Rest in peace Armenian martyrs. You will be beatified.

Genocide Memorial, April 23, 2020 (Official photo: Government of Armenia)

Today, we are not the descendants of the Genocide survivors. We are the direct victims of the Genocide. We are living in agony and pain. 

Today, we are bleeding anew watching the mass graves through different media means. It’s a reminder of our graves, our over one million and a half graves.

We are no longer asking anyone to recognize our pain, our torture. We are suffering in silence. We are dispersed. We eat, we drink, we dance and we sing. But we are tortured souls in bodies perpetually suffering as our grief is continuously denied amid tormenting silence. 

Yes, we are alive and deceased. We seek reclamation for our agony to cease but to no avail. 

We learn of others’ pains being attended and cured. We hear about the half million deceased by an invisible enemy who have been acknowledged and their families solaced.  

As Armenian victims of extermination by a known enemy seeking evacuation of a sacred land of its nation, however our pain remains uncared for, our injuries unhealed, our souls crying and yearning to be saved.

Peoples and leaders of the world, the victims of the current threatening pandemic, peoples and leaders living in fear and agony, remember our agony for your agony to cease. Acknowledge and recognize today our torture, the torture of millions of Armenians, the victims of a genocide, victims of an enemy much more merciless against which a lockdown or imposed isolation would have been futile. 

Yes, embrace and acknowledge all the sufferings so that the deceased, past and present, may rest in peace including us, the one and half million massacred Armenians. 

We do yearn to hear 

“Rest in Peace one and half million massacred Armenians. Your sufferings are recognized and revered. 

Rest in Peace tortured Armenians, no more renunciation. Your sorrows will no longer be denied.

Rest in Peace Armenian martyrs, you will be beatified.”


Madeleine Mezagopian

Madeleine M. R. Mezagopian is a published author and the holder of the Swedish Royal Medal of the North Star (Kungliga Nordstjärnemedaljen) and the Shield of the University of Jordan. She is a researcher, adviser and analyst and has served as the Executive Director at Al Arab Al Yawm (English) newspaper. Mezagopian is also a member of the General Assembly of Al-Hussein Society–Jordan Centre for Training and Inclusion.

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