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On December 2, 2022, Armenian Relief Society (ARS) Central Executive chairperson Nyree Derderian, board member Hamesd Beugekian and ARS of Armenia chairperson Maro Kechichian visited Artsakh, where they had a series of meetings and visitations. ARS Artsakh chairperson Lilit Martirosyan joined the delegation in Stepanakert.

On the same day, the ARS delegation met with members of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Central Committee of Artsakh, during which the task of strengthening the Republic of Artsakh and standing in unison with the brave people of Artsakh were discussed.

Meeting with the ARF Central Committee of Artsakh

Later that afternoon, the ARS delegation was joined by Arthur Mosseyan for a constructive meeting with Ruben Vardanyan, Minister of State of the Republic of Artsakh. Vardanyan inquired about the humanitarian efforts carried out by the ARS in Artsakh. He welcomed the ARS initiative of Solar Artsakh and the installation of 101 solar water heaters in various villages. They also discussed the “Soseհ” Kindergartens, Children of Fallen Heroes and educational programs. Narine Agabalian and Hagop Ipdjian, assistants to the state minister for nonprofits, were also present at this critical meeting. 

The delegation and U. Arthur Mosseyan with the Minister of State of the Republic of Artsakh Ruben Vardanyan and his assistants Narine Agabalian and Hagop Ipdjian

In the evening, an intimate meeting was held with the ARS Artsakh Executive Board. Expanding the outreach of humanitarian aid to Armenians in Artsakh was again emphasized. 

On December 3, Armen Khachatryan from “Shtigen” energy systems reported the success and difficulties of installing the first phase of solar water heaters. Furthermore, discussions were held about the start date of more installations of solar water heaters as well as solar panels on the four remaining “Soseհ” Kindergartens. 

Solar water heater installed by the ARS in Nnki village

Later in the day, Derderian was interviewed by Aparaj and Artsakh State radio about the ARS’ humanitarian efforts.  

A working meeting was held later in the evening, where ARS Artsakh and the ARS delegation discussed the activities and programs of the entity. 

The delegation’s visit to the Majkalashen village, Martuni region 

On December 4, the delegation, accompanied by Martirosyan, board member Tatevik Aghajanyan and Svetlana Poghosyan visited the villages of Nnki, Machklashen and Khnushinak in the region of Martuni. They examined the installed solar water heaters and spoke to villagers and community leaders before returning to Stepanakert.

The delegation’s visit to the Khnushinak village in the Martuni region with a family who received a solar water heater

On December 5, the delegation visited the “Soseհ” Kindergarten in Stepanakert and held a meeting with principal Nelly Ghulyan. Students presented a unique artistic program with inspiring and emotional dance and vocal performances by the kindergartners. 

ARS CEB chairperson Nyree Derderian, board member Hamesd Beugekian, ARS Armenia chairperson Maro Kechichian and ARS Artsakh chairperson Lilit Martirosyan and principal Nelly Ghulyan with the ARS “Soseհ” Kindergarten students in Stepanakert.

The ARS delegation’s four-day visit to the Republic of Artsakh was filled with unforgettable memories of the people’s willpower and the hopeful future that lies within the eyes of its children. 

Following the delegation’s departure with a renewed pledge to the people of Artsakh, the unthinkable happened. Azerbaijan blocked the Lachin Corridor, the Road to Life, connecting Artsakh to Armenia, in an attempt to oppress the Armenians of Artsakh. The determination of Artsakh’s Armenians to continue to struggle for their rights and their determination to live on their native land leaves us confident that Artsakh has and will always be Armenian. 

The ARS vows to continue its efforts in Artsakh and stand in unison with the people of Artsakh. 

Armenian Relief Society International Inc.

Armenian Relief Society International Inc.

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