“Warrior Saints” who changed the course of history

“At the edge of Rome and the Gates of Persia, the course of empires was changed by the force of arms and the power of faith,” begins the narrative of Roger Kupelian’s passion project, the web series titled Warrior Saints. This series explores how it was not only saints and holy figures but also kings, queens, and warriors who changed the course of religion and empires through key battles and morally difficult decisions.

Teaming up with co-producers Peter Bahlawanian, Vahe Vic Aslanyan and Eli Jarra, Kupelian brought his vision to life. Kristine Kumuryan, who collaborated closely with Kupelian on the development of the narrative, voices the narration for the first two episodes. 

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The webisodes delve into the stories of figures such as the Maccabees, Emperor Constantine and Vartan Mamigonian and highlight pivotal moments in Armenian history, including the battles of Avarayr and the first Artsakh War. Serj Tankian, passionate about the project, has been involved since early in its development, providing music that enhances the series’ emotional depth and historical resonance. 

For Kupelian and his team, the project is about more than storytelling; it’s about preserving cultural heritage and honoring those who sacrificed for it. “One of the main reasons for rebirthing and working so hard on this project is to honor the collaborators and artists over the years that lent their time, talent and effort to bringing about this vision,” Kupelian told the Weekly.

Proceeds from the webisodes are donated to the Children of Armenia Fund (COAF), reflecting the team’s commitment to giving back to their community.

The webisodes also spotlight the role of women in history, particularly during the early Christian movement, emphasizing themes of empowerment and equality.

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Throughout his journey, Kupelian has remained grateful for the support of his collaborators and audience. He emphasizes the importance of collective effort and individual contributions, urging others to engage with their heritage and strive for dignity and self-respect.

Support for the project is encouraged through Patreon subscriptions and engagement with the @WarriorSaintsForever Instagram page. Kupelian’s books can also be found at Abril Bookstore in Glendale, offering further insight into his rich artistic and cultural contributions.

Roger Kupelian, a visual effects artist with over three decades of experience in major Hollywood projects, grew up immersed in Armenian culture and history, deeply influenced by his father’s strong Armenian values. Kupelian’s career spans from contributing to iconic films like The Lord of the Rings Trilogy to directing and co-producing short films and music videos as well as a series of historic graphic novels.

Talar Keoseyan

Talar Keoseyan

Talar Keoseyan is a mother, educator and writer. She is the author of Vanna's Adventures (discusses Armenian traditions and customs); Mom and Dad, Why Do I Need to Know My Armenian Heritage? (a children's book about being proud of our heritage); Our Tigran and Tigran's Song (written in honor of Tigran Harutyunyan, a fedayee from the 44 Day War). Talar was a member of the Philadelphia AYF (Papken Suni and Sebouh chapters), as well as Homenetmen, Hamazkayin and ARS. She is currently a member of the La Crescenta "Talin" ARS chapter. She can be reached at talar725@gmail.com or Hokees1111 on Instagram.


  1. So glad to read about this program that ice helping to preserve the Armenian heritage.

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  2. It is reassuring to read about your effort to preserve the Armenian American heritage. We thank you.

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