Fallen Soldier

Fallen Soldier

Two Artsakh Army servicemen were injured in a landmine explosion on Monday and are being treated in Yerevan’s Military Hospital

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  1. I am disappointed on nothing being done on our Armenian Soldiers in Artsakh being killed month after month. Our State Senators & House Representative have been contacted with no response back. Hundreds of of our Armenian Soldiers & Village People have been killed with no help by any nation to stop this Azeri aggression month after month. The Azeri’s are well armed & full scale attack could take place any day. Is our Armenian Organizations working on this critical issue & to find out why no coverage in the U.S. Newspapers & TV Stations on our Armenian Soldiers & People. Armenians must wake up & contact their Senators & Congressman and Petitions & Demonstrations should take place around the Country. Stephen T. Dulgarian

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