COAF Rendering Critical Assistance During Crisis in Armenia 

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The brutal attack on the Republic of Artsakh launched by Azerbaijan on September 27 has become a war of survival for the Armenian people and a direct existential threat to the nation. On the very first day of the attack, the Children of Armenia Fund (COAF) rapidly mobilized to come to the aid of Armenia and Artsakh.

COAF has been providing humanitarian assistance to civilians in Stepanakert on a daily basis in the form of food, water, clothing, medicine, first-aid kits, power banks, blankets and pillows.

Shelter and humanitarian assistance have also been provided so far to over 63 families from Artsakh who have arrived in Armenia as a result of the conflict. COAF will continue to provide lodging and assistance to the growing number of spontaneously arrived families from Artsakh.  

COAF has also been working closely with the Ministry of Health of both Armenia and Artsakh, helping with critical war-time situation needs such as medications and equipment.

We have already equipped three specific locations in the Tavush region with gasoline, sleeping bags, blankets, fire extinguishers, hygiene supplies, medicine, water gallons, canned food and candles.

COAF social workers, psychologists and healthcare professionals are continuously adapting to the current situation on the ground, providing critical support to our direct beneficiaries throughout the rural communities we serve, as well as individuals arriving from Artsakh.

COAF Managing Director Korioun Khatchadourian has stated that now is the time for all of us to carry out our work with utmost efficiency and do all we can to help on all fronts. “COAF is addressing this humanitarian crisis with a burning sense of urgency,” emphasized Khatchadourian. 

Now more than ever, a strong Armenia is needed to ensure a strong Artsakh, and COAF’s mission to advance rural communities across Armenia will play a decisive role during this crisis.

Children of Armenia Fund

Children of Armenia Fund

The Children of Armenia Fund is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in 2003. Our community-based, comprehensive approach to reducing rural poverty has helped Armenian village youth access the resources to achieve and in turn, give back to their communities and the world.

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