ONEArmenia Launches Creative Mode of Transportation in Yerevan

YEREVAN—On June 30, ONEArmenia launched a community bus that doubles as a creative space. The #ONEBus has numerous amenities including WiFi, air conditioning, a curated music selection, and clean, comfortable seating. The bus is completely free and operates

Monday through Friday from 12-8 p.m. A route map is available here.

10492436_714448605279976_5763140560912877032_nFor transportation, the majority of Yerevan locals use marshrutkas and buses. These vehicles often carry passengers past capacity and are very unsafe. The #ONEBus is an attempt to provide an alternative means of transportation that is safe and comfortable. Above all, the

#ONEBus is meant to engage the local community and nurture progress through the interaction of culture and technology.

Every week this summer, the #ONEBus will host community events including concerts, film screenings, food festivals, poetry readings, and hackathons. For more information on #ONEBus events, visit ONEArmenia’s Facebook page.

The design of the #ONEBus is meant to reflect the local community. Passengers are encouraged to leave their mark on the bus by taking pictures with a GoPro camera that will be applied to the exterior of the vehicle.

The official design of the #ONEBus was created by a group of TUMO students who participated in ONEArmenia’s crowdsourced competition. The mouflon, a mountain sheep that climbs the steep terrain of the Caucasus, is the center of their design concept. This endangered animal is fast, powerful, and wise, and represents the perseverance and strength of Armenia.

Community members and local organizations are encouraged to contact ONEArmenia to discuss collaborative opportunities of working together.

The non-profit funding platform ONEArmenia was founded in September 2012 to stand with change-making individuals and the organizations they represent, using social media and crowdfunding to involve anyone with an internet connection in boosting projects that are geared toward making tangible changes in Armenia now. The ONEArmenia network makes it possible to not only raise money for a project based in Armenia as a worldwide community, but to also track the progress of the project with complete access to financial information.




ONEArmenia is a nonprofit organization that funds charitable and philanthropic projects in Armenia. Based out of the U.S. and Armenia, it was founded in 2012 in response to the growing cynicism around donating to charitable causes in Armenia.

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