      or, you counted them one by one ?
      or, angels told you in your dream ?

    • First, apologize, profusely and with genuine contrition, for insulting the Grandmother of a certain Armenian poster.

      After you do that – if I, and only I – am convinced you mean it, I’ll post several public sources that estimate ethnic Turks to be about 50 million of Turkey’s estimated 75 million citizens.

    • You are absolutely correct. I should have written “72 million Turkish citizens.” There are only a few million Turks in Turkey — much less than 50 million. The rest are either of different ethnic origins (not just Kurds), or a mixture of various ethnicities.

    • The number 70 million is the worldwide population, roughly. 50-59 million in Turkey depending on your source.

    • RVDV,

      it is more than 300 Million Turks all over the world.

      70 Million is only those from Turkey.

      Soon we will unite…TURAN…!

    • Necati: If you added all the central asian people in the world, and added all 75 million Turkish citizens, and hey I’ll even throw even 50 million just because, and the number still wouldn’t be 300 million. You can’t be serious. AND this is not considering the fact that TURKIC has nothing to do with Turk-ISH.

    • RVDV,

      Turkey , Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Northern Cyprus, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Yakutistan, Altai Republic, Balkaria, Tataristan, Kharachay, Bashkurtistan, Chuvashia, Gagauzia,Crimea, East Turkistan , Nahchivan, Salar Autonom County and Tuva are all TURKIC nations so are brothers by blood.

      I am not counting Hungaria yet.

      we are probably nearly 400 Million together with diaspora.


    • RVDV, you really take wiki as a serious source ?

      Wikipedia is only a bullsh*t written by mostly teenagers…

      i can change anything in there within 5 min.

      BTW: “why immigrate to armenia” would be “why not immigrate to armenia”
      in my below post..

  2. Excellent article. Thank you.

    It is disgusting that these people should be called “leaders” in any sense of the word. They are an insult to civilization to deny genocide as they do.

  3. “–”Germany was a strong ally of the Armenians in 1915, so the Germans should open their archives and give documents to historians for examination,” Bagish told EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fule, according to Hurriyet newspaper. Bagish made two factual errors in one sentence: Germany was the ally of the Ottoman Empire, not theArmenians; and the German archives have been open for years.”

    I think he may have been trying to insult Germany by insinuating Germany was a friend of Armenians, in the same way that Turkish politicians accuse others as having Armenian heritage. Of course it was the complete opposite since Germany did nothing to stop the massacres.

  4. “How much longer can Prime Minister Erdogan tolerate Bagish’s clownish antics that make Turkey look like a rogue state in the eyes of the world? Admiring his fluency in English, the prime minister had offered this 41-year-old former New York college student a top ministerial post, not realizing what a liability his loose tongue would prove to be.”

    Time for a reality check: Mr. Bagis is on Erdogan’s leash. It is not believable that he is simply a loose cannon. Is there any evidence that Erdogan has expressed the slightest objections to his behavior? If not, then we can assume that Bagis is the standard bearer for the way Turkey is going to meet the 100th anniversary of the Genocide. We shouldn’t fool ourselves.



    Off the point: why don’t American media pick up the story of ATAA President Kirlikovali’s many, many, many racist attacks on Armenians and Mexicans?

    1. “I have lived in Southern California long enough to see how incredible hateful most Diaspora Armenians truly are.

    These are people who have never seen a Turk in their lives but quite ready to kill one on sight.” Source: undated column from

    Goebbels said things like this too.

    2. 10/16/10 edition of TurkishNY in which he states repeatedly that present day Armenians are born of a culture of violence and corruption. Numerous Nazi quotes.

    3. 11/24/08 post to Topix re: “Turkish-Armenian Feud a Factor in Race” Pasadena Star Register article about his backing candidate against Schiff, in his name, stating that Armenian Genocide reminds him of a joke about killing a fly.

