Creative Armenia announces Artists for Artsakh fund

Filmmakers, photographers, writers and all artists who are raising awareness of Artsakh are invited to apply

Artists for Artsakh is a creative fund for filmmakers, photographers, writers and artists who are creating works that bring attention to Artsakh and its people. Whether you are on the ground in Artsakh or working beyond its borders to capture the truth and raise awareness, you can apply for #ArtistsForArtsakh grants to support your project. 

“It is through films, photographs, literature, music, and art that the world will understand what is happening in Artsakh,” said Creative Armenia founding director Garin Hovannisian. “So it is essential that we support creators across all fields, as they bring to life a living chronicle of a people and a place under attack.”

Grammy-winning musician and activist Serj Tankian expressed appreciation for artists who are recording “the sights, sounds, smells, and feelings of the things occurring and share them with the world so no one is alone out there on the front lines.” The Creative Armenia founding member and advisor added, “The artist’s responsibility is to always be truthful to his muse, oneself and the universe at large.”

Applications can be submitted online, where you can also find interviews, essays and other works from or about Artsakh and its artists. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Creative Armenia is an arts foundation for the Armenian people, on a global mandate to discover, develop and champion cutting-edge creators across all creative fields. 

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Guest Contributor

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