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Haig Kayserian is the current Chair of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) of Australia. He has previously served on the National Board of the Armenian National Committee (ANC) of Australia, and the Executive of the Armenian Youth Federation (AYF) of Australia. Haig holds a Bachelor’s degree in Media and Cultural Studies from Macquarie University and he is an internet business consultant professionally.

Elections in Armenia: 8 Reasons to Vote for the ARF on April 2

  Special for the Armenian Weekly In this “BuzzFeed-age” we are all living in, perhaps a list-form article may be an appropriate change in pace from my previous, more exhaustive pieces covering the upcoming Parliamentary Elections in Armenia. In my latest article on the missing ideological [more...]

March 29, 2017 // 3 Comments

Elections in Armenia: The Missing Ideological Battle

Setting Apart the Change Makers from the Pretenders Special for the Armenian Weekly We are less than one month out from the all-important National Assembly elections in Armenia, and with nine political parties and blocs confirmed as participants, the battle lines have been drawn. However as we take [more...]

March 10, 2017 // 11 Comments

Elections in Armenia Explained: New Rules, New Voting, New Powers

  Special for the Armenian Weekly On April 2, Armenia will go to the polls to elect a new National Assembly (Parliament). A man casting his ballot in the 2012 Armenian Parliamentary elections (Photo: Photolure) These elections will be the first conducted since the adoption of a new [more...]

February 28, 2017 // 4 Comments

Op-Ed: Time to Cure Armenia from ‘Levon the Virus’

  Special for the Armenian Weekly It is truly a sad reality that Levon Ter-Petrosyan’s name remains a relevant part of the Armenian political vernacular. The first President of Armenia’s current Republic, who was forced to resign in 1998—two years after the first recorded rigged [more...]

December 19, 2016 // 17 Comments

Sasna Tsrer: The ARF Position in Context

Like most Armenians who followed the developments in Erebuni over the past two weeks, I am deeply passionate about the status of Armenia—our nation, as well as its inhabitants. On July 17, an armed group calling themselves the “Sasna Tsrer,” primarily made up of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabagh/NKR) [more...]

August 3, 2016 // 18 Comments

Twitter Has Moral Responsibility to #StopAliyev

Twitter—the social network that allows 140-character posts from anyone, anywhere, about anything—rose to public policy prominence by “helping” organize the Arab Spring revolution and spread truths about minorities suffering awful mistreatments across several continents. This [more...]

August 8, 2014 // 9 Comments