Verelk program hosts first ever “Verelk Talks” with program winners

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On October 22, the ARF Bureau Office of Youth Affairs organized a captivating talk with the Verelk entrepreneurial program’s winners. The event featured winners from Verelk’s Artsakh and Syunik programs who had traveled to Yerevan in order to participate. 

To date, about 150 young entrepreneurs between the ages of 18-35 were able to participate in the Verelk program following the Artsakh 2020 War. Ten winnerssix from Artsakh and four from Syunikwere selected to receive financial support to realize their business plans. The goal of the Verelk program is to develop and scale a set of complete skills and technical knowledge for aspiring micro-entrepreneurs to start their microbusinesses in order to leverage the development of an entrepreneurial ecosystem in the aftermath of the 44-Day Artsakh War.

The selected programs have a national and social component and also work to enhance the role of youth on individual and collective levels. Each young entrepreneur had the opportunity to present their business venture, how it came to life, their experiences and the challenges they faced. They also discussed the future goals of their business concept and its potential impact on their homeland and local communities. 

Young entrepreneurs representing the following businesses presented at Verelk Talks: Martiroysan’s Berries, Bee Shushi, MOM Candles, Buy4Artsakh, SilVi Fashion, Victory Fitness, ABC Pharmacy, SoFun Coffeehouse and Jeeg House.

The event was attended by various entrepreneurs working in Armenia and Artsakh, various public figures, representatives of charitable and humanitarian organizations and many young people. This initiative also allowed the selected winners of the Verelk program to grow and establish networks with the important channels in order to continue their contributions in Armenia’s economy and business network. 

Verelk is a Capacity + Capital + Capabilities hybrid entrepreneurship program initiated and organized by the Bureau Office of Youth Affairs of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) in collaboration with Revolve Consulting and other specialist groups.

The Verelk program was sponsored by the ACAA Artsakh Fund, the Armenian Relief Society and other individual benefactors.

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