New AYF Project: ‘Sponsor the Future’

This year marks the 96th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. The Armenian Youth Federation (AYF) wishes to stress that remembering the past and working toward the recognition of the genocide by the Turkish and American governments isn’t enough. Our ultimate goal is compensation through moral, financial, and land reparations. With this approach in mind, we believe that the birth of each and every Armenian child is a new step toward ensuring the growth and wellbeing of our nation.

The AYF is therefore announcing the launch of a modest effort on the 20th commemoration of the massacres of Baku, Sumgait, and Maragha—by sponsoring the birth of 20 children in Armenia in cooperation with the Armenian Relief Society’s (ARS) “Mother and Child” Healthcare and Birthing Center in Akhourian, Armenia. This center was established after the 1988 earthquake and cares for the mother and child from the day of inception until the child has received all his/her vaccinations. These services are provided free of charge.

Sponsoring each healthy birth in the center costs $150, but donations of any amount are appreciated.

As members of the Youth Organization of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (YOARF), we have said that remembrance of the genocide does not only equate with death; it also signifies the renewal of the will for struggle. This is an effort aimed at rebuilding our nation, and counteracting the various threats posed to Armenia by neighboring Turkey and Azerbaijan, such as illegal blockades, breaches of ceasefire, and constant threats of war.

Our call to the community is to join the Greater Boston AYF in providing enough donations to sponsor 20 births in the Akhourian ARS Mother and Child Healthcare and Birthing Center, thereby ensuring that there are many more safe and healthy births. Furthermore, members of the AYF will hand-deliver these collected donations to the birthing center this summer.

Donations should be made to “AYF Boston” and can be mailed or dropped off at 47 Nichols Ave., Watertown, MA 02472.

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  1. AYF youth should also learn how to make edits on Wikpedia. They should be taking all of the names from the book “The Armenian American In WWII” [Tashjian Publishing 1952] and putting them on Wikpedia. Those men in that book were AYF and ARF. They are sacred men and women and should never be forgotten about. That would be a great nonviolent project to endeavor in. And, they would gain a lot of pride in understanding the valor they displayed for this country.

  2. thank you all so much the ARS could use some more sponsorships for their women and child programs.  sponsoring the birth of 20 children in Armenia in cooperation with the Armenian Relief Society’s (ARS) “Mother and Child” Healthcare and Birthing Center in Akhourian, Armenia, this is a great effort and admirable.
    Aram, thank you for your posting and your support.  Now everyone send that donation in ASAP!!!

  3. Aram;
    We will try to have one donation in from the Fresno area for this great cause!!  Our AYF here is fantastic with support to the orphanages and other family related issues in Armenia. 

  4. Doctor Strangelove – AYF plate is full, you can make edits yourself for all to learn through Wikipedia.  When was the AYF ever violent?

  5. Thank you for your support Vanessa, Aram, and everyone else. We will be wrapping up the program pretty soon, as some of our youth will be taking the donations with them within a couple of weeks to Armenia. Please spread the word; the sooner the better!

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