Obama Administration ‘Strongly Opposes’ Genocide Resolution, Will Work to Prevent Its Passage

WASHINGTON (A.W.)—On March 6, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the Obama administration will block attempts to bring the Armenian Genocide Resolution to the House floor.

“The Obama administration strongly opposes the Resolution that was passed by only one vote in the House Committee, and we’ll work very hard to make sure it does not go to the House floor,” said Clinton.

Clinton had voiced a similar opinion a day earlier, saying, “We are against this decision. Now we believe that the U.S. Congress will not take any decision on this subject.”

On March 4, the House Foreign Affairs Committee held a hearing on the Armenian Genocide Resolution–H.R. 252. The resolution passed by a vote of 23 to 22.


  1. Thank you Hillary for going counter to your  word and  keeping the moralistically bankrupt state department in it’s usual complicit stance in obstructing truth over politics. Oil and military contracts with a phony ally are way more important then mass murder. You are a true leader.

  2. John,

    Are you still allowed to leave ludicrous and baseless comments? A “phony ally”? Really? You can’t be refering to Turkey now, can you? What exactly has Armenia EVER done for ANYONE? You want to really know what the world truly thinks of Armenians? You’ll have to go all the way back to the 1890’s to begin to see the ever-growing pattern of feelings and responses towards you. Let’s try Feb. of 1895. The setting is the Parliament floor in London, England. On the floor is a nobleman speaker and PM by the name of Sir Ellis Bartlett. He addresses the Parliament in regards to the now [then] determined falsified charges of atrocities by Armenians against the Turks in Anatolia and speaks these famous words…”Armenians are of all the Oriental people, the most adroit, the most subtle, and THE MOST PRONE TO LYING!”. 

    Hey Johen, ever hear of a war in the early 1950’s called the Korean War? Ever hear of the US 3rd Army and 5th Marines who fought in the frozen mountains in North Korea? Ever hear of the Turkish Brigade? Suffice it to say that any offspring from soldiers of the 3rd Army, and many from the 5th Marines, wouldn’t have been born had it not been for the well documented bravery of the Turkish Brigade!! Now tell us again about this “phony ally”? Yeah, I thought so!!  

  3. What else is new?  She did the same thing as Senator.
    Obama should be ashamed of himself, not Clinton.  I strongly supported him for his strong stance for Armenians, even though I knew there was also ‘turks for obama’ out there.   Now I wish him aids, cancer, or at the very least, no re-election.
    of course the problem isn’t that a nato member is supporting turkey…rather, Armenians still keep hoping for odar nations to do our work for us.  we are tiny, yes but if we were to unite we could do better than constant dependence on lobbying odars…with all the money we give them (including Europe) we could instead lobby Kurdish and Turkish liberal/leftist groups for our friendship, as well as others who neighbor Turkey.  This is what real politik is and what Monte Melkonian was talking about in “right to struggle”.

  4. Hello All,

    I THINK John was being sarcastic like Khoren said.. well I just hope he was..

    However, Clinton and Obama lied from the start.. regardless of their words of encouragement and promises, I read between the lines… US WILL NEVER side with ARmenia… hence why i did not for him… I knew the real colors will come out once he is in the office and they sure did…

    they will do everything to stop the passing of the resolution.. we have to stand and work united like Anto said and I know deep down in my heart, we will win..

    Lets not lose our focus…


  5. Clinton, Obama and Erdogan – undemocratic THUGS at the helm. The State Department should be abolished – it is as useless to mainstreet America as Wall street, with the difference that as a government organization it should first be serve the People. Obama owes his Armenian Amerian electorate an explanation as to why he is betraying them. Erdogan tirelessly claims Turkey never comitted genocide but, on photo, he always looks like he just killed 2 ooo ooo Armenians.

  6. Uh Jen,

    So the magic number is now up to 2,000,000! Considering that the maximum number of Armenians in all of Anatolia during WWI was somewhere between 500,000 (Encyclopedia Brittanica-1915) and 1.2M (Armenian Patriarch-1915), how it’s gotten to be more than there were people is amazing (let’s not forget that 600,000 Armenians returned to Syria and Lebanon after the war)! 

    BTW, Obama doesn’t owe you or anyone else any explanation. He simply realized, as do ALL Presidents that take office, that Turkey is a much more important asset and ally than Armenia which offers nothing to anyone! So, get used to it, get over it and move on already!! 

