CNN’s Anthony Bourdain Travels Armenia and Artsakh Filming for ‘Parts Unknown’

SHUSHI, Artsakh (A.W.)—Last night, American food icon Anthony Bourdain posted a picture to his social media account of his cameraman, Jerry Risius, boarding a Russian helicopter, likely to make the journey from Armenia to Artsakh, where he has been featured in pictures across social media.

Cameraman Jerry Risius ponders our chosen means of transport ( Russian MI-8 MTV-1)

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According to a report by ANI Armenian Research Center Editor Tatul Hakobyan, Bourdain is traveling with a film crew to produce a segment on the region for his CNN television show, “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown.” In Shushi, Artsakh, an interview and lunch were held at the Jdrduz canyon, where Bourdain “enjoyed a spread of ‘jingalov hats,’ ‘shila,’ ‘khorovats,’ homemade Armenian yogurt, and mulberry and cornelian cherry vodka,” Hakobyan reported.

(L to R) Bourdain and ANI Armenian Research Center editor Tatul Hakobyan (Photo: ANI Armenian Research Center)

A short video also appeared two days earlier on the social media feed of local nonprofit ONEArmenia in which Bourdain is featured with Armenian comedy duo and stars of television show Armcomedy Narek Margaryan and Sergey Sargsyan, under the name “Spyurk Report.”

Bourdain (R) enjoys the spread at Shushi’s Jdrduz canyon (Photo: Saro Saryan)

Described by The New Yorker as a “swaggering chef,” Bourdain has built an empire around food, which started with his New York Times best-selling book Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly (2000). Today, he is well-known as a TV personality and has starred in shows on Food Network and his Travel Channel show, “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations,” which has Bourdain traveling to unexpected locations and indulging in those regions’ local culinary traditions.

In “Parts Unknown,” Bourdain travels the world uncovering lesser-known places and exploring cultures and cuisine. The show has won five Emmy Awards as well as a 2013 Peabody Award.


    • Probably early next year. He shows two Seasons a year. One in October (now) and I think the next one will be in April. But early in 2018

  1. Thanks awesome! Great location great food and great people. One of the unknown wonders of this world. Armenians are the first Christian country in the world with historical churches, monuments, food, mountains and of coarse it’s great people.

    • Yeah what a unique distinction to claim – first christian nation !
      Armenians’ literal adherence to Christianity has only brought tragedies on them.
      We are so much more than the first christian nation !

  2. I wrote a short email to Mr. Bourdain inviting him to visit Armenia, after my first visit to our beautiful country in June of this year. I’m so excited to finally see him travel to this best kept secret in the region, Artsakh.
    Anthony, if you happen to go to Yerevan, do not forget to pay a visit to Ararat Brandy Distillery.

  3. What actually is “unknown”? Might I suggest that far more people know where Armenia and Artsakh is than know who some American chef named Anthony Bourdain is. I’m tired of puffed-up media types displaying their ignorance about the wider world and then recording their belated enlightenment as if it were something to be proud of and worthy of a TV program.

    • We are being dragged into many games which the rules don’t make sense, so just play it and make the most of it.
      and thanks to Anthony and his team.

    • One more thing; President Obama was the guest in his show when filming the Vietnam episode. So now you know.

    • Steve, I don’t know where you’re from, but growing up on the east coast of the USA, I’ve spent my entire life explaining to people what/where Armenia is…and forget about Artzakh. If more people where you are from know Armenia/Artzakh than know Anthony Bourdain (a famous chef and multiple Emmy award winner), then that’s fantastic. Some of us could never even dream of having that kind of recognition in our areas though. Armenia has become a bigger tourist attraction and more recognizable over the last decade due to people like Bourdain taking trips, highlighting our country, and showing it as something other than “where Kim Kardashian is from”. Why badmouth him? Why not be thankful for some great publicity?

  4. So happy to see this. I’m an Aussie, work in travel, and have a deep love of Eastern Europe. When I met Bourdain 4 years ago at an event here, he asked where I would suggest he go, given my travels. My suggestions? Georgia and Armenia. Its wonderful that he took the advice and has now visited both.

  5. Armenians are hospitable people, all guests are welcomed, despite their intentions being sincere or not, let’s not make a big deal of this, and look for darker angles, and reasons to critique, they are guests and they are visiting, let’s show them what we really are about, hospitality and warmth, and they will return, most who visit will sure return…I love my Armenia, just love it…

  6. We cannot exagerate the importance of this event, with regard to the international recognition of Artsakh.

    A big thank you to Anthony Bourdain. He is truly taking a stand, here.

    (The fact that he and his crew went to Artsak by air, in a Russian helicopter, is also very significant… )

  7. Well, would have been great to travel there with him and taste the wonderful foods of the Armenia and Artsakh~it has been over 17 years since our family has had that pleasure~


  8. Finally !! Thank you Anthony. I had sent an email via facebook three years a go wondering when he will be going and there he is.

  9. Hi Anthony, it takes a brave man like you who
    have guts (and “balls”) to visit Artsakh and Armenia
    You will be black listed in Azerbaijan, you don’t
    care, BRAVO to you.
    Also I hope that you will mention in your segment,
    That this little Country / Nation has had their unique
    Alphabet from the 4th 5th Century, besides being the First Christian Nation in the World which was over 1700 years ago. Also being the victim of the First Genocide in
    1915. Right now in this Century a small Nation like
    Armenians are contributing to humanity
    In all aspects. Look at the inventions that all the World uses, In Health,Finance, Sports,
    Military, Culture, Music, Food,
    Communications and Other.’ Armenians
    are Greatful people. Thanks for helping the

    THANK YOU!!!!!!

  10. can not wait to see this episode ,try to understand who these people are andf what they have gone through,still vibrant and willing to share what they have with all visitors,pari ahorjaque antranig jan.

  11. The first Christian nation is Ethiopia. The first genocide of the 20th century was committed by the Germans against the Namaque and Heraro people in Namibia.

    • Is this the same Ahmed who typically disses Armenians here? I challenge Ahmed to say something good about Armenians. I challenge Ahmed to stay clear of the typical Turkish genocide denial rhetoric.

      Yea, some people identify Ethiopia as the earliest country to adopt Christianity as its national religion [but by no means is that clear]…. And, yeah, the Herero and Namaqua genocide dates back to 1904; but, in reality, the Armenian genocide should be clocked back to 1894, because a quarter of a million Armenians killed in the Hamidian massacres (1894 – 1896), and it served as a prelude to the Armenian Genocide of the Young Turks and Kemalists (1915 – 1923). In my opinion, the Armenian Genocide spanned through a few decades, beginning in 1894, and ending in 1923.

    • Ahmad, you are totally wrong! Armenia is the first country in the world that accepted Christianity as a state religion and the first genocide of the century. Indeed, it is time for the world to recognize it.

      When is this episode going to be shown?

  12. I grew up in Armenia until i was 12 when i moved to the states. I have visited Armenia and Artsakh a few times in the last few years and have also traveled around the world. I can honestly say that Artsakh was the best place i have ever been to. The most beautiful place in the world. If you want to have a spiritual experience besides the great food and the wonderful and hospitable people visit Artsakh.

    Big THANK YOU to Anthony Bourdain for considering this magical place for his show and introducing the world to our sacred land and culture.

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