The Empty Barrel

Vasag’s Wish

Original text by Dikran Gamsaragan (1866-1941) Translation by Kegham Balian and Nanar Nakashian The prince of Syunik with his colossal frame, laid there in his dungeon, inertly adhered to the ground on a mere stretcher. […]


Another Armenia Besieged

Many years ago, a former headmaster of our local Sts.Tarkmanchatz Armenian school in Jerusalem, the eccentric yet patriotic Gyuregh Srpazan, led his students to the different landmarks that belonged to the Patriarchate and famously preached:  […]

The Empty Barrel

Amo Hovan and the Red Cinema

Sitting in his reclining chair with a checkered sleeveless sweater and a white mustache that practically spells out “quintessential Armenian dede,” Amo Hovan calmly greets me, “Ahlein Kegham.” Television remotes are studiously stationed on the […]

The Empty Barrel

Desperation Trendified

In the midst of our 44-day war, social media warriors all across Armenia and the diaspora began the cavalcade of “raising awareness” campaigns for Artsakh, shoulder-to-shoulder with reposted images and videos framed in neat, graphically […]