  7. Hey Robert, why don’t you shut the heck up already you denialist turk, you come leering in an Armenian paper and bring the hellishness of your uneducated pen in here.  Enough already! 

  8. Robert,
    Get over it?  God forbid your family was slaughtered and I’ll say the same to you. how would you feel?
    Stop using references and big words to make people think you know what you’re writing about. Turkey… an Ally? For your information Turkey will sell the US in a heartbeat when our $$$ stop lowing. In this day of satellites and drones, the fact is we do not need an ally like Turkey.
    Do you think for a moment that we stand a chance against the Russians if a war errupts. Is that why we need those bases? I was in Russia on business in Novemeber and frankly we are kidding ourselves.
    Coming back to the Armenians, even if there were 1000 Armenians massacred wasn’t that enough? we go defending Kurds, Muslims and others ONLY when we will benefit from the situation. We turn our heads away and pretend we don’t see bigger genocides.
    Where were we when millions were slauthered in Ruwanda? Now what do we care about a few million blacks killing each other!!! (Sarchasm)
    I have worked and lived in many nations. I speak and write more languages than you would guess. I may even be as educated as you. Stop attacking the Armenians by bringing an example of one Turkish brigade in Korea. You are right!!  the Armenians should have toppled the Soviet regime that they were under, and sent an army they never had to support the US in a war that we had no business getting into. Stop for a moment and think about what you wrote.
    The truth is that we will sell anyone or any nation for our benefit. We just pretend to be the most honest nation on earth but the truth is thatwe are just like every other nation. It is sad that you believe in presidents and politics but remember that Obama and Hillary are just faces to the politics that is dictated upon them. If my 6 year old niece and 8 year old nephews were elected to office tomorrow nothing will change in  the politics of our ” Greatest Nation on Earth.”

  9. Vic, kudos on your honest analysis, though it is a tad on the pessimisitic side.  True, sates are not people or even nations sometimes, though we all attribute such characteristics to them.  It is about interests and cost benefit and it is kept in check because real people with feelings vote for the politicians and they are forced to play two-faced game.  Things have changed a lot since the advent of globalism.  National boundaries are not the only boundaries anymore, ecnomic ties bind most of us and hit our pockets directly and affect our lives in a way nationalism does not.  All nations have myths that define them and sometimes these can be their downfall.  History is full of examples. 
    It is my wish that Armenia finds other myths than a bloody catastroph to define its national identity, and WWI was a great and singular catastroph form many nations, not just Armenians we must note, and looks more forward not backward and works for a better future for all living.

  10. There is no justification for someone being ignorant and unintelligent as Mr. Robert.. you are not worth my words and efforts but I can’t just not say anything…

    Please get over the fact that Turkey will always be the genocide perpetrators and that you are brainwashed…. Get over the fact that ARmenians will never stop their fight… If you are a Turk, you might want to do soul searching and understand what truly happened. OH WAIT.. Turks don’t have souls.. They have Islam and Jihad..souless, killing machines…

    Get out of this site…


  11. Robert,
    Do yourself a favor and read some books.  Why don’t you start with Talat Pasha’s own documents that his wife turned in a few years ago.  A Turkish writer made a book out of them and published it in Turkey. “The Remaining Documents of Talat Pasha,” by Mr. Bardakci. Read the book to get the “real” number of the Armenian population before 1915 in Talat Pasha’s own personal secret documents.  The “recorded number” in 1915 in those records was somewhere close to $1.3 million.  And a census taken two years later by Talat’s government puts the number at 284,000!  A million disappeared in 2 years time according to Talat’s own documents.  If you think the Armenians are liars then be my guest and pick up that book which was put together by a Turk, and read Talat’s confidential documents from that time.  The US and Turkey are using each other for their individual purposes.  The Armenian question is a bartering chip that they are both playing with.  The US will never acknowledge the Armenian Genocide, because the State Department back then decided to give the Armenian lands that President Woodrow Wilson was rewarding to the Armenians in the Sevres Treaty to Turkey in exchange to a share in oil profits.  My guess is that every American President once he takes office is being briefed about that deal.  Acknowledging the Genocide will unveil those territorial issues, and things will get very complicated for the US. (read Vahan Cardashian, Advocate Extraordinaire of the Armenian Genocide).  Also, the US has so few friends left that it  will work with anyone to keep their leverage as a super power.  The sad reality is that the US has become so desperate to stay as a superpower, that it is selling itself to the devil and making itself the laughing stock of Europe (which has already acknowledged the Armenian Genocide) and the rest of the world.  When recently the “60 minute” reporter asked the Turkish Ambassador “why isn’t the US acknowledging the Armenian Genocide that has been branded as such by most historians” the Ambassador said “because Turkey is important to the US”.  He did not say “because the Genocide has never been proven”.  A criminal always ends up making a mistake.  There is no “perfect crime”.