    4. Multiple posts to a Gustavo Arellano blog dated 11/4/08 in OC Weekly, calling the Mexican-American writer Speedy Gonzalez and telling him that things are done better here than in Tiajuana.

    5. Article in Turkish Digest on Hrant Dink’s assassination that an anti-Turk [read: Armenian] killed Hrant.

    This idiot racist [and worse] hob nobs with people like Richard Armitage, members of Congress etc.

    • S s /s/ As s in Song
      Ş ş /ʃ/ As sh in SHow

      In English language publications, which ArmenianWeekly is, there is no expectation of writing in Turkish. (is there RVDV ?)
      There are two choices, as far as the last name of Egemen written in English: ‘Bagis’ or ‘Bagish’.
      English language publications write ‘Bagis’.
      ArmenianWeekly’s choice of ‘Bagish’ is phonetically more appropriate.
      It matches the Turkish pronunciation of Egemen’s last name.

      And ‘Bağış’ is in Turkish, not English.
      Posters @AW, including myself, sometimes use the Turkish names of prominent Turks.

      But why would you expect ArmenianWeekly – the publication itself – to write in Turkish ?

    • Because one, it’s the correct way, and two it’s not like it’s a huge inconvenience to write it that way. The website won’t be tainted with the use of three Turkish letters.

    • No: it is not the correct way. Show me an article in New York times, for example, that writes Bagis in Turkish alphabet.
      (in actuality Latin alphabet, highjacked, slightly modified and called ‘Turkish’ – like everything else they have stolen and labelled ‘Turkish’).

      Correct way in English is ‘Bagis’. AW is going one step beyond and writing the phonetically correct ‘Bagish’. How nice of them: but Turks want more. Always.

      And when TodaysZaman and Hurriyet start writing Armenian names in Armenian, you can propose to the management of ArmenianWeekly to possibly use Turkish alphabet for Turkish names.

      Not much in the computer age is inconvenient. Pretty much all computer software handles unicode for fonts.
      It is the principle.
      If you don’t understand that by now, you never will.

      And my complements to you: your defense of the odious AG Denialist Bagis, who daily taunts the descendants of the exterminated 2 million Armenians, shows how deep your professed belief in the AG is.
      (go ahead and ask me about where I got the 2 million again)

    • On second thought, I think Armenian may be to much of challenge for you at the first go. Try to have your Turkish sites write French names correctly first.

      For example:
      {French President Nicolas Sarkozy declared live on television on Wednesday that he is running for a second term in an upcoming April-May presidential election} (15 February 2012 TodaysZaman)

      The correct, French writing is: ‘Sarközy’.

      Another one: ‘French Minister for Foreign Affairs Alain Juppé ‘
      Carefully Note: ‘Juppé’
      And @TZ {Speaking Wednesday on France-Info radio, Juppe said a planned UN General Assembly vote Thursday on Syria’s bloodshed could have symbolic importance.} (15 February 2012 TodaysZaman)

      I have been reading comments @TZ for months now.
      I do not recall RVDV ever complaining about the incorrect version of Sarkozy or Juppe.

      And after you have successfully completed the conversion to French, you can work on Armenian.
      Thank you.

  6. Mr. Sassounian,

    I enjoy reading your articles. But why are you silent on Armenia’s internal political events? Why are American Armenian organizations silent on Armenia’s internal political events? WHO, then, will help the Armenian people in Armenia to overcome the oligarchic system there?

    • I am not silent. I have been very vocal through different channels, both private and public.

    • Armenian American organizations and prominent individuals are quite active promoting positive change inside RoA. This may not be visible in Amsterdam, but if you lived in California – you would know. And not everything done can or should be publicized.

      Mr. Sassounian appears regularly on local Armenian TV talk shows in the Los Angeles area. The very subject of RoA internal issues, including oligrachs, is discussed ever time.

      “Praise in Public, Criticize in Private”

    • I disagree with the criticize in private bit. Any government is not entitled to nor should it expect an muffled criticism. Any populace has the right to protect and petition their government openly. It is the ultimiate way to keep a government in check. Besides, how does criticizing in private work anyway? It’s easy to dismiss. People high up in power to not register discontent until people are openly vocal.

