Yegparian: Freudian Confession

Gotta love, Freud, Gul, and the PKK! These three have cooperated, albeit unwittingly, to elicit a telling comment reported in the LATimes in “Turkey forces push into Iraq after raids by Kurd militants” (p. 6, Oct. 20, 2011).

Abdullah Gul declared, “These terrorist acts will be reciprocated.” So the president of that democratic-ideal-of-a-state Turkey is promising terrorist action. What a surprise! This confession is such a whopper that it doesn’t even merit the fig leaf/euphemism of calling it a Freudian slip.

The country that brought us genocide in the 20th century (of Armenians, Assyrians, Greeks, and Kurds), invasion and occupation of Cyprus, incursions into Iraq (and now possibly Syria), massive repression of its own population, and miscellaneous other human rights violations that would get any other entity labeled “terrorist,” is promising still more terrorism. Hardly newsworthy, but it is interesting in the current context.

Gul’s comment came on the heels of PKK (Partiya Karkeren Kurdistan, or Kurdish Workers Party) attacks on Turkish military targets this month that killed two dozen soldiers. This might be understandable as a presidential reaction to being caught unprepared and losing some of your troops. But the question is why promise terrorism, under the false premise that the attackers are terrorists?

I write this despite the fact that Turkey, the EU, and the U.S. have all labeled the PKK as “terrorist.” But are they really? They are a group that is fighting for their people’s, nation’s, and homeland’s liberation against an occupying power (which is legal under the UN’s rules, as I recall).

What the labelers really don’t like is that the PKK is struggling to change the established order, and resorting to military means because other, civil-democratic, means are unavailable to it. What more proof is needed than the recent invasion of Turkey’s primarily Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party’s headquarters by the authorities?

But, wait, isn’t deposing an unjust regime a legitimate end? Didn’t NATO just provide bombing cover to Libya’s rebels? Weren’t those rebels fighting the legally established regime in Libya, much as the PKK has done on and off for three decades? How come Libya’s rebels aren’t terrorists?

But the most delicious irony is that after initially hesitating, Turkey sided with Libya’s rebels! Such grand heights of hypocrisy might be hard to imagine, except when it comes from the likes of Turkey and its current leaders who defended Somalia’s genocidal president Omar al-Bashir (I suppose misery loves company so genocidal leaders have to stick together).

The next time someone starts to sing Turkey’s praises, remind them of these perversions of decency that are part of that country’s daily routine.

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  1. I would start with ignorant and behind the scene US oF A.. my own country .. the country i love and pay taxes as any decent citizen would do.. but yet US ignores little people like me even though my tax dollars go to feed the bought up fat politicians who smile on camera by promising fake promises and then go back to their hell holes and do the totall opposite and even worst…one big rat is Obama and his administration.. then comes Poison Rice (candi rice).. and then all them low life bought out politicians.. there is a higher power all you losers have to answer.. so next time you snif Turkey’s money in front of your nose.. think very long and hard.. you are dealing with the devil… 

  2. Omar al-Bashir is the president of Sudan.

  3. Omar Bashir is the thug-in-chief of Sudan and not Somalia. Warlords run various parts of Somalia but Sharif Sheikh-yer-bouty Ahmed is nominally in charge of Mogadishu.

  4. In addition, Turkish army used chemical weapons against Kurdish guerillas two weeks ago. Their bodies were burned, impossible to recognise.

  5. Personally I am not against independent Kurdistan. It is the poorest part of Turkey with no economic value. Kurds actually occupy your alleged land so you can deal with Kurds. It will be good riddance for Turkey. Growing number of people started to think like me.

  6.  Mert… I am not sure who are you addressing your comment to?? you said “Kurds actually occupy your alleged land so you can deal with the Kurds”.. who are you addressing this comment to and what do you mean by that?  Be specific.. don’t be vague and ambigious…we all want to hear it..


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