In Solidarity With Djemaran: An Online Fundraising Initiative

The scholastic year 2019-2020 has been greatly disturbed by the COVID-19 pandemic. School closures throughout the world have adversely affected most of the world’s student population. In Lebanon the pandemic, coupled with the already turbulent political and economic situation, has created an unprecedented crisis for the education sector. As of October 2019, in-class teaching has been disrupted multiple times and learning shifted to online platforms starting from March 2020. In parallel with the rapidly rising unemployment rate, inflation and devaluation of the local currency, Djemaran students, parents, faculty and staff are facing challenging times. Under the present circumstances, we remain committed to serve our school, Djemaran. It is our moral obligation and duty to serve and fulfill its sacred mission.

Djemaran has always been and continues to be a strong devotee to its mission, particularly during these unprecedented times.

In light of the above, we are launching an online fundraising campaign to financially support our historic institution and assist the school to overcome and respond to the negative effects of the pandemic and the dire economic situation of Lebanon, while strengthening the resilience of the school in the long-term. 

Three key areas of intervention for the fundraising have been identified: 

  1. Provide additional direct income to the Student Financial Fund and the school’s social services office.
  2. Strengthen the capacity for online learning by upgrading the IT infrastructure and acquire the necessary up-to-date software.
  3. Reinforce public health measures and improve sanitary conditions vital to keep staff and students safe from the pandemic.

We invite our alumni, friends and members of the greater Djemaran family to join our initiative and respond to our call. 

Your support will contribute to building the capacity of our institution to withstand the immediate crises, emerge stronger, build resilience and head towards a brighter future.

Let’s join our efforts to support the 90-year-old Djemaran to survive as we remain true to its founding fathers and to its mission in providing quality education to the coming generations. Let us all stand together under the flaming torch of our Djemaran.

For donations please visit

—Administration of Melankton and Haig Arslanian Djemaran, Lebanon

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor

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