22 Young Adults to Participate in AMAA’s Internship Program

In July, 22 young adults will travel to Armenia as part of the AMAA’s Internship/Work Camp Project. They will spend a few days in Yerevan and then travel to Ijevan, the location of their service this year. The group will be led by AMAA’s field director, Dikran Youmshakian, and three volunteers, Raffi Kaljian, the AEUNA’s West Coast youth director; Vicken Keshishian of Havertown, Pa.; and David Shahbazian of Kingston, N.Y. The AMAA’s Internship Program is chaired by Board member Vahram Aynilian.

This year’s participants this year come from different areas of the U.S., namely, from Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Troy, N.Y., and New Jersey.

The group will first meet in New Jersey, with a special reception hosted by Vahram and Lucienne Aynilian in their home in Alpine on Sun., June 28. On Monday, they will visit the AMAA Headquarters in Paramus for an introduction. Later that day, they will travel to Armenia and will be stationed at the AMAA’s new headquarters on Baghramian Street.

They will have three seminars in the mornings and trips in the afternoon to historic sites. On July 4, the group will travel to Ijevan, a city in the north, and will be stationed at the local Evangelical church. There the group will have an opportunity to use their talents and provide hands on service; they will help renovate the church building and also lead two daily Vacation Bible Schools.

The AMAA’s Internship Program has multiple purposes. It will help encourage the youth to learn more about their roots and visit, see, and experience their homeland Armenia. In addition they will be acquainted with the ministries of the AMAA. They will be inspired to be involved. They will help their brothers and sisters, and both impact and be impacted by the way of life in their homeland. Most of all, they will appreciate and share God’s love with others.

We are certain that this visit to the homeland will be a pilgrimage for our youth and that they will remain committed to their Armenian and Christian heritage.

The participants are serious and are eager to serve. They have undertaken a major part of the expenses, paying for their travel. The AMAA will provide modest accommodations and will undertake the purchase of the building materials.

Such a program still needs financial resources. Both the interns and the AMAA will appreciate good-willing friends and churches to support this program with their gifts. If you are interested in supporting this vital program, contact the AMAA office at (201) 265-2607.

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