A Summary of the Homenetmen Executive Meeting in New York

CORONA, New York—The Homenetmen Eastern United States Regional Executive held its annual tivan (executive) meeting on March 9. The meeting was hosted by the local Homenetmen chapter in New York, and the following chapters’ tivans were in attendance: Albany, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Merrimack Valley, New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, Providence, and Washington.

The meeting agenda included chapter reports, a public relations and social media report, and a regional executive report. It also included discussions about: the 2019 Navasartian Games in New York, the Columbus Day Weekend basketball tournament in Merrimack Valley, the ACAA Endowment Fund, regional IT activities, and youth programs for the Homenetmen Eastern US Region. The meeting discussed other important topics, including but not limited to a brief summary of the benefits of becoming a 501(c) (3) not for profit organization and description of the process from start to finish, promoting Homenetmen as leadership and discussing lessons learned from past Navasartian Games.

The Homenetmen of New York chapter presented details of the upcoming 29th Annual Eastern US Navasartian Games, which will be taking place from July 4 to July 7 in New York. Participants will be staying at the Huntington Hilton Hotel in Melville and rooms are available to be booked right now.

The New York representatives shared the exciting entertainment package for the weekend, which includes a performance from singer Sarina Cross on July 5. She will be accompanied by Raffi Massoyan on the oud, Steve Vosbikian on clarinet, Viken Makouchian on keyboard, and Paul Maksoud on percussion. The victory Gala on Saturday, July 6 will feature singer Sako Tashjian with Shant Simonian on dumbeg, Viken Makouchian, and Paul Maksoud.

Visit the official website for the Homenetmen Navasartian Eastern USA Games at www.navasartianeusa.com for more information and to purchase entertainment packages in advance .

Also that day, the Regional Scouting Council hosted a separate meeting to convene with chapter scouting council representatives from Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Providence, and Washington and discuss topics related to leadership, camping, seminars, and the long-term strategy for the region’s scouting program. After the meeting concluded, the Regional Scouting Council gave a report to the executive meeting. As the organization proceeds in 2019, the regional executive and chapter executives expressed excitement for the rest of the year and confidence in the memberships ability to move the organization forward.

Homenetmen Eastern U.S.

Homenetmen Eastern U.S.

The Armenian General Athletic Union and Scouts, known as "Homenetmen," is a non-profit organization founded over 100 years ago. Believing in the idea that strong bodies lead to strong minds, Homenetmen has provided Armenian youth across the globe with a moral, physical and psychological education outside the school environment, while also demonstrating richness of the Armenian culture and heritage. Today, Homenetmen is a worldwide organization with over 25,000 members on five continents. On the East Coast U.S., Homenetmen is a thriving organization with 12 chapters and over 900 members, governed by the Homenetmen Eastern Regional Executive.

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