AMAA Purchases Property for Evangelical School

YEREVAN—On a recent trip to Armenia, Armenian Missionary Association of America (AMAA) executive director Andrew Torigian officially purchased five acres of land in the Malatia-Sebastia district of Yerevan for the AMAA. This section of Yerevan is oftentimes referred to as “Bangladesh,” due to the high level of poverty among the more than 140,000 residents living there.

The land is the site of a proposed middle and high school complex, made possible through a generous commitment by Together, a capital campaign launched in October 2008. The success of this fundraising endeavor will strengthen the position of the AMAA to continue providing accessible and affordable education to the future generations of youth in Armenia.

The newly proposed complex will serve as an expansion of the current Khoren and Shoushanik Avedisian primary school, which currently only includes grades K-5 and received the distinguished honor of being the best school in Armenia. The new school will provide the same nurturing environment by offering a quality education, and cultural, spiritual, and moral training, while instilling a sense of patriotism and cultivating morality by awakening the desire and love of learning within the students.

For more information, contact the AMAA by calling (201) 265-2607.

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Guest Contributor

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