Armenian American Leadership Expresses Concerns to Ambassador

On Sept. 23, representatives of political parties, associations, and religious denominations visited the Armenian Embassy in Washington and met with Ambassador Tatoul Markarian to express their concerns on the Turkey-Armenia protocols.

A scene from the meeting
A scene from the meeting

The delegation was comprised of representatives from the Eastern and Western Prelacies of the Armenian Apostolic Church of America, the Eparchy of the United States and Canada of the Armenian Catholic Church, the Mother See of the Armenian Evangelical Union of America, the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF), the Hamazkayin Cultural and Educational Association, the Armenian Relief Society (ARS), the Armenian Youth Federation (AYF), and Homenetmen.

The delegation handed Ambassador Markarian a letter highlighting the fact that the protocols have created serious concern and frustration among the Armenian community in the U.S., as in all other diasporan communities. The letter rejected the idea of negotiating over historical matters and stressed that the recognition of the Armenian Genocide is a precondition to any negotiation. It also noted that recognizing borders and territorial integrity means renouncing our struggle for justice.

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  1. I hope this wasnt another sensless sourj session with the Ambassador. Did anyone of these fine individuals around the table really give it to the Ambassador and lay it on the line or was it just half-smiles and nodes at whatever he said. The time for soft power diplomacy is over. We can’t afford weak willed attempts. Our points must be made LOUD AND CLEAR to these people. Where are the HAWKS in the room???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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