Landmark EU-Armenia Agreement Published, Slated to Be Signed Next Month


BRUSSELS (A.W.)—The European Union (EU) recently published the text of a landmark agreement that aims to strengthen its political and economic ties with Armenia.

CEPA is slated to be signed during an EU summit in November (Photo: The EU-Armenia Friendship Group in the European Parliament)

The extensive, 350-page document, titled “Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement,” is the first major Armenia-EU trade accord initiated since President Serge Sarkisian made the unexpected and controversial decision to join the Russian-led Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) in 2015. At the time, Armenia had also been considering signing an Armenia-EU Association Agreement that would have ensured increased free trade between Armenia and Europe.

CEPA is slated to be signed during an EU summit in November. The draft document, which has been made available to the public, calls for “increasing the participation of the Republic of Armenia in policies, programs and agencies of the EU,” and states that the two parties share “common values.”

The accord will require Armenia to meet EU economic and financial regulations and policies, and indicates that the government will report to Brussels regularly on its progress. It also calls for Armenia to join efforts in combating international terrorism, preventing the spread of weapons of mass destruction, and promoting conflict resolution.

CEPA also calls for Armenia to “stabilize” itself politically, economically, and institutionally, and indicates that the EU will have a responsibility to help Armenia combat the widespread institutional corruption in the country.

Critics, referencing the events of 2015, have posed questions about Sarkisian’s reliability in committing to the accord. His response has been: “We have no reason to not sign that document.”


    • this will not be a slap on putin’s face, russia should and must also sign a similar agreement and join the European family

  1. Armenia and the Armenians are the original Europeans, we have been systematically/artificially distanced and isolated from our family for safety and survival [we all know the unfortunate details of our history since the dissolution of the roman empire and the cultural drifting of the armenians eastward], it is time to unite with our descendants (the rest of the Europeans)

  2. unfortunatly our leaders are to incompetent to see that this could be an excellent oppertunity for Armenia to function as a key player in becoming a gateway to and for European companies with the countries that have been put under sanctions due to geopolitical strategies.

    There are plenty of companies in Russia, Iran and Europe who have and are eager to do business but are restricted by this sanctions.

    Armenia as a country has incredible amount of potential, but is being held in chockehold by our incompetent politicians.

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