Scholarship Opportunity for Students to Learn Armenian

Armenian historian Stepan Melik Bakhshyan

Scholarships are now available for those seeking to learn Armenian. Students can apply to the Armenian language Melik-Bakhshyan scholarship, which will fund Armenian language courses within the ASPIRANTUM summer program. For three weeks, participants will delve into an intensive and thorough curriculum with the opportunity to explore Armenia and its vibrant cultural history.

Organized by ASPIRANTUM, the scholarship will help fund three weeks of courses that provide extensive knowledge in the Armenian language. Not only will students gain sophisticated grammar, vocabulary, listening, reading and writing skills, but they will also learn conversational, modern Eastern Armenian to help them fully immerse into the country. Readings and discussions of historical and political texts, daily news, influential poetry and literature, are just some examples of what will be incorporated into the curriculum to provide a comprehensive understanding of contemporary Armenia. For this reason, a basic entry-level Armenian language background is required in order to successfully participate in the program.

Students will complete a total of 60 hours of lessons, taught during the week (total of 15 days). On the weekends, there will be organized trips to visit Armenia’s most iconic historical cultural heritage sites such as Garni Temple, Geghard monastery complex carved into mountains and caves, the scenic lake Sevan and more. Armenia’s sweeping landscapes, archeologies, hospitality, food and vibrant traditions will only enhance the rigorous summer language program. 

The scholarship will be given to three selected candidates and will cover $1,590 of the $1,890 original price (students will only have to pay $300 out-of-pocket). This will also include the reading and writing materials, events, cultural trips, coffee breaks, some dinners and guest speakers as well. Ideal applicants for the scholarship are between the ages of 19 and 29, and must be either undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate (PhD) students in fields related to Armenian studies. Students with citizenships and backgrounds from around the world can apply; the full list of eligible countries is on the scholarship’s website. Those who have already secured funding for the summer program should not apply for the Melik-Bakhshyan Scholarship.

The students will learn Armenian in Yerevan, Armenia’s capital. The city offers a wide variety of rich cultural experiences ranging from traditional food, sites, art and music, nightlife and cafes, monasteries, markets and shops, galleries, museums and much more. Accomodations in Yerevan are very affordable and easy to find through Airbnb and, but the ASPIRANTUM staff is also available to help. Applicants can also read about how to find suitable accommodations in Yerevan on the ASPIRANTUM site. The scholarship funding does not cover accommodations, daily meals, visas, insurance, travel expenses, or accompanying friends and family.

ASPIRANTUM has been operating since 2014, offering winter and summer programs, as well as Farsi and Russian language courses. The Melik-Bakhshyan scholarship is only available for those seeking to learn Armenian, however. All ASPIRANTUM courses are taught in Yerevan, and students must have basic skills for the language they choose to study, and they must be involved in the academic field of Russian or Persian studies depending on which course they take. Applicants can also read previous students’ testimonials about their experience with ASPIRANTUM language courses.

The language courses go beyond just learning to speak, read and write. They delve into the multifaceted aspects of not only the language, but also the culture and history, with the lively city of Yerevan as their home. 

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