ANCA Statement on Turkey’s Offensive in Syria and U.S. Troop Pull-Out

WASHINGTON, DC – Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) Executive Director Aram Hamparian issued the following statement regarding Turkey’s offensive launched in Syria on Wednesday and the U.S. decision to pull out its troops.

“The ANCA continues to engage with Administration and Congressional stakeholders, coalition partners, and Armenian community leaders in the region regarding the profoundly dangerous impact of the Trump Administration’s ill-advised decision to abruptly withdraw forces from northeast Syria, inviting a Turkish invasion that is already targeting Kurds and also Armenians and other at-risk Christian, Yazidi, and Muslim populations.”

“Mindful of the continuing consequences of the Armenian Genocide – including those directly threatening the remaining Western Armenian populations in northeast Syria – we join with Senators Lindsey Graham, Chris Van Hollen, and others – from both houses of Congress – in supporting bipartisan legislation imposing the harshest sanctions on Turkey for attacks upon America’s Kurdish allies or civilian populations.”

According to international news accounts, Turkey launched its offensive on northern Syria earlier today. Two civilians have been reported dead, with panic reported as a result of air-strikes in civilian areas.



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  1. Here we go again! It’s time we speak up forcefully. Don’t stand by while the Turks try another genocide. Call or write your congressmen and do it NOW damn it!

  2. I wonder why strong Jewish lobbyist in the US can not stop US aggressive policy against Kurds this is a shameful act and remind me of Armenian Genocide where hopeless population slaughtered by Ottoman Turks! You don’t even hear in the news! Putin and Assad will start to love Turkey and Trump more than ever!

  3. The US is literally pulling out 100 troops back into the interior of YPG held areas south of the border. The YPG and PKK are not going to Stop Erdogan from protecting his own border. Its easy to say “America, stay and protect the Kurds” but would you put Armenians in those places, no, at least you’d think twice. Why waste lives on this conflict? Armenians are mostly gone from the area and are in Armenia or other countries. America has its own border to worry about with Mexico, it doesn’t need to waste time on Syria in the first place. Let them all kill each other if they wish. And in my opinion, looks like Iran and the Shiites will be fighting the Turks and the Sunnis. Also Karma; did the Kurds help Armenians during the genocide? I don’t think so, they participated in the annihilation.

    • Utterly preposterous. Many Kurds saved Armenians during the genocide. Furthermore, Kurds in Turkey have done everything one could ask of them to atone for their sins. They’ve even said Diyarbakir is as much ours as it is theirs.

  4. October 29 is Turkish Republic’s holiday. Wait to listen what Erdogan will say to his followers. He will declare victory over the allies, especially on France, who did not allow Ataturk to take Hatay-Aleppo up to Mosul. At that time, the Kurds warned of a war and Kemal Postponed the victory until better times. Today, Erdogan will declare to his people,”I did, what Ataturk could not do it.

  5. I have the same question as GB. Last night I researched that very question. The Israeli govt claims that Trump may abandon Israel next. I can’t imagine this happening with the influence and control it has over the US govt. I believe Israel is overly concerned or maybe developing a reason not to intervene.

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