  12. This is can be called “ having two Irons into fire“.
    On one side, the Jewish associations, nowadays, support the Res. 252 and, on the other, Clinton who is close to the Zionists will block it at the last step (like on 2000, 2007).
    Otherwise, why Erdogan is said to go to US to meet the jewish leaders, on the next days ?
    The Goal is evident :
    to obtain turkish support to threaten Iran

    The best thing to do would to ignore the uneducated comments. Do not even remark on the attempts of a buffoon trying to voice some ludicrous nonsense. If you comment on a moron’s writings, you will then give them satisfaction. IGNORE>>

  14. Hye, Obama and his circle, et al, have morally demeaned the issue of Genocides in the United States of America – the most powerful nation the world has known! 
    The Foreign Affairs Committee of the U.S. Congress have voted to recognize the
    Turkish Genocide of the Armenian nation – and as president, Obama asks that the U.S. Congress not
    to be addressing the issue of Genocides.  So, Politics – wins; Morality – loses.
    Humans killing humans; the inhumanity to other humans shall win over the recognition of any and all Genocides -millions and millions of innocents – since the 19th, the 20th and now 21st centuries.
    Today, Turks recognized as guilty of their Turkish Genocide of the Armenian nation – the Ottomans and all their subsequent leaderships in their denials – shall have won – or have they, for winning such a point still addresses theim as the Asian hordes who committed the murders, slaughters, rapes, kidnappings, burning churches with women and children within, bastinados – vile torture – death the only release.
    The United States of America – looked to as the strongest morally nation – has subcombed to the
    dishonesty and deceit of the Turks and their horrendous treatments of fellow humans.
    The Turks’ inhumanity to humans has set the example for all the Genocides that followed the Armenian Genocide – too, all the denials as well.  The Sudanese today are attempting to lie and hide to emulate the Turks’ denial efforts to avoid  admission of  their guilt –  Genocides.
    Sadly, it is the leadership of the United States of America, too, who are now aligned with the Sudanese and the Turks – while knowing the truths of the Armenian Genocide – are unable to speak the truths, in a way the leaderships are ‘gagged’ and bound to a Turkey lies…
    Yet, this all the world now knows:
    If  the Turkish Genocide of the Armenian nation had been adjudged in the early 20th century – ALL the Genocides since, even into the 21st century in Darfur, shall have never been.
    Today, now, the Congress of the United States of America shall face the issue of Genocides – morally.
    The world is waiting, the world is watching… and too, all those I lost to the Genocide and whose bones are not buried – still.

  15. TO  GM,
    Ignoring  is  not so O.K.
    During the war the robert  refers to in Korea, TIME  magazine had  an article  that  showed the “heroic” turkish Brigade,after killing  sme Korean used to cut off(Barbarian style)the ears  of the dead and dangle them on their belts ..to show  that  they had killed  some poor souls/soldiers.Indeed warfare  is warfare, but to show off  that way,only fit  to “turkishness’.Murat als is to understand  there are poeple  who wll not swallow what  their oxydated axes are grinding…
    Documented  fies, and now  be ready for  it more  Dansih or such doctors/nurses  who filmed  the massacres  are to be surfaced..pertty soon, actually some  ave.
    As to “AllY’great Turkey,like someone p above  noted  hardly they can be counted  on as deterrent against Russian forces.Who incidentaly, are not the Tsarist  or even sovet  forces-wise  equipeed.They rely on ultra  modern Missiles what  not..
    What  is more  neither russia  nor Turkey is planning to war against e a  other…they do BIZness together on big scale.Soon ,also others wll cut  in…
    R.of Turkey cannot  stay  indifferent to our CASE/CAUSE.They know full well it  is a ripened case and has to come  up not  only by Anglo-Americans but   many other  nations,that condemn Genocide  and random killings…
    If  she is wise  enough,she will -in their style- by and by come to terms-No eed to put too much pressure  on the..they know  they have to accept facts when necessary.however, they”prefer t do it their  way..by and  by,lest  the whole country errupt.Their military and hardliers  -we  should  know- are a different creed and the islamists  another.And  yet  both can be led to all of a sudden errupt  with “Kers’, means  wrath brought about  by too much ressure  by those”ermenis”  that  untill  not so long ago were classified as “raya”s,pertty much like the kurds as “mountain turks …capiche? latter are  now referred  to as  KURDS.If  that  happened  then other  things  might be expected  of their slowly coming to grips…
    Easy  Mr. easy…Gula  Gula, piano piao.GAMAC  GAMAC..ought to be  our approach to this issue.
    We are doing allright so far.Next,we sall have to try to educate  their  public,which  is very important ,if  not  in r.of turkley, then overseas,wehre  there are  immense turkish  immigrats and/or settled  old time turks…

