WikiLeaks: Turkey Helped al-Qaeda, US Supported PKK?

(AP, A.W.)—Documents expected to be leaked this month allege that Turkey allowed citizens to smuggle weapons into Iraq, and that the U.S. helped Kurdish fighters. WikiLeaks is planning to release files that show Turkey has helped al-Qaeda in Iraq, according to the London-based daily Al-Hayat. The newspaper also reported that the U.S. helped the PKK, a Kurdish rebel organization.

One of the documents, a U.S. military report, reportedly charges Turkey with failing to control its borders because Iraqi citizens residing in Turkey provided al-Qaeda with supplies to build bombs, guns, and ammunition.

A WikiLeaks administrator also told Al-Hayat that the site needs Turks to volunteer to translate documents about Turkey’s role in the war in Iraq and its bid for EU membership.

Other documents show that the U.S. has supported the PKK, which has been waging a separatist war against Turkey since 1984 and has been classified by the State Department as a terrorist organization since 1979. The U.S. military documents call the PKK “warriors for freedom and Turkish citizens,” and say that the U.S. set free arrested PKK members in Iraq. The documents also point out that U.S. forces in Iraq have given weapons to the PKK and ignored the organization’s operations inside Turkey.

On Nov. 24, the Obama Administration said it had alerted Congress and begun notifying foreign governments that WikiLeaks is preparing to release sensitive U.S. diplomatic files that could damage its relations with friends and allies across the globe.

Officials said the documents may contain everything from accounts of compromising conversations with political dissidents and friendly politicians to disclosures of activities that could result in the expulsion of U.S. diplomats from foreign postings.

U.S. diplomatic outposts around the world have begun notifying other governments that WikiLeaks may release these documents in the next few days.

“These revelations are harmful to the United States and our interests,” State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said. “They are going to create tension in relationships between our diplomats and our friends around the world.”

Crowley said the release of confidential communications about foreign governments will likely erode trust in the United States as a diplomatic partner and could cause embarrassment if the files include derogatory or critical comments about friendly foreign leaders.

“When this confidence is betrayed and ends up on the front pages of newspapers or lead stories on television or radio, it has an impact,” Crowley said.

A Pentagon spokesman, Marine Col. David Lapan, said the Pentagon has also notified Congressional committees of an expected WikiLeaks release. He said the files are believed to be State Department documents, but they could contain information about military tactics or reveal the identities of sources.

A statement on the WikiLeaks Twitter site on Nov. 24 said “the Pentagon is hyperventilating again over fears of being held to account.” Seven times as many secret documents as the 400,000 Iraq war logs WikiLeaks published in October are rumored to be released in December (for information on the Iraq war logs, see video).

In 2009, WikiLeaks won the Amnesty International human rights reporting award (New Media).


  1. The chickens have come home to roost for Turkey and the US (Israel as well). This has the potential to get very interesting.

  2. We shall all see, Turkey is getting stronger every day. Even in the region of Arabia,Balkans and Europe. I wouldn’t be surprised if Turanism is in start.
    What will time let us see more..

  3. Baris, your kind of thinking scares and disappoints me.  Why can’t we live and let live?  Why do you need ‘Turanism?’  Why must Turkey dominate or be superior to its neighbors?  How can such ideology be acceptable to the EU?  Why can’t Turks accept their past, apologize for the wrongs done to many nations, and peacefully join the families of nations that wish to live in democracy and harmony?

  4. @Baris, again Turkey is punching above its weight. Russia controls the Caucasus and China is moving in Central Asia. Europeans are also waking up to the Islamic threat…although belatedly.

  5. Baris, We are not in Ottoman’s Era this is an Internet Era
    Turks are not welcomed in Arab counties any longer…
    Please read Arab newspaper and see what they write about Turks…!

  6. @ Sylva-MD

    Have you not seen the streets of Beirut when the new Sultan came. He is the most loved leader of the Muslims. Long live the Sultan and long live the neo-Ottoman state.

  7. Actually I heard about the streets of Beirut and those people who welcomed are Turkmen from the villages of north of Lebanon, they were brought to the city and given some flags to wave. Also, the “sultan” was invited by Hariri the sunni leader of Lebanon and only sunnis are fond of him so don’t get too excited and neo-Ottoman state in your dreams Mo!

