No room for despair as diaspora redoubles efforts for Artsakh

Editor’s Note: The following is a translation by the Weekly’s Lillian Avedian of an interview with Armenian Revolutionary Federation Eastern Region (ARF-ER) Central Committee member Khajag Mgrdichian conducted by’s Anna Balyan on January 4, 2021. 

ARF Eastern Region Central Committee member Khajag Mgrdichian

It is not possible to pin any hopes for the future on the defeated leadership, said ARF-ER Central Committee member Khajag Mgrdichian during a recent interview with Mgrdichian is also part of the delegation of the “Artsakh Fund” humanitarian organization.

Mgrdichian noted that the political attitudes that dominate in Armenia also prevail in the diaspora. He says the defeated leadership must accept its ineptitude and incompetence and make way for a more capable government that is more understanding of the hardships of the homeland…“in order to stabilize the uncertain situation so that going forward the nation and homeland know where they are headed, and the diaspora, by eliminating those uncertainties, can formulate its new tasks.”

He asserted that under these uncertain conditions, the humanitarian and political organizations and lobbying structures of the diaspora face difficulties in formulating their tasks, which cannot be clarified if the leadership in Armenia does not change. 

“It is not accidental that the leading organizations of the diaspora have also demanded the removal of the current government, with the view that this government demonstrated its incompetence and brought great harm both to our nation and our homeland. This reality is noticeable in the diaspora,” he stated. 

As an “Artsakh Fund” representative, Mgrdichian visited Artsakh in order to determine the republic’s needs and a plan of action for the fund. 

“The ‘Artsakh Fund’ has been operating for years as part of the Armenian Cultural Association of America (ACAA). It is a humanitarian organization that implements various programs in Artsakh. Yet knowing well that the war has brought forth different kinds of socio-economic problems, we wanted to visit and become acquainted with the general situation in order to determine our actions. We also came on a charitable mission,” explained Mgrdichian. 

He said that the situation in Artsakh is very sad. It is apparent even to the unaided eye that there are complicated socio-economic problems that must be overcome. 

“The first problem is that substantial resources are necessary to alleviate the social difficulties faced by the families of fallen soldiers in light of the large number of war casualties. The problem of wounded soldiers must also be overcome. A significant phenomenon we witnessed is that a large number of our compatriots displaced from the territories of Artsakh captured by Azerbaijan are searching for shelter or a place to live. These are the main issues now, the families of the fallen, the wounded and the displaced,” Mgrdichian further explained.

These are the priorities, of course, but in the future the organization will study and strive to resolve the problems of work and security for the people of Artsakh.

The “Artsakh Fund” office is in Stepanakert and its staff organizes its local activities. They will send guidance when it is clear with whom diasporan organizations should work in order to implement their programs. 

The organization believes that it is not possible to resolve problems through one-time charity. Rather it embraces a long-term vision of creating jobs so that the people of Artsakh can continue to live on their land. 

“We know that it is the responsibility of the government in general to alleviate the social and economic consequences of the war, yet humanitarian organizations like ours, under the conditions of such limited possibilities, undertake supplemental work,” said Mgrdichian. “We know that we cannot help all of the families of thousands of casualties or secure work for all of the displaced, but we can take it upon ourselves to alleviate the difficulties of the displaced, wounded and relatives of the deceased to the best of our abilities, while contributing to lightening the burden of the state. We have a vision of creating employment, and while naturally it would be on a small scale, it would create jobs and the chance for people to live in Artsakh,” he elaborated. 

Further clarity is needed to pursue this work, according to the current data; there are many uncertainties which, they hope, will be corrected over time, so that in the future they can work in a more organized and focused manner. 

People in America have not lost hope in Artsakh, and they do not have the right to do so, assured Mgrdichian, as now is the time to redouble efforts. 

“The active elements in America, including lobbying, political and humanitarian circles, absolutely do not have the right to lose hope; on the contrary, now is the time to redouble efforts. The Armenian National Committees in our region have redoubled their efforts so that they can at the very least secure humanitarian assistance from the United States,” said Mgrdichian. “Therefore, they are not in despair, yet the defeat has undeniably created a broken mental state. Especially since we lived with great hopes of victory during the war and this disgraceful defeat and the signature of this disgraceful agreement…the same brokenness prevails in the diaspora which also dominates in Armenia and Artsakh,” assured Mgrdichian. 

We do not have room to despair, he concluded; on the contrary, we are redoubling our efforts. 


  1. The disporra needs to pull their socks up, all the way to our chins, because we are not capable to unite for ONE COMMON CAUSE, that being security of Armenia.
    Our Turkish enemies only ever understand one language, they do not and have never understood compromise.
    We must unite globally and urgently raise funds to the tune of $1.5 Billion a year and begin arming Artsakh with advanced weapons, we must draw up a 20 year plan and retake our lands from the Turks.
    I have no faith in our leaders in Armenia nor in the diaspora, we are so disjointed that it is utterly and pathetically sad.
    We need to form a global development fund managed by one of the top Tier 1 Banking & investment firms with a board of trustees that does not include a single Armenian politician from Armenia or diasporra, I believe the fund will generate over $ 1 Billion a year if we cohesively and in a united manner request that every Armenian house hold donates $25 a week. There are 7 Million Armenians in the diaspora or almost roughly 1.7 million house holds , if we are able to achieve 1 Million households that is $25M a week or $1.3 Billion anually we can use to invest in the future of Armenia.
    I have lost faith in all of our funds, what happened to the 100 Million Himnadram gave to the Armenian government? I doubt we will ever see a single $dollar of that used to help the needy.. The toothless diaspora needs to serious fangs otherwise yet again as we have recorded in history our nation will fail again to incompetent and corrupt leaders. For almost 30 years respective governments of Armenian raped and pillaged, no wonder children of former Armenian PM’s can afford to live in houses in Europe & USA worth $10 Million and drive Ferrais & Mercs. We dont have any friends, get used to it, Not USA, Not France not Iran, not Russia, we must , we have no choice but to adopt a strict model based on the Israeli’s if we want to survive. Get out of your bloody jhoogoves and start signing up families, the sooner we will invest in advanced arms for our nation.

  2. Pashinyan needs to go. Hes unqualified for the job especially after the current horrific situation he sunk Armenia into. His military assessment was completely inaccurate until the day he signed his country away. 17 political factions needs to be consolidated into a few. Unity is key. Reinstalling old Soviet style corrupt losers, Vasken Manukyan, that run towards more Russian hegemony, needs to be avoided at all cost. Russia is no ally. It is screw light at best. While Turkey was fighting Armenians, Russia did NOTHING! The Diaspora redoubling efforts is great but needs direct intervention, with boots on the Armenian ground, making decisions for the country as a whole in military security, political, education, war recovery, job creation and financial security and assistance to those effected by this gross devastation.. The 10 million strong diaspora is the ONLY answer and must reject the agreement signed by the loser. Nothing less.

    • You seem to post this over and over again, but it is incoherent. Also, by using the term “Soviet” as an insult, you reveal yourself as a brainwashed Armenian American who probably had Joe Mcarthy’s red scare nonsense drilled into his head constantly in school.

  3. how about a truth and reconciliation commission like South africa to get the evil exposed and some compensation to the innocent. Have equal mix Azerbaijan and Armenia

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