    • I wrote a little too fast:
      “right to protect and petition their government openly.”
      “protect” should be “protest”

      This idea of criticizing only in private strikes me as the old fashioned desire not to flaunt dirty laundry in front of the world. If some part of the government is doing something very wrong or not living up to its responsibilities, then people are entitled to raise their voice about, no matter how much good that government has accomplished.

  7. THE REAL STORY—-In WW1 the turks were part of the Axis,Germany/Austria. The were beaten on by equal forces on two fronts,they grovelled(on the knees) joined the allies,were referred the sick man of the middle east.This is history,should be reported not denied.

  8. If what Mr. Bagish says here and there, like the Armenian Genocide never happened, or that Cyprus, an independent country, member of the UN and the European Union, doesn’t exist, pisses people off, then what about the special honor the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople (actually Istanbul, because it’s almost illegal to say Constantinople in Turkey) bestowed upon him last year at a special conference in Brussels, for his contribution to religious freedom in Turkey? If that man can receive a humanitarian award by an ethnic group that has faced almost complete ethnic cleansing in Turkey, then I guess the Swiss authorities should at least pardon him if not apologize to him as well!!!!

    • I don’t know about Greeks, but Armenians in Turkey are hostages.
      Nothing they say or do can be considered voluntary. It is coerced.

      Turkish authorities rounded up and paraded dozens of prominent Turkish-Armenians preceding and during the debates about the AG Bill in France.
      They were told to say and do things against the adoption of the Bill.

      And for someone posting under a Greek name and defending Mr. Bağış is quite ….interesting.

    • AVERY,

      ” Armenians in Turkey are hostages”

      You are the worst liar i have ever seen.
      1. If your statement is true why ermeni people keep coming to Turkey to work ?
      2. if really true what you said, many of them are too rich hostages ..just wonder why immigrate to armenia..!

    • I do agree to an extent. Religious freedom and minority rights are getting a little better, but still no where near good enough. And regarding your suspicion Avery, Greek- Turkish relations have never been good, but are no where near as bad as Armenia-Turkey relations. It’s also not a stretch to say Armenians in Turkey are more opressed than Greeks are. Better diplomatic relations between states also doesn’t hurt. It’s all POV really. The issues that divide Turks and Greeks are not as substansial as say the AG. Both sides did population exchanges, both sides could have tried harder to prevent Cyprus from becoming what it is. It’s not as black and white.

  9. Mr. Sassounian,

    I follow the Armenian press ( in Armenian too). Your articles are being translated into Armenian and published in various Armenian (on line) papers. I have never seen an article by you where you clearly condemn the Armenian authorities (for a particular government decision concerning the internal Armenian political life).

    It is already 2 years that people in southern Syunik region of Armenia fight against the possible future exploitation of uraniun mines in Lernadzor village near Kapan city. It is a life-death struggle, because, if the mines open, people will have to move away form the whole region, becuase of danger. And I do not have to tell how strategically important this area is. But these people are left alone in their struggle. I have NEVER seen/read a condemnation from you, or American-Armenian (or other Diasporan) organizations.

    The above exapmle is only one from many. The same goes for nearby Kajaran village, Teghut, killed Armenian soldiers in the army and their relatives that can not get justice, etc.

    The Armenian people in Armenia a being kept weak and poor, so that they can not challenge the current oligarchic-political system. Law inforcement, courts and even Army elite work for them. They prevent a middle class to emerge in Armenia, because who they will then bribe (5-10 euro) to vote for them? So, people, who get some money, prefer to emigrate and NOT invest in Armenia and open small businesses.

    ANCA, AAA, and other American Armenian (influential) organizations spend their money and time mostly (if not all) on lobbying. But without STRONG Armenian STATE they will NEVER be a solution on Genocide.