  16. To all,  I was  being 100%  sarcastic.
    To mehmet (robert) the turk, did you  forget you moron when Turkey closed the border to the 4th US infantry at the start of the Iraq war? This was considered a major eyeopening  decision that cost Us soldier’s  lives.  And it was all about money as Turkey wanted 36 Billion dollars but was only given around 26 billion. Turks are pretty predictable as you are ultra opportunists and your history, if you read a real book, wasn’t based upon the creation of anything but rather the occupation, theft and murder of others. The Armenian genocide wasn’t about protection but rather theft of the Armenian, Greek and Assyrian property and money. Unfortunately they were the last people under Turkish control. All the other occupied peoples dislodged themselves from years of Turkish miss-rule.
    What has Armenian done for anyone? Armenia proper, you moron, was and still is occupied for hundreds of years by you Mongols.  Armenia, or what is left of it, has only been self governing since 1991 and needless to say has come pretty far despite the genocide and despite economic blockade that’s still being  perpetrated by you mongols.
    To Murat, the only “myth”  that Turks need to stop identifying with, is that they are an innocent race being falsely accused.  Rather,  a criminal race founded upon the genocide of others. That is why the ignorant rule needed to be put in your country, article 301, so as to not disrupt the ignorance of the Turkish masses. How stupid can one be that the truth is an “insult to Turks”. The Armenian genocide is a fact recognized by all credible historians, by 20 countries and 42 States and its only a matter of time before it is properly recognized by everyone. Get used to it!

  17. Dear Robert,
    Please stop knocking down a group of people that have been knocked down many times but have risen and overcome better than any other group of individuals out there. We absolutely do not need ignorant  fools like you commenting on matters you do not understand and have absolutely no business being involved in.   Go back far enough into your OWN heritage and history and realize that every ethnic group has been suppressed and ridiculed.  If you tried using your brain, you would look at both sides of the story and be understanding of our cause even if you don’t agree with it. Please do not ever speak about my heritage, my history, my family, my country, or anything to do with the Armenians ever again.  Please do not ever say that the pain my family has felt was a lie.  I understand you have a side to take…but do so intelligently instead of being vulgar and cruel to a group of people that have never done any harm to you.
    May you swallow and choke on your tongue for speaking in such a way.

  18. hillary clinton and ilk, have been stealing axa genocide insurance claims, financing terror, and other nefarious goings on, thats why clinton is opposed,, with her, and the french state dept, and axa, they have stolen alot of dead peoples money.

  19. Dear John:

    I will echo Gayane’s comments above and I’ll also say… WELL SAID FRIEND… WELL SAID!!!!

    One more addition though; now it is 21 countries that have accepted the Armenian Genocide, 42 US States and the Foreign Affairs Committee who voted yes with 23 respectful votes!!!!!!!

  20. Dear Friends, Happy Fool’s Day!

    A police officer attempts to stop a car for speeding and the guy gradually increases his speed until he’s topping 100 mph. He eventually realizes he can’t escape and finally pulls over.
    The cop approaches the car and says, “It’s been a long day and my tour is almost over, so if you can give me a good excuse for your behavior, I’ll let you go.”
    The guy thinks for a few seconds and then says, “My wife ran away with a cop about a week ago. I thought you might be that officer trying to give her back!”

    Happy April Fool’s Day!

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