The ACAA Endowment Fund: Continue the Mission of Our Forebears  

Our parents and grandparents survived a horrific genocide in 1915 and persevered to keep their Armenian identity and cultural values. Today the Armenian Nation is being reborn and a new generation of Armenians is carrying on the values, which they learned from their forebears.

Today, we have an independent Armenian Republic, as well as a dynamic Armenian Diaspora—more than 10 million Armenians around the world.  This new generation of Armenians have generated wealth and success unprecedented in our history.  The Armenian future appears more bright and this continuing success will bring forth blessing that would make our forebears proud.

Following the traditional and cultural values of our ancestors, years ago, the Armenian Cultural Association of America, Inc. (ACAA) established  a stabilizing entity, the ACAA Endowment Fund, to allow for the funding of programs and projects, which would fulfill our people’s goals and dreams.

The ACAA Endowment Fund creates new opportunities, projects, and programs and continued funding of the fund allows the ACAA to foster the needs of Armenians in the United States, the Republic of Armenia, and in other parts of the world. Today’s Armenian generation is key to continuing this drive, in order to fulfill our national mission and deny the perpetrators of the Armenian Genocide their goal to eliminate the Armenian Nation from the face of the earth.

Establishing a legacy Armenian endowment fund is a perfect way to honor our forebears. We therefore invite the Armenian people to join in the ACAA Endowment Fund Program and become part of the continuing vision to enhance the growth our mission.

Become a donor to the ACAA Endowment Fund.  Donors can be assured that the operations and management of the ACAA are in the best fiduciary management available with complete compliance to all regulatory bodies—Federal and State.

A Legacy Endowment Fund can be created for a specific purpose or for general use by the ACAA. According to a donor’s desire, a Trust Agreement is prepared stipulating all the conditions and policies for the operation of the Donor’s Trust.  This document is signed by the donor or the donor’s representative or sstate, the ACAA Board of Directors, and the ACAA Trustees.  All parties to this Trust Agreement acknowledge and agree to honor the Terms and Conditions as noted by the donor.

In compliance with the requirements of all 501(c) 3 non-profit corporations’ laws and regulations, the ACAA is audited each year by professional Certified Public Accountants.  Their report and ACAA Tax Return is then sent to the Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  After the Commonwealth of Massachusetts review, the documents are then forwarded to the U.S. Treasury Department for their audit and review.  There is much scrutiny and review of all the activities of the ACAA.

Full funding does not need to be implemented at the time of creation.  For a named ACAA Trust Fund, it is recommended that the minimum donation be at least $50,000, but lesser amounts will be given name recognition and invested within the ACAA General Fund. The ACAA Trustees, in consultation with legal representatives of the donor and the ACAA, can draft the Trust Agreement for a named donor.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss the creation of an ACAA Endowment Fund in the name of a donor, their family, or any other name.

The Associate Trustees for the ACAA Endowment Fund are Ari Killian, Assistant Managing Trustee; Joshua A. Tevekelian, Treasurer; and James G. Sahagian, Marketing Director.

For more information, please contact Bedros C. Bandazian, Managing Trustee at [email protected], 804-370-5468 or our write to us at our home home office: Armenian Cultural Association of America, Inc., 80 Bigelow Avenue, Watertown, Mass. 02472  .



Bedros C. Bandazian

Bedros C. Bandazian is the Managing Trustee, ACAA Endowment Funds.

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