    And the few telethons are mostly for there inner peace, so that before sleeping they can tell themselves in their inner dialogue that thay did something for motherland, whatever it is for them. 1-2 school less in Armenia/Artsakh now will not be the end of the world.

    I wonder if in the upcoming May parliamentary elections of Armenia ANCA or others will send observers. Or if you will be in Yerevan to observe it and write an article about the elections.

  10. @ Harut Sassounian

    The best part of your article is the concluding paragraph:

    “While Minister Bagish has diplomatic immunity, the rest of Turkey’s population does not enjoy such a privilege. It may be a good idea to accord immunity to all 72 million Turks in order to shield them from prosecution when they utter the words “Armenian Genocide” in Turkey!”

    Would Mr. Bagish understand what you meant?
    I doubt about.

    • And yes, I forgot to mention the best self defining title of your article:

      Egemen Bagish: Turkey’s Minister of Genocide Denial

  11. We need to be carefull when we make absolute statements such as all Turks or Armenians are so and so… It points to doubt in the point you are trying to make.

    May God help humanity !

  12. Avery,
    you missed the irony in my statement. Actually, I and many other Greeks who were informed about this, are pissed off that Bagis received such an award from the Ecumenical Patriarchate. In fact, they gave him the award a week after he said that Cyprus …doesn’t exist!

  13. It showed over and over again that Turks are arrogant and as long as the US and Israel keep on spoiling them by licking their boots turkish ridiculous arrogance will never end even if they become world’s laughing stock…

  14. If anyone’s still waiting for an epiphany of moral courage from the Turkish Govt. I think they answered that 96 year old question with the assassination of Mr Dink.
    Mr Bagis simply parrots that message. If/when the present Turkish Govt. Is connected to Mr Dink’s murder, it will finally become apparent that there will be no justice for Armenians, Kurds or even Turks without a regime change and that the present Govt. Of Turkey is simply an extension of the former genocidal one directly responsible for its crimes.
    If it wasn’t true, they would have immediately removed Mr Bagis instead of making a celebrity of him. He’s the laughing clown messenger to your question.

    • You can see how clever the enemy is in the killing of Hrant Dink.

      They kill him to discredit their other personality, the AK Party

      They kill him because he is Armenian

      They kill him to terrorize minorities and liberals

      They kill him to silence him

      They pretend to mourn for him to distance themselves from the image the world has of them

      If you are a Nazi, killing Hrant was a win-win. The killer mourns his victim for public consumption purposes.

  15. Varaz Syuni you are absolutely right!!!!!! We, the diaspora are throwing our money in a pit without any bottom. In 20 years the situation of Armenia’s population hasn’t changed one iota. It even worsened thanks to our oligarch crooks in the “government” or should I say “mafia”.

  16. Mr. Genis,
    not all the 300 of more million people who speak one or another Turkic – a subgroug of languages belonging to the Ural-Altaic family – tongue are Turks in a nationalistic way. They have their separate identities, same way as Germanic people, that is Germans, English, Dutch, Danes, Swedes, Norse, etc. As you probably very well remember they contemptibly rejected Turgut Ozal’s overtures after communism fell. And that is normal. In fact modern day Turks, most of them ethnically descendants of Greeks, Slavs, Armenians, Arabs, etc. have very little in common with the average Kazakh, lets say. Or a Hungarian or Finnish!
    Instead of looking of “brotherhoods” where don’t exist, it would be much better if you would invest the same energy in pushing for the necessary reforms in Turkey that would make her a more open minded, stable, multi-cultural, multi-ethnic country where all her peoples could live and prosper freely without having to hide behind false identities. If a Greek/Ermeni alliance, as you said, could help in achieving that, then count me in and I sincerely invite you to join!

