Seroont inspiring and delighting little Armenians with educational offerings

Photo provided by Seroont

An Armenian mother of two has created her very own collection of Armenian early childhood educational toys.

Seroont, which means “generation” in Armenian, was developed by Maggy Tufenkjian and designed to support early childhood development and instill a love for the Armenian language.

“After having my firstborn, I did as any new parent would do and went on the hunt for the very best of everything to ensure my daughter had the best possible start in life both developmentally and emotionally. In doing so, I was amazed, but also disheartened to see the small number of early educational products in Armenian accessible to families living in the diaspora,” explained Tufenkjian.

Soft cloth book, animals in Armenian (Photo provided by Seroont)

Launched in December 2020 in Australia, Seroont’s offerings include Armenian alphabet flashcards, puzzles, cloth books and soft blocks. The products are suitable for newborns, toddlers and preschoolers; they teach young children colors, numbers, animals and common vocabulary words in Western Armenian with corresponding English transcriptions and translations.

“We are so proud of what we have achieved,” shared Tufenkjian. “It would be so special to see little Armenians and their families enjoying Seroont’s products all over the world!” 

Seroont is now offering a 50-percent discount on shipping for its international customers. Upon ordering online, simply enter the code Hairenik50. 

Soft activity blocks, numbers in Armenian (Photo provided by Seroont)


  1. Wishing you success Maggy, with over 11 million Armenians across the globe, I am sure all young mother’s will be feeling the same and hopefully purchase these essential learning products for their children! Well Done , so proud of you 😘🙏❤️👏

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