Armenian orphans group together for a photo after the end of WWI in Anatolia College, which sheltered more than 2,000 orphans in Merzifon in 1918. As a consequence of the Armenian Genocide hundred thousands of Armenian children were left orphaned, many were converted to Islam, and were given Turkish names (Photo: Tsolag Dildilian/ Trustees of Anatolia College)


  1. Wait a minute…these are the Armenian children who were orphaned by the “Armenian Genocide”….If they were victimized by a genocide why aren’t they dead?…Genocide is the term referring to violent crimes committed against groups with the intent to destroy the existence of the group.
    I understand the Violent Crime part…but Genocide??? I am not sure…

  2. Putting word of ((genocide ))under the question mark most of the time it’s in the interest of groop of denying people
    And this type of persons usually are lobbying for the interests of ((Erdogan’s demands))
    This comment is based on true facts of the past victims approved by our relatives and our churches here are some valid proofs illustrating in the pictures

    • I am Turkish. My Great Grandparents were murdered in front of my grandfather when he was six years old. May I add he was still seeing nightmares when he was 86 years old. My Great Aunt was raped and murdered in the City of Trabzon,also by the Armenian militia even though her head was shaven and dressed as a boy so she could avoid this treatment.
      I also imagine that Turks did not treat Armenians kindly after they were feeling betrayed because French and the Russians were supplied them with armaments and encouraged them to be brutal on Turks ,who they have lived and prospered with almost a thousand years prior. I can imagine if Russians or French came today and encouraged any minority to arm themselves and slaughter the white folks in USA.They would not be treated very kindly if the tide turned against them.That is what happened to Armenians. It was not a genocide because government did not plan to exterminate innocent people like they did to Jews in Germany in WWII. This was a war in which both sides got hurt. I do believe too many innocent Armenians got murdered.Same for the Turks. I am sorry. I wish it never happened because I know we are not much different from each other culturally it would have been a much better world now.

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