  17. I am surprized that Varaz,while stating he is abreast of Armenian affairs worldwide(reading newspapers etc.,) he missed when Harut Sassounian was actually our spokesman this side of the Atlantic when pres.Serj Sargsyan came to ¨feel¨¨ the puylse of the Armenian American Diaspora.
    He very courteously/carefully but without fear made him understand that we in Diaspora were not in accord with the signing of the Protocols.
    Indeed, in Paris , the Armenians there also reacted to the protocols in front of the Gomidas Monument(statute) off Cahmps Elisee…
    As to your comments w/rgd to oligarks,though I ´m with you, but I ´d remind you that you like an ostrich-is it-do not see what´s goin on in the worldwide present systems.Not called oligarks but in their own right pretty much so.
    An example? very easy our own Diaspora(exceptions granted) is like Canadian armenian writer philosopher Ara Baliozian describes as our BBB´s(Bishops Bosses and Benefactors).Indeed, a bit over generalized this too,since it is the same scenario from the Vatican to Mecca etc., (exception Dalia Lama eh? Avery.
    Give me a hand wilya?
    This varaz a nice guy but he should look around a bit more(his own area).Unless …if he lives in sweden,Finland Denmark and Norway.Latter few that have a different concept of Democratic Socialism and have been there quite a while.
    i would have wished and still do, Armenia would have followed in their footsteps.But by gones are bygones…we are in the Current now of a ¨wild free market economy¨unfortunately gone haywire system…
    Remedy for us Armenians? I have my humble ¨suggestions¨..only suggestions, I never dare offer, advise or declare mine as these. I suggest,take it or leave it ,
    Fact is I herewith openly ask dear Harut Sassounian to pick up my request(that also not a challenge or such a thing)to somehow again on my behalf (say that an old Armenian nut) has come up with a Scheme/Project, to mr. Kirk Kerkorian(please read my latest post in entitled ¨The urgency of creating tens of thousands of jobs…in RA/Artsakh,
    .I have also vowed to approach another B -aire(know persoanlly) etc.
    Yeah about time Mr. Sassouian we went to real effort to gear up in Diaspora too.We cannot criticize RA oligarks while our own house is not so orderly.
    best to all.

  18. He is more like the Turkish minister of EU non-membership! This is what happens when you make minister out of a chayci.

    It is not that surprising that in a publication like this so many obesessed with race and ethnicity show up. On either side. It is of course silly and tribal. No one asks what an American is; Italian, English or Sweedish. For the same reason it is a pointless and useless exercise to try to ascertain the ethnicity of 70 million Turkish citizens.

    • If it is a pointless exercise, why is it that until recently it was illegal to speak Kurdish in Turkey ?
      Why was MP Zana jailed for 10 years for speaking Kurdish in the Turkish Parliament ?

      Why were Kurds not called Kurds, but ‘Mountain Turks’ ?
      Why aren’t Turks called, say, ‘Lowlands Kurds’ ?
      Why are Kurds in Turkey today asking for rights as Kurds (and not as ‘Mountain Turks’) ?

      Why being called an ‘Armenian’ is considered an insult in Turkey today, such an insult that President Gul sues a web site for the “insult” of repeating the rumor that Gul has an Armenian mother ?

      If it is pointless, why do Turks insists calling everyone a ‘Turk’ ?
      Why not call everyone a ‘Kurd’, or ‘Armenian’, or ‘Greek’, or ‘Assyrian’ ?

      Turks like you claim it is pointless, so that every trace of the indigenous inhabitants can be erased – and everyone becomes a ‘Turk’.

      First physically exterminate non-Turks, and then call everyone else a ‘Turk’.
      Pointless and useless exercise indeed.

  19. Necati this is for you.

    Necati: Mirror mirror on the wall, why do I NOT look like a turk? Are we not suposed to be like the rest of the turkic people? like Uzbeks, Tajiks, Turkmens, Mongols?

    Mirror: My dear oglu Necati, I only reflect what I see. It is not my fault that you look like an ARmenian, sorry ok!