  8. Armenian genocide issue is  closly related to the occupation of Western Armenia and Turkey will  pay sooner or  later for its crimes,(financial compansation, Armenian lands,and acknowledgment of Armenian Genocide,) so  don’t talk about imaginated Armenian friends….

  9. “These genocide crap is a fake issue”

    Not according to Turkey’s archives. And more evidence than you could wade through in 50 years. I find your comment offensive to the maximum.

  10. Shame on turkey and Ardogan who crays for GAZA children and kills the Kurdish children.they are not Muslem ,they are  from Jengizkhan.

  11. Erdogan is such a hypocrite..  He bears so much similarity to that Hugo Chavez.

    By the way this thing known as Erdogan doesn’t think that there was genocide in Sudan either.

  12. Ali, shame on you.. turkey is giving medication and food and much more to Gaza. we don’t kill children. We only take out terror in the hills when the white flag isn’t out. Don’t write rubbish if you don’t know.

  13. Syvlia,
    Thank you that you let me know it’s an internet Era.
    For your knowledge, Arab countries are getting much help from the Turkish government because they can’t solve it.
    Read your history and keep yourself up to date..
    Be blessed.

  14. Baris, I am dissappointed that your name is Baris (as you know it means “Peace” ) but you don’t sound that you want “Peace”. What is Turan? Let say You have got your dream Turan. And then what? How about the economy? How about human rights?! How about Democracy?! How about the corruption that has been taken place in Turkey all these years. So if there were no Armenians in Turkey you think everything was gonna be perfect. If you think that would be the case, think again. Seriously think again. Deep down you know it doesn’t matter who lives in Turkey, Turkey has to become a democratic country and be respectful to other religions if not ethnicities. What if I am a Turk (live in Turan :) and choose to become christian?! Then what?!
    I’d also point out that Turkey is not getting bigger or stronger actually. Islamism is getting stronger. That is true. But you do know that Islamism is totally different than “Turanism” Turanist people in fact hates Islamism cause they are not actually Muslums , cause real Turks are Shamanist some of them have become muslums later own but the ones who wants Turan are still Shamanist and hate Arap world and Islam. So think carefully Baris brother and be open minded and refuse to be brainwashed with Turanism or this and that. May we all have a peaceful world with NO emperialist interfiering.

  15. wow most ppl here really has a reading disorder ore gets autistic behaviour. if yur shitty eyes can follow, i WOULDNT BE SUPRISED… look above and read  carefully.. and for gunes.. anlamadan sakin yazma, bilmemek ayip degil ogrenmemek ayip.. anlamiyorsan kardes sor, sana bin kez aciklarim ama asla ve asla bilinclilik taslama..
    We shall all see, Turkey is getting stronger every day. Even in the region of Arabia,Balkans and Europe. I wouldn’t be surprised if Turanism is in start.
    What will time let us see more..
    Yani olursa sasmam anlaminda.. bu bir satranc oyununa benzer, halkin ne dusundugu degil, ellerine ne gectigi onemli.. asil ben senin adina uzuluyorum kardes..

  16. Woww Baris! You are getting upset! over what?! A little misunderstanding?! Which I am not the only one who got it wrong. Would that be because perhaps you have not explained your self properly?! From the way you put it, I thought you were a bit excited about the whole turan shit. I apologise if I got it wrong.

    I still haven’t got a clue about the point that you were trying to make. Turkey is getting stronger?! Is that your point? Or is it that you are trying to make people aware of a danger that people in Turkey are getting more and more racist and they might be on their way to so called Turan? Who knows!

     Oh  yes! I do have shitty eyes but I do wear glasses, so it’ s ok. Don’t worry!
     I do not “get” autistic behaviour, I am an autist. Simple as I am. 

    I probably won’t have time to keep on replying here. But please do keep replying and educating everyone else here.I am sure everyone will appreciate it.

     You seem to think everybody else need to learn this and that but you probably don’t need to learn nothing.Right?

    Read some books about racism and let me know your thoughts when you actually finish them.

     I do hope I got you wrong!

    Take it easy.


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