    I know you don’t trust ARmenians, I know. What about turkish mirrors?
    If you are real TURK and want to look like a real TURK then you can do a plastic surgery. If you can’t afford it I am sure we can find a sponsor for you. Think about it, all the major newspapers around the world will cover the story. You will instantly become a celebrity. You will become a hero in the turkic world. (600 million turkic people on this planet alone). You will become so rich that in case turkish government runs out of cash then YOU by yourself can pay US government enough money to not recognize the ARmenian Genocide for another
    5 years or so. If you don’t do it then who will keep on making billions and billions every year to postpone the recognition of the Genocide? On behalf of all the turks please consider this opportunity amigo.

  20. AR
    Tajiks are not a Turkic people. Historically, culturally, and linguistically they’re closer to the Persians/Iranians.

  21. gaytzag – Of course. ONLY on protocols, becuase it had to do with THEM (and their multi-million business). Becides, lots of Armenians in Armenia too were agaist it. So?

    But I do not understand what your above comment has to do with my comments to H. Sassounian. I do not repeat them: I wrote VERY clear what I wrote.

    Let me simplify it for you: some 40-50% of Armenians live in hopeless poverty and under oligarchic rule. Do you think they CARE that someone in far California or whereever publishes an article, or few NGO’s spend millions to hear a word from a lip? They do not have internet, even NOT money to buy a newpaper to read it.

    It is easy to sit in your comfortable “Genocide Recognition LLC” office and from time to time write articles about your “successes” to justify millions spent, meanwhile NO Armenian will remain in Armenia if it continues like this.

    After 30 years yet another president might say the same word. Will it not be “a great success”? Perhaps, the empty Eastern Armenia then you can call Western Armenia and live there happy and self-satisfied: with English as official language, as your children do not read/write Armenian anymore.

  22. Varaz,you above all, ought to know -living in an ex-colonial power /country,that free market economy practiced in many a country has been introduced in not only RA,but also the other 14 ex-soviet republics at its best.Go to Moscow and you will see the glitter of the New system,i.e. extreme Capitalism.You think I am afraid to say it?

    Hell no, but this is what it is.Why do you suppose i ´m trying hard to implant in Armenia a ¨New Concept of electoral Systme and Governance¨This is the last one I´m working on in a series of my articles published and on display at–—–
    Trouble with us Armenians is-according to my closest kin-we All are Ishkhans, Ishkhanouhis (princes,princesess).I write in very much harmony with your ,fact is ,please re read what I wrote above.But nay , you wishy to somehow find a flaw in my writs and criricize invainly wasting your breath…
    We actually stand together. System is rotten not in RA, but 14 more and 140 more ..all over the Globe.
    Are you there to fight it out against them alone with me or a few dozens more.
    We cannot do that brother.Only way out is to Re organize our Diaspora(s) and create a huge network my envisaged PROFESSIONAL COLLEAGUES ASSOCIATIONS(THAT IS WHERE OUR SLUMBERING g i a n t is..a 100,000 strong collectivity with its Economic Power(National investment Trust Fund) to be created ..THEN WE GO BUILD TOWNSHIPS IN ARMENIAN, VILLAGES AND FARMLANDS,UNDER OUR SUPEERVISION AND IN COOPERATION WITH LOCAL POPULATION(ESPECIALLY WROKFORCE) PREVENTING LATTER TO LEAVE AR M E N I A.Trouble is like I said before you or any other here on this forum has not S A I D A W O R D(if even they have read my articles on above Web site.
    What does that show? pray tell me, if not Gogozaviz Armens each try9oing to achieve on his her own NO CO OPERATION TEAMWORK!!!!
    tHIS IS WHAT WE LACK BROTHER:We shall never achieve anything significant if we do not BECOME SOCIETIZED form Civil socieityeis as put FEWD by Western media and Brofessors..We have right within us in ou PCÁ´s Prof Colleagues Assoc. I said enough peick it up from there and grind your axe now(but please don´t repeat same again9 I am with you but wht other method do you propose ?
    Best to Hasgcoghin

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